Saturday, November 27, 2010

Words of truth from Dave Chapelle

Just thought I'd share this as Dave hit the nail on the head with this routine.

I've always had to shake my head when women argue with men over what it is that we men want in women. Literally, women can get this information straight from the horses mouth....and these ladies think they know more than we as men do?


As I had said on Dalrock's blog, 3 rules which can assist ladies when it comes to men's desires.

#1. You don't know more than the horse.

#2. You don't know more than the horse.

#3. Refer to rules one and two.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ghosts from the Past…who had NO game :(

Just ruminating on some past ex girlfriends I had and the experiences, which have now been colored with my ‘new’ manosphere education gives me some new insight. When I was younger, I read up on all sorts of pop culture bullsh!t in order to keep the women in my life happy with me so that they would want to be with me.

It worked like a lead balloon…I know you are all surprised.

However, now that I have a few more years under my belt, some stark realizations have stood out to me. Damn, hindsight is 20/20 and I have to shake my head at the reality of how useful game is, and how education in women’s thought processes is crucial to men seeking monogamy. Heck, knowing how woman think can help a dude NOT get dumped if that is what they so choose.

Anyone who is familiar with the manosphere understands that women seek Alpha men, confident, no nonsense men who don’t take sh!t, namely a woman’s sh!t. They also want a man to bring home the bacon, to be able to take care of them over the long haul. Well, years ago I had one girlfriend (ex#1 for the sake of ease) who I won’t lie, was quite a bit different that I was. She was what we called a ‘Rock-On’ back in those days, as she was a hardcore fan of groups like Slayer, Svengali, and Def Leopard. Quite a departure for a black man huh, and yes, she was white. We had dated three different times over a span of about 10 years, the first as highschool juniors, and the last being about a year before I met my wife. I couldn’t figure out her behavior, as it seemed that she had this ‘now I want you, now I don’t’ sort of thing going on, but why was it that she always wanted to come back?

Now, I was knee deep in manginaness so I was at a loss as to why she would approach me, discuss a relationship…and then leave shortly after as I though I was being so nice to her (cough). The last time I saw ex#1, she was with a much older man, who looked like he had lived a very ‘hard’ life and was driving a very old Ford Tempo. While I considered myself a much better catch than this guy, there was no question that he took little to no sh!t in his life from anyone. I shook my head at the time, and wondered why on God’s Green Earth she would be so much ‘happier’ with a guy like that over me (because I won’t lie, she was hot) and what did I do wrong?

Now I know, ex#1 didn’t have much of a father in her life. She lived in an apartment that her mother paid for, but she was rarely ever there. For some reason, whatever reason, it seemed to me that ex#1 seemed to recognize that I would be supportive for the long haul…but my extreme beta-ness turned her off. I can think back to some situations which I now realize where sh!t tests, and I now realized that I failed them horribly. As for this latest bf, maybe this guy was an unsuccessful Alpha, but he was Alpha nonetheless and there was no mistaking it and of course, her being outspoken and strong willed, she needed someone to ‘take charge’.

Hmm, the lessons we learn huh?

As for Ex#2, she was my first (and last) black partner and a source of a good amount of education on women and how they think in retrospect. I met her when I was in my early 20’s and we where a couple for almost 6 years. We broke up just before I dated ex #1 and about a year before I met my wife. When we met, I was making decent money and I had no issue being the ‘money man’ to her and her brood (dumb I know…now). Well, hard times hit, and I went from being the ‘Money Man’ to the broke as @#$@ man. Guess who had to ‘man up’?

Guess what then happened to our relationship?

Looking back was I confident and took charge in changing my life? Nope, I did what a man who is supposed to be in charge ISN’T supposed to do. I shrank into a little ball of fear and repeatedly asked her not to leave me. After all I’ve read on the manosphere, I realize that this behavior repulsed her in ways that I cannot imagine. She was in her late 20’s at the time, and still had some relative Sexual Market Value left in her tank, which she decided to leverage in order to ‘trade up’. I was then left in the dirt, still reeling from the whole experience and once again wondering what it was that I had done wrong.

I had Beta’d my way out of a relationship, is what. I just had no clue at the time.

I remember reading a comment on about women, that if as a man, you lose your earning potential, you do have some time to reclaim it, but only so long and the clock is ticking.

If you don’t reclaim it in short order…it’s curtains for you my boy.

