Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bittersweet Victory

C/O Metro Women's Soccer League

Let me take you back about 4 years ago when my stepdaughter still played soccer. Due to a scheduling conflict, the regular coach couldn’t make it to the next game so I was asked to sub in. I knew nothing about coaching other than when I wrestled in high school and virtually nothing about soccer other than playground games I participated in. Luckily, my stepson had played before and he decided to help me out. So, game day arrives and I try to keep from sh!tting my pants as I recorded the young ladies’ names as they arrived. Once the game started I assigned them positions and let them have at it.

Here’s where things get interesting.

Since I have no idea about even the strategies the coach had installed, I couldn’t even tell the girls what to do. The only thing left for me was to cheer them on as they played. Eventually, I noticed that the ladies on the field started changing their positions of their own accord. Ladies who I had assigned as strikers moved to midfield or defense as an example and essentially, most of the team had shuffled around by themselves. My stepdaughter for example is a violent striker, but she moved back to midfield to help the team out. She was a star that day, I know she HATED midfield.

Those girls started kicking the living SH!T out of the other team!!

While my stepson called out soccer related directions, I continued cheering on the team. That’s at least one good thing about my ADHD as I’m very loud and can scream for days on end. By halftime we were up 5-0, and by the end of the game the score was 9 - 2, although the official score was noted as 8 – 2. I wasn’t just happy that the girls had won, I was happy with how they played. One young girl in particular was simply a wallflower in the past, and as I assigned positions she had told me that she was very easily distracted so putting her in as goaltender would be a very bad idea. Normally she was off by herself and rarely got into the game. She played defense that day and anytime the ball got into her zone, she fought like a wolverine to get the ball out. I never saw that before and I made sure to cheer her on every time she engaged. She wasn't the only one and I had never seen the ladies play so hard in the games previous.

To this day I tell people that I can't take credit for how they played, they simply found their natural positions and went from being a meager house league team to a machine who surprised their competitors that day.

I was repeatedly asked if I could coach their other games and even once the coach returned I was asked yet again if I could helm their second half (edit; of a game, sorry for the confusion). I considered taking the Coaching Course so that I could instruct a team in the coming season when reality hit me later that year. This wasn’t a boy’s team, this was a team of young girls and I considered the issues, which could come from a situation such as this. While the chances of something happening was most likely very slim, I really thought about what COULD happen from a disgruntled player or her mother as an example.

I had already read online about a man who was in this very same situation, he had the skill and the knowledge to coach girl’s soccer, but due to the prevalence of false allegations, he opted out of coaching altogether. In the end, I told my wife that as much as I had fun coaching the girls that one game, that I didn’t think the risk was worth it.  That memory is bittersweet to this day as I considered how well the ladies played, but I simply think it a sad reality that men need to re-consider their roles when dealing with young people, and especially young women.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How 'bout a smile this holiday season?

Things have been getting a mite serious lately so I think a smile is needed on the manosphere to keep the faith. So, as y'all know, I'm a black dude who lives in a city in Canada which doesn't have too many other blacks around town (While Toronto is very metropolitan, the Suburb I live in isn't so much) . I happened across a song which I love quite a bit and was a new addition on my MP3 player this time last year. On December 24th 2010, I happen to drive into town in my blue pickup truck with this song blaring out my speakers and the looks I got as I stepped out my truck to do some last minute Christmas shopping was Kodak worthy.

I wish I could have taken pics of the people who saw me that day.

Take it anyhow you want to, this isn't, and wasn't meant as some sort of F.U. to anyone. As I said, I happen to LOVE Jerry Reed's song, but I guess many simply didn't expect that someone like me would.

Happy Holidays everyone, and take the laughs while you can, yeah?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Being Correct, Right, and the Possible Implications

Been a recent dustup in the manosphere, which has ruffled more than a few feathers. If you haven’t heard about the sitch, then I suggest you head over to Dalrock’s but to be honest, big D stated that he didn’t want to start open season on anyone so I suggest you get your information from the source. Bluntly, a statement was made and a request for stats to disprove this assertion was also put forth. D grabbed his trusty stats like he always did and met the challenge adequately. Things went off the rails after that however as the person in question didn’t even acknowledge the information, but avoided and counter attacked in a fashion reminiscent of our friendly neighborhood feminists.