Do I hate my exes for what happened? I used to, but now I realize that they, like many other women, and even like me and all men on this planet, were simply following their biological imperatives. It was I who was approaching things the wrong way at the time, and these lessons serve to show me that what peeps are saying on the manosphere isn’t simply some bullsh!t that is meant to make men feel good about the current state of affairs. I would state that for any Beta man, learning game is crucial, and understanding the psychology of women is imperative if you seek any sort of relationship with them.

These women where simply following the patterns laid out by the likes of Roissy and at the time…so was I as a hapless Beta. I lived and learned with relatively little scarring, and one point I will stress, do not take what is said on the manosphere lightly, these where simply past relationships for me which I survived through which could help anyone willing to listen. If this where someone’s marriage, as a man the prognosis of the relationships dissolution may not be so painless and the effects on their life after the fact, not so short-lived.

Knowing is indeed half the battle.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Justin Beiber ‘drifts off’ during his tutoring.

I just read this today in a small paper in Ottawa Canada. It could be old, but it really doesn't matter at this point, I just can’t put into words about what I believe the ramifications are about something being said like this. Is this what’s going on now? That ADHD is simply a buzzword for how people are feeling about themselves? “I sometimes lose focus” now means you have ADHD?


This isn’t a joke dammit, there are people whom legitimately HAVE ADHD who wish they didn't. Between teachers passing ADHD ‘diagnoses’ to parents like they where Halloween Candy and then adults who dismiss it as simply a ‘state of mind’ and not a real problem, we have a real situation on our hands when it comes to legit peeps who wish they didn’t have this ‘disorder’ of attention and seek remedies in order to lead normal lives. One of the things which really gets me riled up are the people who don’t have ADHD who seem to think that the world is full of fools who haven’t the foggiest notion in terms of what this disorder entails.

Here is a tip, ADHD isn’t just for kids, they can and do grow up with it too, and your dismissive attitude is only making this young child’s experience worse.

Here are some websites, which may help people get a handle on this burgeoning issue and yes, I like to include both sides so that people know that I'm simply not a pill pusher. Trust me, I get no kickbacks from big pharma for this.

There is help out there, seek it out and use it.

I urge people to take this seriously, what I went through as I was growing up I don’t wish on any child, if these situations can be mitigated…please…PLEASE make it worth your time.  ADHD has several Cormorbid (read piggybacking) effects, which range from depression (been there, done that) to suicide (know some peeps who have flirted with this). ADHD is like a nuclear bomb to a teenager’s already low self-esteem and I can’t stress this enough. Always looking over your shoulder as you always are doing everything wrong no matter how much effort you put in. Everyone seems to catch on faster to new things while people have to explain, and then re-explain, and then re-explain once more to you…and you still don’t get it. Everyone seems to succeed so easily so you wonder what it is about you that you can’t seem to get anything done or to ever accomplish anything.

This is not a joke, I stress this seriously, we need to find a special shade of gray with this approach as not every child who can’t sit still has ADHD, but dismissal of symptoms also leads to issues. Every case is indeed unique and possibly medication may not even be required for a viable solution to be found. Some may be fine with some behavioral therapy, some may be fine with a counselor, but yes, and I am one of them, I benefit from my medication and I’m a moron with out it.

But that’s me.

Take the time; find out what the situation is if you or your child seems to display ADHD symptoms. I won’t lie, I was in denial for most of my life, I was only diagnosed three years ago and my life has gotten much better since taking action.  I credit my parents stern and strict parenting style from keeping me out of much more ridiculous trouble.

Get the facts; use common sense when listening to tripe like Beiber ‘drifting off’. This isn’t anywhere near as small an issue as a quick daydream during class. Trust me when I say that many wish it were.


Thursday, November 11, 2010


Been reading Dalrock’s blog again (damn that man for making so much sense) and also a recent thread on the Spearhead and I have a suggestion to all the men on the manosphere.

Since we know that large percentages of women tend to veer on the side of the illogical and will use the rationalization hamster overtime when dealing with certain topics in which they FEEL negative about, compromising the intergirty that they claim to have. That they are especially on par with men in terms of being rational while not being so, I think we have been approaching ‘debate’ in the wrong way. We realize that arguing with them is futile do to this childlike dismissal of fact which is right in front of their faces, then possibly another approach is the key.

Ignore them.

Folks, do we get into long serious conversations with our children over the workings of politics, construction, or other serious matters facing life? Usually we figure (correctly) that the inner workings are above their heads, yeah? However, some of us will find an exception, who grasps the intricacies of a topic and can hold their own in a debate or a conversation, thus they will prove, whatever the age they are at that they are worthy of our attention.

I can remember years ago when the building manager of a company I used to work for had brought his son with him to the office. This man was a very hands on type of guy and had extensive experience in construction, and the men who answered to him  also needed broad experience in order to hang. This man's son was no older than 11 and was conversing intelligently with his father on a project that needed to be done at one of the many stores his crew renovated and maintained shortly before they left to assist in it’s construction. I was flabbergasted that this young child knew so much and could hold his own so effectively, his experience belied his age and obviously this man had taught him well.

My point; simple, if they can hang, they will prove it once you converse with them, if they can’t, is there any reason to include them in any meaningful conversation from then on? Heck, when I renovate things in my house, I may get some great ideas from my kids sometimes, but do you really think I will sit down with them and converse how I’m going to tile my bathroom? Consider topics of even more weight, will you talk to your 14 year old about how you intend to plan for your retirement or get through this current economy? 

Get the picture?

Does one really want to put any sort of weight into the statements of someone who will disregard facts, which are staring them in the face, no matter how obvious it is? Should these people be taken seriously, once they prove they will disregard easily provable facts for their own personal gain? I really think men don’t realize just how important the fact of another man saying that they where wrong in an argument really and truly is. We don’t realize that when someone concedes a point once it’s veracity has been proven; their integrity has been upheld.  If you simply pretend it doesn’t exist, and defend your position that this is so, your integrity takes a bath, period. 

What does one think of someone that says that the Sun is a figment of your imagination and really believes it? Facetious yes, but you get the picture now don't you?

We will of course encounter some Chinstraps who can and do hold their own and these women are the ones we need to (and usually do) pay attention too as they prove their worth every time we give it, by intelligently arguing their position if they don't agree to it. All others need to be dismissed as the overgrown children that they really are. Let them speak, then continue on as if they didn’t say anything important, because usually speaking, they haven’t, just like a child.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


Just read a post on the Spearhead, which really is exciting to say the least in terms of Men’s Rights in Europe. Some MRA’s actually staged a meeting, in secret of course, a meeting of the minds as discussions of anti-feminism took place.

Well done guys, that took a lot of cojones and you pulled it off.

When I think about how Feminists try to use their political might to crush any male opposition to their oligarchy, I keep thinking of a storyline I had seen years ago on a television show I used to watch when I was younger. It was an animated show called Dragon Ball Z, and I personally find some aspects of this story interesting.

Here’s the sitch.

A very powerful alien called Frieza used to run a cartel, which sold planets to the highest bidder. He was a one-stop shop so to speak, as his minions (who followed him out of fear due to his unimaginable power) would invade a planet, kill ALL the inhabitants, and then return to Freiza letting him know that the planet was ‘ready for delivery’. Well, in his employ was a race known as Saiyans, usually these guys (and some girls) where the most effective of his soldiers.

Here is the deal with these Saiyans, they where among the most feared (if not THE most feared) aliens in the known galaxy. They where like modern day Spartans, they lived to fight, it was virtually part of their DNA. If they fought to victory, they would literally become stronger due to the effort. However…if they fought to defeat and survived…watch out, they would become ridiculously more powerful than if they had won.  No one knew what the upper limit to their power actually was, or if even one existed, not even the Saiyans themselves.

And this concerned Freiza and his other minions, quite a bit actually.

You see, he had enslaved their whole planet, using them among his other slaves to feed his business, but they where becoming too strong, too fast. Sure, he was vastly more powerful than any of them at the moment, but how long would it be before one of them became strong enough to challenge even him? Slaves don’t like being slaves for very long, this goes without saying and all a Saiyan resistance movement would have do is fight in secret, take time to heal and get stronger, and it would only be a matter of time before challengers emerged. Frieza did have control of their home planet, but one simply can’t keep an eye on such a vast amount of people all the time. After exterminating some of the immediate potential threats some of his Saiyan slaves presented, he decided that it would simply be safer to destroy the whole Saiyan planet of Vegeta, sparing only a handful of Saiyans who where off world and on ‘planet scouring missions’ at the time. That way he could keep an eye on them, making it far easier to exterminate them if they got too powerful.

However, it didn’t make a difference, of the survivors, one DID become strong enough, and Frieza is now sleeping with the fishes with Luca Brasi.

What’s the point?