In the face of substantial evidence that the assertion made was woefully in error, our ‘person of interest’ decided that shaming, re-framing, victim language, and manipulation was much more prudent than simply acknowledging the error of their ways. I’m personally disappointed due to the fact that I had respect for this person in the past. I didn’t think they would ever engage in behavior such as this, heck, human beings, male or female are going to be wrong sometimes. We are biased and our sense of logic is flawed. However, the main thing about humanity is that once it has been established that someone seeks the correct information in life and their dealings, we then have faith in them despite our human shortcomings.

Why you ask?

Due to something that I believe many people overlook in their lives. Simply put, when a person is incorrect, and the proper information or procedure is made clear to them, the fact that they adopt the new information shows something about said person. That since they seek the CORRECT information in their lives and dealings, that in the event they are mistaken, they will correct their course, and change direction. So one can have faith that even if someone is ever wrong in their dealings, no matter if they are umpires at a little league baseball game, or the leader of a nation, that once they are shown the correct pathway (or the one that seems the most correct at the time in regards to the people involved and their situation) they will do the best they can with what they have.

To some, to be right, or considered to have the right position in a debate or disagreement, is synonymous with having the most correct information available. However, it must be seen that some wish to be right no matter the consequences. It’s possible that these people see debates and differing viewpoints as a war to be won and ‘to the victor  goes the spoils’ (had that backwards) so some wish to win no matter the cost.

Even if the price is their own credibility.

See, these people want to win so badly that they dismiss readily available evidence which is contrary to their position, however, once data is no longer on their side, they will have to resort to other tactics in order to get that tick in their win column. It's more than disappointing that some stoop to that level or even the fact that this person whom I once respected has engaged in the same tactics. I know some may not see this as a very large issue or may even think that I’m overreacting about this, sorry gang; I personally believe this situation is much worse than just a person trying to hide from their mistake.

You see, this approach that this person has decided to adopt is precisely the same as our friendly neighborhood feminists do in the face of data, which undermines their cause of the moment. Consider it, the feminist machine is still harping over and over about the unnecessary need of a father in the lives of children despite the fact that data is readily available which proves their value after all. Allowing fathers to be in their children’s lives would be a boon to society and assist in taming the craziness we see in contemporary Western culture. Yet we see shaming, misdirection, re-framing, manipulation, and character assassination being routinely used to bolster their incorrect assumption rather than an adjustment to their position WHICH WOULD HELP SOCIETY.  Basically ignoring the information despite it's validity.

No my friends, today this person made an erroneous statement and refused to take it back after the very proof she requested was made, but we all forget that Feminism by and large adopts this very same approach every single day. Since some simply don’t want to acknowledge the fact that fathers are necessary, we see more young boys growing into thugs and more girls growing into thug lovers. Folks, this is just ONE example of the many issues facing men, marriage, and ultimately women themselves that some just DON’T want to accept.

In my humble opinion, this sort of approach by anyone giving ‘advice’ is unacceptable.

This is why the West is going downhill gang.
  When people we believed to have sound judgment enough to realize their mistakes and change in the face of evidence stubbornly refuse to give ground be they a blogger or a special interest group. No my friends, when people show this sort of behavior, man or woman, the best policy may be to always second guess their motivations or simply dismiss them outright. If they are correct, I bet money someone else will share their conclusion, if they are wrong, you have saved yourself some time.

I do have to state that the person of interest is a woman, although men will engage in this behavior as well. At the end of the day I work with a great many women whom I have great admiration for and I’m also glad that I work with and for them. However I can’t help but think that behavior such as this could have been the reason why our forefathers didn't think it a good idea for women to be in positions of power and responsibility.

How can you have any sort of faith in a person who will protect themselves and their own interests in the face evidence, which undermines their credibility?


Monday, December 19, 2011

The Subverted Female 'Support' Network

Understand this; Masculinity Inc was simply the network of men working together to instruct the up and coming boys to take their place in society as the years passed. It was the men who came before who instilled the initial ‘man up’ mantra to the men who where coming after. You see women too had a network, which did the exact same thing for their young girls in order to make them valuable members of society. However, the difference is that while Masculinity Inc. has gone the way of the Dodo, the female support network is still in place. It’s just that it’s been subverted into a shadow of it’s former self.

Anyone whose spent some time on the manopshere will have a head on desk moment whenever they encounter an example of female solipsism and how horrific it works out for them by and large in regards to men and the SMP in general. However, how many really think about how women got by in the past, especially when the consequences in our low-tech history where so severe? Simply put, because women, namely older married women networked together in order to teach and train their younger counterparts. These women knew full well about the differences between men and women and the harsh penalties, which women could face if certain rules weren’t abided by. 

They where taught to look for the honest, loyal, and hard working man produced by Masculinity Inc. and to watch out for the charming but undependable lout. Yes the charming and exciting men spoke to a part deep in their psyche, but the practicality of choosing such a man held a heavy price. Men like those could charm the birds out of the trees, but would they be there for the long haul? Would those men simply deliver a song and dance and then leave them high and dry right after they got what they wanted? They where taught that chastity was one of their largest assets and while it seemed unfair for men to be able to whore around while they had to keep their legs closed, the older women repeatedly told them why and reminded them of the consequences of ‘being loose’. “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free!” was a serious and stern rule, which was driven into their minds like a jackhammer.  

The older generation showed these young ladies just how to attract a man in the first place and what it was that men liked in women so they could use in to their advantage in the SMP. They where told about how their emerging beauty was transient, and their real value was going to be their character.

Appearance gets you in the door; your personality keeps you there.

They where told to keep their wits about them as the attention from men would no doubt be intoxicating, but to be very careful as all too quickly it will dim and all you will have left is your character. They where also shown the importance of compromise in marriage and supporting your family and the truth of the matter that women benefited from marriage far more than men ever did.

These basic rules where repeated to young women ad infinitum and then re-enforced by older women even after marriage and children. By doing so, then the younger women would take the over the mantle of stewardship and teach the younger ladies coming behind them. Furthermore, they made examples of the few women who ‘fell through the cracks’ to show ladies the consequences of poor choices in this regard. Slut shaming, and the threat of becoming a spinster where used as tools to keep ladies in check.

I do believe that women in the past most likely chafed under these rules, but they also didn’t have a choice in the matter. Women aren’t like men and as a result suffer differently under similar situations and that was made abundantly clear. Sure it may seem much better to be able to earn your own money, make all your own choices, or in a lot of cases, even marry the man you wanted (not that I’m a fan of marrying someone you didn’t love), but the chances of this happening in the past was probably very poor. Did any woman want to gamble with her future that way?

Bluntly, women of the past where told THE TRUTH about their situation, that they had much more to lose or gain in life. It was an ugly reality, but it was still a non-debatable truth nonetheless. What have we now?

Well, the Suffragettes tried to change the paradigm as they where annoyed by their lack of choices and Feminism has been carrying their mantra for the last 50 years. The ‘rules’ women used to instill into their young women where deemed ‘oppressive’ and not only where they thrown out but any woman who believed in them where vilified from this growing movement. In essence, the value of being part of the group now worked against the women of the old guard as belonging now meant keeping one’s mouth shut as Feminism waged a war against mankind and femininity. 

As these important guidelines and their enforcement was abandoned all together, new ones where installed and ‘the emancipated female’ was brought to bear. However these rules where shoddy at best and criminal at worst. Females being told to be just like men, because gender was nothing but a social construct and pliable. Abandonment of chastity, having all the fun you want and then find a man later if you so wish. Careers being the way to go and why be some man’s wife and watch him achieve all the glory when you could do so yourself? Family and children being over-rated, we see single men happy, you too can be just as happy as they, right? If you do want family and children, no worries, since men benefit from marriage far more than women, then there will ALWAYS be a man waiting in the wings when you’re ready.

Sadly, anyone with eyes can see this paradigm for what it really and truly is. It’s simply lies to make some feel better about the situation and built on nothing but sand.

We have older career women who have finally achieved their professional desires that are hard pressed to find a man, which suits their fancy due to their diminished SMV and the apex fallacy. They are now competing with women far younger so the deck is stacked against them.

We have professional women attempting to steal sperm in a clandestine attempt to become pregnant as their biological clocks tick down.

We see women grossly over estimating their fertility in the first place and being unprepared with the results later in life.

We have women who have thrown away decent husbands in their younger days who desperately look for partners well after their Wile E Coyote moments.

We have women who do wish to get married but haven’t a clue how to attract or even keep a man in the first place

We also see independent career women who do wish for marriage and partnership but can’t seem to compromise with decent men.

We see women chasing after exciting but undependable men while ignoring the ‘nice ones’ and usually receiving nothing but a notch on her belt for her efforts.