Simple; you can bet your bottom dollar that Feminists DON’T want to release the power they have gained and any resistance men give is a definite threat to this. Due to the propaganda that is omni-present in the West, most men haven’t the foggiest clue as to just how much leverage we have over women naturally so most men (read: Betas) consider resistance to be futile, and believe that they are lucky to even GET a woman in the first place. However, the truth is that making things fairer for men by eliminating the biased family courts and divorce laws would squarely interfere with the Feminist Agenda and they would lose a boatload of the leverage they seek to further consolidate.

Men are like the Saiyans, and they ARE afraid of us.

This anti-feminist conference gives hope, and hope is a dangerous thing when one wants to maintain an autocracy. It make people consider that ‘If they can do it, why can’t we?’ and the momentum increases, the ‘resistance’ grows stronger as others begin to risk a little more and then a little more in order to achieve the goal of ending Feminism’s reign. This means that the word is getting out there, more men are realizing the truth behind the smoke a mirrors of Western Society, the more the word gets out, the more future male victims can avoid being raped in family courts and losing the connection to their children that they slave in order to provide for.

The truth is out there, go out and send it as far as you can safely, while not getting yourselves nicked in the process.

Good stuff my European Brothers; you have just broken the One Minute Mile so others are more apt do to the same.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Because I knew you’d appreciate it :)

Been reading Dalrock’s blog recently, very good reads there, his articles are very thought provoking which is the point of this post. He’s been talking about romance, spinsterhood and the like recently, which has really got the wheels turning in my head. You see, on a recent post about romance, I really got to thinking about men and women and what it is that we both need and want out of life and marriage.

Why do men (read; Beta men) romance women?

In the aggregate, because by doing things which make them happy, we score points with them, points which will hopefully give us an edge on the other males vying for their attention you see. At the end of the day, we are all animals throwing sh!t on the wall, just that nowadays, we do it in suits.

I was thinking about this one episode of Dr. Phil I had seen years ago and at first I had dismissed this woman simply as a cheater (which I do not think highly of for reasons I won’t get into here) and that was that. Then I had later seen the show once more and I was flabbergasted at what happened. Now understand, this woman had cheated on her husband and left the family, not good by any stretch of the imagination, but there was some things, which had happened beforehand, which I didn’t pay attention to.

You see, this woman, her name was Shani, wanted the attention of her husband, Jason.  Something women indeed crave in their marriages. Did this woman simply stamp her feet and whine; “Pay more attention to me?”

No, actually she didn’t.

Shani had decided that she didn’t want to guilt Jason’s affections, but she wanted him to legitimately want to pay more attention to her. So, she got her hands on some materials that taught her what it was that men wanted and liked from women and she then;

Sent racy pictures of herself to her husband

Offered to watch porn with him

Joined a gym

No joke…after I had learned a little more about how North American Women usually are, re-watching this episode made my jaw hit the floor. He didn’t ask her to do this…she did this of her OWN volition. C’mon, just how many women would go to all this effort in order to appease their husbands?


Then of course, the details about her life really floored me. What is the excuse that we hear so often from women who don’t do these things? That they would like to work out like Shani, but since they have careers, they don’t have the time.

She ran her own business.

Well, I guess they could find the time to put all this effort into their relationship, but kids take so much out of you and this woman obviously didn’t have any children.

Shani had not one…not two…but THREE children UNDER 10.


I want to make it perfectly clear that I don't advocate cheating whatsoever, it isn't a solution to problems in a relationship and the collateral damage in immense. However, let me fill you in on a little secret. During my most Beta (read; stupid) years, I learned whatever I could in order to understand women and their needs. I had even gone on a message board and read about people’s lives in turmoil and one thing popped out at me; that if you don’t MAKE the time to fulfill your partners needs, very bad things can happen. Convenience doesn’t make anything happen, you have to inconvenience yourself in order to do so!! The thing which really makes my head spin about the initial effort that Shani had put into her marriage, is that this is the SAME effort that women DEMAND from the men in their lives.

Take the time to learn about what it is that we want, as OUR wants are different from yours as a man, and this will make us happy.

I wish that where true, from what I and other men see in the media, women feel entitled to what a man gives them and therefore, they see no need to reciprocate at all. I get really hot under the collar about stuff like this because men don’t do things like take their partners out, buy them gifts, and write poems because it inherently makes them happy.

Not a chance.

They do it (if at all anymore) because of one reason and one alone…it will make the woman in their lives happy, and therefore, it will make them happy.

Yet, and this actually always makes me shake my head, one will see so many women who will never want to do anything for a man ONLY to make him happy. It’s too inconvenient. That if a woman wants to work out, she will be told NOT to do it for a man, or men, do it for themselves. I can even remember a comment on an advice columnist’s website in regards to a woman who used to dress up for her husband when they where intimate who couldn’t believe that she was doing ANYTHING for a man.