We see young, high mileage women wondering why some men may view them as pump and dump material but not worthy for marriage.

We also see young women who place all their work into their appearance and none into their personality or character in bids for men’s attention.

Lastly, we see women wondering where all the nice men have gone.

The largest issue with this the existing women’s ‘support’ network is that when illuminating facts which prove that this current approach is a complete failure are shown, this network disregards them wholesale or spins them into their favor which muddy’s the water’s further and confuses young women even more. Usually Feminism’s default solution is to place the blame on men somehow for the current issues women are facing. Essentially, women are being taught to swim by being given woefully erroneous information and then thrown into the water. Is it any wonder why so many more are drowning than before?

Listen, at the end of the day, I’m not a woman and I can’t personally relate to how constrictive the ‘old rules’ may have been in the past. It is very true that as a man, it’s very easy for me to say that the old way was right and women’s freedom to choose is wrong. However, the point, which needs to be driven home, is the critical finality of a woman’s situation, which the old rules tried to protect them from. An average 40-year-old woman who wishes for the family with the white picket fence and the Goodyear swing may find herself lonely and empty without the proper guidance. Add in the fact that many women are actually being told half-truths or outright lies and it’s no wonder they’re in a heap of trouble.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lie to me


I’m willing to bet that manosphere denizens are familiar with womankind’s (and sometimes men but not quite as often) need for support when discussing a limitation of their lives, a problem if you will. What I’m trying to get at is when women admit to a flaw about themselves, but they only do so to a pre-selected audience and only at the precise time. Why do they do this, the answer is simple. See, these women (and some men) aren’t seeking a truthful response to their ‘issue’ in reality, not at all. They are simply seeking enablers to lie to them, to feed their rationalization hamsters with external output therefore making their excuses more real and bolstering up their worldview.

See, some may get clever and speak about their situation in a way, which could confound their subject so they get caught up in another topic all together. Due to confusing the subject matter, at that point their condition becomes a discussion of other topics, possibly allowing our ‘ailing’ subject a reprieve. This article is a good example of this; some people could easily get caught up in Squeaky’s longevity rather than the fact that she referred to her 24 year old feline as her ‘soulmate’. While I can’t speak of the author’s motivations (although I do have my suspicions), my mind has to wonder at the true impetus of this article. Now in addition, occasionally some will make themselves seem so pathetic in their ‘faults’ that some people, the pre-selected people of course, can come rushing to their aid with affirmations of their accomplishments and laud over them with utopian promises of the future. The 'rest' being ignored of course don'tcha know!! Then, they may even go as far as to make light of their current plight so that people can naturally tell them just how great they are, and how badly they have miscalculated their own self worth. Possibly their supporters even going as far as saying how great a joke it was that they’ve presented themselves in this manner.

See, all this is at the end of the day is simply people reaching out for others to tell them that it’s still okay no matter how badly things have been effed up. In truth, every single person on this planet will seek out affirmation in this regard. Depending on the situation, these affirmations really can assist someone who is truly looking for a solution to their situation and to make a fresh start. I heard it said that the one, who is complaining about the fact that they have no shoes, then stops complaining once they meet the person with no feet. Yes it could always be worse, and maybe your sitch isn’t quite so bad, but then one needs to put steps into play to rectify their situation.

This is where lying starts coming into play you see. Understand some don’t wish a solution, for whatever reason an answer to their problem may force them to look at themselves, their actions, and their past in a manner, which would make them uncomfortable. It may be easier not to in the long run depending on the situation at hand. Or perhaps they are at a stage in life where no viable solution exists. Take this article about 50 being the new34 (H/T Christian J) for example, you see these women droning on about how great their lives are at this advanced stage and how so many things have changed for the better in this great era of change.


In reality, once more we look to Christian J as he destroys the hamster wheel these women and their male yes-men construct for themselves at this ‘beneficial’ time in their lives with cold hard facts. The author of this article is 60 years old, here’s a question, what woman in their right mind is going to question an article such as this? Even a 20 something woman would simply dismiss it as something they don’t have to worry about at the moment rather than debate the merits of its authenticity. Women don’t wish to disturb the herd, and more importantly, they want to be able to think they have some SMP value at that sort of age. The more women drone on about this, the more they feel that they may be correct in this assumption despite the evidence otherwise.

Allow me to regale you with a quote from one of my fave’s on the Manosphere, that CL (formerly Thag Jones) “Would rather be told an Ugly Truth than a pretty lie.” That right there is someone who wishes for a solution to a problem, not enablers telling her how great her situation is no matter how dire.  That’s the thing though, at the end of the day, people who seek enablers out are still seeking a lie. Nothing but enabling by people who know better and most likely a group of people whom also wish to share in the continuance of this lie to bolster their own positions as well.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the issue with lies in certain situations is that one has to run from the truth. If you start running from the truth no matter how ugly, you’ll have to keep running and it’s very tiring in the long run…pun intended. 


Friday, December 9, 2011

Ironic Legacy


Some very good comments where left on my post on Irony by Aurini and regular commenter Legion the other day which really illuminates the issue on warning feminists.

 '*Sigh* Now if only you could convince girls of this before they turned 30...

But that's a Grandmother's job; our Grandmother's were as absent for our sisters, as our Fathers were for us.'

 "It's nice of you to warn feminists, but remember, "Against stupidity the gods themselves contend in vain.""

I agree gentlemen, warning feminists in the error of their ways is completely different from warning typical North American women, and men are ill suited for the task to be honest. The run of the mill NAW sees negative situations befalling her older sisters simply as an Urban Legend, it would never happen to them.

However, feminists happen to be different animal completely. They have completely bought and reinforce the paradigm that typical and natural human behaviors in both men and women are aberrant and should be avoided at all costs!! Their whole platform is built upon this premise so warning them of their probable futures simply triggers the defence of their whole ideology.

As my mother stated to me in the past, those who don't hear will feel.

I wrote that post for one reason; because I could literally hear the joy in my mother's voice as she told me about my brothers’ daughter, my new niece,
her grand daughter. She has never spoken about her job that way EVER, in all the 36 years I've been on this planet.

Do you understand?


Let me relate to you another story.

Pulling into my house a while back I happened to see a neighbor sitting on his stoop. He's been retired for years and roughly the age of my parents (in their 70's). Anyhow, another car pulls up behind me, stopping right in front of their house. At that moment, my neighbor stands up and the back doors open and out spill two young children, racing up the driveway. The front door opens behind my neighbor and his wife emerges and gives both of these kids’ large hugs. He stood there beaming at them until they stopped hugging his wife and then place him in a huge double-barreled bear hug.

I smiled as the proud parents then emerged from the car, all smiles as their kids are fawned over by their grandparents. I walked into my house never having said a word to them as I didn’t want to trouble their tableau, but it hit me like a ton of bricks at what sort of legacy some men and women will leave behind after them. I’ve spoken to my neighbor on occasion and he’s never mentioned his job or accomplishments either. It’s fairly easy to see what their largest accomplishment is by anyone who has eyes. Feminists won’t listen until it’s too late and they realize that whatever most accomplish in the professional realm pales dramatically to motherhood and then grandchildren. This is the sad irony about their failed social experiment, that by embracing the male role, they give up the very things which ultimately will make most of them very happy!!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

What if…


Borrowing from Marvel Comics’ ‘What if’ series, in which a different angle is introduced into well-known story arcs to possibly see where the tangent would lead, let’s do something similar here. This time though, we go into the past…

WHAT IF… Patriarchy isn’t inherently natural to human beings, but nothing other than a construct, which harnessed our more primal and destructive natures?

WHAT IF… Rulers, Emperors, and/or Kings (The Powers that Be?) realized that survival of the fittest meant that we humans behaved just like the animals in our dominion, which would ultimately lead to chaos?

WHAT IF… The Powers that Be realized that by civilizing the masses, by giving each man a woman to take care and love him, they could create a civilization by harnessing a man’s excess output, which would innovate and raise itself from the level of mere beasts?

WHAT IF… The Powers that Be realized that by keeping said man and woman together it could create the best and healthiest breeding ground for future generations, thereby creating a self-sustaining society for the future?

WHAT IF… Patriarchy is nothing more than the closest thing to satisfying the brutal animalistic natures of both men and women while also fulfilling the needs of a successful large-scale society?

WHAT IF… Patriarchy simply toned down the survival of the fittest paradigm by adding rules and ethics into our everyday behaviors so that the previous fight to the death, now becomes nothing more than simply a highly regulated fencing match?

WHAT IF… Organized Religion was merely the tool in which some realized that mankind’s animal nature could be controlled for the greater good? By creating a set of rules and morals which didn’t succumb to mankind’s bias and laying out not only the groundwork for followers, but a means of self regulation by leaders and supporters? (I.E. Gotta attend Church, can’t have people thinking we’re heathens!!)