What are men told again? “I know that you don’t understand this, but taking me out, and buying me gifts, flowers, cards, shows me that you appreciate what I do for you. It makes me happy when you do.”

Right, but women are under NO obligation to reciprocate in any way shape or form. Then these women wonder why their husbands don’t want to put in very much effort anymore and scold and shame them for not doing so?

Good Grief!!

One of the things I had learned over the years, is that people seem to think that when you refuse or don’t put effort into something that your spouse finds important, that instead of scoring ‘points’ let’s say, that you only score a zero in that category. Not true. If you don’t put effort into this category let’s say, you’re not at zero, you are actually in negative numbers in terms of your relationship. Putting forth effort may get you +2 points, NOT putting in effort will score you –2 points, this is what people have to realize in terms of relationships.

One of the absolutely worst things you can do is have your spouse outline the things that you can do to rectify the situation, and then you ignore them as you got ‘too busy’ with other things. You wanna see ridiculous resentment build; just have your spouse go over and above for you and you simply take it, say “Thanks” and they go about your business, that’s a sure way to make sure that the wonderful treatment that you used to get stops, quick, fast, in a hurry as they realize that all the extra effort that they put in will not be reciprocated, but that you don’t give a damn that they are putting themselves out JUST to make YOU happy.

The thing which boggles my mind is that I understand that women are self centered, and that some would even say narcissistic, but even from a selfish point of view, if you LIKE how your hubby is treating you…why on God’s green Earth are you going to make sure that he gets the picture real quick that his efforts are pointless?

Try this little exercise on for size, I bet money that the average woman can’t name the 5 basic needs a man has to be happy in the aggregate. However, ask a man what he has to do in order to win a woman’s heart and he can tell you offhand. Something is rotten in Denmark my friends, and I personally think that if as a woman who is a wife, or girlfriend, that you shouldn’t have to do a thing to make your partner happy, then you need to shut your claptrap before you ask for a damn thing!!! Marriage is about compromise; it isn’t the ‘all about the woman show.’

I’m fully aware that there are quite a few men who don’t fulfill their wives needs, let’s be honest, men aren’t perfect, but I can tell you because I have been through it that there are many women who think that they are the cat’s meow and if the genders where reversed, the females would have a heyday pillorying this person. The reason why I’m so hard on women in this case, is that after reading all I did on how to make a woman happy, and what a spouse has to do in order to make time and fulfill their partner’s needs, I was shocked to find out that women usually fall horrifically short in the very same demands that they make on their own partners.

It’s a two way street, remember.


Monday, November 1, 2010

SERIOUSLY???? No wait.....SERIOUSLY???

Okay, just had to post something a little light hearted that I happened across just recently. 

Went to the LCBO which is where Ontarians go to by some 'juice' and I noticed something strange.  There was a car in-front of me which hadn't moved which had two female passengers sharing a cigarette. 

Nothing out of the ordinary, I backed in my truck and then looked up as I pulled out my wallet and keys as I set out on my adventure...and noticed that one of the girls must have had a very stressful day...that she was taking a very long drag on her cigarette that her friend gave her...very long.


So...(snicker)...I jump out of my truck considering the curious situation that happened when the driver jumps out of the car and walks into the LCBO ahead of me. She gives me a look which suggests that she knows that I know that she knows that I know.

I shake my head and figure that I should follow my nose just like Toucan Sam.


She had already left the little vestibule in the store and I can tell you, if you where born without a nose, it wouldn't have made a all!! Listen...when I was younger, I used to puff, but dammit, do you really think I would engage in a busy parking lot, in the middle of the day.....where people could see....and SMELL what I was doing??

I have ADHD, and I'm not the brightest bulb in the hallway, but GODDAMN!!

I was fighting laughter as I walked in and bought my stuff, as I left the aisle where my coolers where, this girl passed me once more, giving me yet another knowing look.

Girl, you busted!!! Why are you even trying to act innocent?

She made sure that she hit a cashier that was far away from me and I was fighting to keep myself in check...thank GOD I medicated myself today or else things could have been much worse.

Okay, am I against Mary Jane? As I said, I smoked when I was younger, I chose to stop, and I know that others do what they are going to do, period. Nothing I will say is going to change that HOWEVER, use your FREAKIN COMMON SENSE DAMMIT or else we elders are going to laugh our @$$es off at you, kewl?

C'mon...I am black after all...dammit!!!