I say what if to all of these ideas simply because I have no way of proving them. Organized Religion and marriage predate written history so speculation is all I have at the moment. Also, I’m not a Christian, so I have no Religious Agenda to promote here at The Phantom Tollbooth, nor am I trying to say that the big guy upstairs doesn’t exist. I can’t prove nor disprove God’s existence in any way. There is only one thing I do know, and any man on the manosphere is aware of this as well. Society at the moment isn’t acting like a group of organized humans who have done incredible things, but more like instinctive animals in the Serengeti. The Alpha Male wins while the Beta male loses and pretty much most women get the shaft [pun intended ;)] while society circles the drain, regressing as the pillars of previous society have no one to take their place. This is, in my opinion, precisely the reason Patriarchy was ‘invented’ in the first place. To satisfy mankind’s more primal needs while also keeping men and women on the straight and narrow and therefore productive in society’s advancement and upkeep.

Just speculation is all.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Isn’t it Ironic…

Alright, going to make this brief.

My younger bro just had a baby, his daughter and wife are doing fine after a few minor complications and are now just getting back home. Both my Mom and my SIL’s mother are taking turns spending some time helping out at their house in taking care of the little one. My bro has gone back to work while his wife is getting adjusted to the change. I myself will be dropping by to see my new niece. She is the first child in Omnipitron’s family and my Mother is indeed gushing over her like you wouldn’t believe!!!

Here is where the Irony starts.

My mother is an accomplished Nurse, and had been for over 30 years. She had studied in Jamaica and Europe before finally passing the necessary exams in order to practice nursing in North America. Do you think she often mentions her amazing credentials in Nursing (and they are quite something!!) on a regular basis?


Do you think she often mentions her studies abroad in Jamaica and Europe and the amazing adventures she had during that time?


She will mention the parties she holds with her batch mates from University College  where she attended school before departing Jamaica and going to Europe, but that is more of a reunion than anything else. No my friends, the biggest thing my mother is proud of at the moment is that fact that her two sons are married, and her youngest has just become a father, making her a GRANDMOTHER. THAT is what she is the MOST proud of in her life.

Feminists take heed, if you believe that your legacy is rooted in professional accolades, then I have a bridge to sell you. Don’t believe me, just ask your older sisters about the situation, and they will be happy to tell you how things are.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Now THAT’s Quality

c/o wikipedia

Sometimes what happens at my part time job is truly surreal, stuff so utterly ridonkulous that if I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t ever believe it.

Episode one; The Real Girlfriends Of A Toronto Suburb

As people where filing out from the bar a young couple, a thugged out white dude and his surprisingly attractive girlfriend, happened to get into a lover’s quarrel. They are regulars at the bar and relatively well known, and they cause little issue until last night. Turns out Thug boy looks for his gf and finds her on the dance floor grinding up on some random guy. Buddy snaps, and tells her straight up that it’s over and she can have this dude if she wants. My man straightaway heads off the dance floor and starts chatting to some random girl of his own. Couldn’t have been that hard, thugs are in high demand nowadays. Just a few minutes later, his ‘gf’ follows him and sees the reverse of what Thug boy had just encountered and she snaps herself. 

Only this time she had decided to punch (not slap, I mean closed fisted PUNCH) Thug boy three times right in his face!!

He didn’t even flinch and she stormed out of the club before she got escorted out. A bouncer actually told him that he ‘Took it like a champ’, yeah she was a girl, but she was laying into him VERY hard. 

What’s that saying…what’s good for the goose….. 

Episode Two; Jerry Springer T.O. style


Just a few minutes after the last episode ended, our bouncers flew out of the bar to stop a girlfight. At times I’ve assisted in altercations so I followed them to assess the matter. There where two separate groups arguing between each other with two ladies per side apparently in the heat of things. Both groups where desperately trying to hold these ladies in place before fisticuffs began and you had to hear the argument to believe it.

“Why don’t you take care of your OWN kids?”

“I do take care of my ONE kid, he lives with me, where are your TWO?”

I shook my head and went back inside, I wanted nothing more to do with that sh!t. A few minutes later I happened to notice the familiar red and blue flashing lights only a police cruiser with it’s cherries on creates. I go back outside thinking that perhaps this potential girl fight had incensed some men into escalating the altercation. Nope, it was still only the ladies, only this time they where being taken downtown. I asked one bouncer what started the whole altercation…simply because one had said that the other didn’t care for their children that night!!

Sorry, I should also mention that both sets of women in this altercation are regulars at the bar, so NO ONE had any right to say anything.

Ain’t empowerment grand!!!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Words of Truth from Uncle Elmer

If you haven’t already read some of the gold this man is writing at Forbes, I highly suggest you take a gander. The man has no fear and enjoys illuminating the truth to the legions of hamster driven women that inhabit that place. He nails it every single time, so much so that he actually describes a friend of my wife’s very well. Now as I’ve said about this woman in the past, she isn’t a bad person, she actually has a great sense of humor and is fun to be around. She's also VERY knowledgeable about sports when it comes to strategies and injury prevention. However, feminist brainwashing has affected her very thoroughly and she doesn’t see the extent nor even how this is affecting her life negatively.

See, we got into it very recently (we both had a little of the ‘silly juice’) and I finally had it with backing down to women when arguments start. I told her in no uncertain terms that women arguing with men about what men want is a stupid and foolish thing to do. At the end of the day, she wasn't a man, so how did she think she can relate or KNOW us?

She always maintained that she did, and she wouldn’t budge whatsoever stating that it was me who was wrong.

As I’ve mentioned before, she’s a single mother and not because of Eat Pray Love either. Her ex was abusive and drank constantly so I can see where she had to make the very hard choice to leave him, taking the kids. She doesn’t keep them from him at all; she lets him see them whenever he asks (to be honest, she actually fights with him to take them, she has to push them on him sometimes, stating that his kids want to see him.) Not that I applaud single motherhood, but not every man is worth remaining married too, not every divorced dad is a victim of the family courts.

Back to the story; she has always been a bit of a tomboy, participating in male sports like wrestling and football with the guys, but here is where she falls off the wagon somewhat. She’s very competitive, virtually everything out of her mouth is about her accomplishments and how good she is at this, or how amazing she was at that. You really have to wonder about how good someone really is at one thing or another if they are constantly ringing their own bell, you know? She subscribes to the mantra that she can do whatever a guy can do no matter WHAT that may be, (which was why she got her back up so much when I mentioned that she didn’t know about men). I won’t lie, she actually looked at me right in the eye and stated that if she truly set her mind to it, she WOULD’VE made it to the NFL if she wanted to.

No, I’m not joking.

However, that’s just it, her competitive nature obviously helped her in secondary school sports and does help her in her profession (and she IS very good at her job) but her love life needs some improvement. Let’s take some choice quotes from Uncle Elmer to illustrate my point;

“A man wants a wife, not a co-worker.”

“Man, who once toiled alone in field and factory. sought in woman the exact opposite to soothe his wounded soul. He was willing to commit his paltry wages to her upkeep in exchange for a few simple rewards such as cooked food and a backrub.

Now that legions of women have eagerly sought out Paper Clip Sculptor positions at Pan-Encorpera and have been poisoned by a constant diet of diversity-based inspirational programming, modern woman has become just another Co-Worker.

For many men it’s a waking nightmare. Like when you work on the burger-flipping line and you finally lay down to sleep exhausted you dream you are back on the job cranking out squirt burgers. It’s no wonder they would rather jerk off to porn rather than expend the energy embroiled in a tug-of-war with a female that is just like the angry, competitive gals back at the office.”

Seeing the point here? While I love this friend and have seen how effective she is as a coach of many different sports and even a single mom who is raising two kids surprisingly well, she is still falling into a very deep abyss and her pride is keeping her from seeing the truth. She’s TOO competitive, taking the contest home with her and then placing potential partners into the ‘rival’ category instead of the ‘spouse’ category. She’s so busy trying to out-men other men that she has let many of her feminine attributes atrophy to ridiculously low levels. Her past bf’s have been lazy layabouts for the most part, but at the moment she actually has a really good dude and they are getting to know each other. Sadly I think that her ignorance about men and their motivations despite all her protestations otherwise will scare this man away as well, thinking that her attitude and moxie on the football field will win this man over.

This is the truth that Elmer points too excessively well, that no matter what Feminism states, no matter what the Media tells you, being a woman and trying to compete with men is a fools errand. It’s an un-winnable battle, and the stakes can be your long-term happiness.