Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I have My Reasons

Issues at The Phantom Tollbooth will be fixed tout suite. Stay Tuned for more A$$hole commentary

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well, as much as I’ve been rattled this week over “Noisy Crickets” and the like, the truth is that the vast majority of Western Women simply won’t listen to the issues men continue to bring up. However, I came across this post from Rex Patriarch, which shows that the indoctrination for both feminists and western women alike may simply be too far-gone to overcome. This was the passage, which really caught my attention.

R.P: You sure did drink the feminist Kool Aid didn’t you? Well, we will see how you feel about feminism when you are pushing 40 and have nothing to show for it but a burned out career and a couple of cats to go home to.

Her: better than waiting around all day for a beer-bellied chauvinist to get home.


Rex is absolutely on the money with his insight, when both feminists and women are young, anything you say is simply “Patriarchal bullsh!t” and something which they filter out as soon as you open your mouth. That’s just it though, the way I look at it, while they quote “Us women need men like a fish needs a bicycle” they haven’t the foggiest clue that they are really putting their heads in a noose, tightening the knot and about to jump off a chair. As Ping Jockey eloquently states;

My sentiments are with djc and Roy; I feel NO sympathy for these washed-up career crones whatsoever. They bought into the feminazi propaganda willingly and with their eyes wide open. When you tried to warn them (as I foolishly did a couple of times -- before I finally realized that there is no one so deaf as those who do not want to hear) all you received was angry insults and hateful was the crack from the young feminist about being married was the same as waiting for a beer-bellied chauvinist to get home.
No, we did our part. We tried to tell them, they refused to it is much better to let them learn the hard way.

Ain’t it the truth, sadly. How many of these Feminist women will end up like Tiki Barber, desperately trying to get back into the game far after their window of opportunity has long since passed and devastated when the reality hits? The sad but true realization that the world has moved on without them and there is nothing they can do to affect the situation whatsoever. At that time, it’s fitting to blame Feminism for the lies they so readily believed when they thought that the world was their oyster. They don’t want to face the fact that it was their choice to BELIEVE in those same lies despite well meaning intervention. 

Sorry Hun, what Rex, Ping Jockey and others have tried to tell you wasn't simply an Urban Legend, this stuff can happen to you too.

How painful do you think it will be to some of these ‘successful career women’ when they look at the very same ‘oppressed married women’ they used to deride who are knee deep in loving grandchildren, grown children who love to visit “Nana, and Pop-Pop” and a husband who has been with them since Christ was a cowboy? I wonder how well that ‘career’ will satisfy them in their looming twilight years as their impending retirement faces them? Hey, you tell me what sounds better to you as a woman, “It was nice working with you and good look in your future endeavors.” Or “What was mommy like when she was my age?”

“I am woman, hear me roar.” Only sounds good when there are people around who care about what you say. Cat’s unfortunately aren’t the best conversationalists, and while they make good company, they’re nothing like kids or Grandchildren.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Relationships and ‘Noisy Crickets’

Just a little rattled this week, looks like I have yet ANOTHER rant to purge from my system!!

Here's the deal; the members of the ‘fairer sex’ which disappoint me the most aren't feminists believe it or not. Many others and I have come to accept their hamster driven fascism simply as a way of life. No, the members of the fairer sex which has me simply shaking my head are the deludes of women who encounter MRA's online and seem to keep quiet in the face of indisputable proof that Feminism is damaging society.

Although, these wonderful "Noisy Crickets" will more often than not get their backs up at the fact that guys are more than p!ssed at the current situation. "Trashing feminists makes you no better than they are” is their war cry and you’d think they’d studied at the same college or something. Maybe a major in Blameshifting 101? Well you know what, you crickets are right, trashing feminists doesn’t make the orneriest of angry men any better and the very antagonism men display is indeed undermining any traction that Men's Rights tries to procure. We do need as much as we can possibly get, that is for sure.

However, let's take a look at something here.

What is the key to relationship magic? Besides similar and matching interests and personalities good communication and empathy between the couple, is very important correct?
  Understanding the needs of your partner and doing your best to meet them, yeah?

Let’s take a couple, for the sake of ease will call them Jack and Jill. Now, Jill has an issue with their relationship and seeks resolution with Jack. It doesn’t matter what the issue is be it lack of physical/emotional intimacy, lack of quality time together, or personality clashes, Jill has an issue with how parts of the relationship are being conducted and she’s looking for a solution. I mean, this wasn’t an issue when they first met, in fact Jill was told that by seeing Jack that this particular need would be satisfied in spades. Jill of course is seeking a compromise on the issue, relationships are all about compromise and she, being a reasonable sort of person, just wishes to made her position known so she can BOTH work to rectify the problem, right?

Okay, so let me ask you this…how satisfied would Jill be if Jack dismissed her issues? Would she be frustrated at all, maybe a little angry and disappointed on top of it, right? Now let me ask you this, what if that issue, whatever it may be was an recurring issue between Jack and Jill? That for years this issue, whatever it may be, was a bone of contention between the two of them. Now let’s be honest, the issue isn’t the fact that this situation is taking place after all this time, the issue is that Jill has aired her disappointment about said issue and Jack knows full well how much this hurts her and what it would mean to Jill if it where to stop or simply occur less often if it where a negative action, or occur more often if it’s a positive action she seeks.

Still, after years of bringing up these issues, years of discussions and heart to hearts with Jack, this issue still hasn’t been rectified. Could you not understand that Jill’s frustration is nearly boiling over, as she can’t comprehend the lack of compassion or empathy from Jack during this whole situation? She’s tried to meet Jack halfway whenever he’s had concerns, why is this issue such an obstacle? Let me ask you yet another question; how frustrated and disappointed is Jill now at this point in the relationship? Jill’s traversed all the ‘proper channels’ as far as relationships go and it seems that they’ve hit a roadblock. Nothing Jill says or does will get Jack to budge.

Jill’s done her share of reciprocating to Jack, but he just doesn’t seem to want to return the favor. Now, here is a question; what if Jill finally lays it all on the line, that she isn’t happy, that she’s been over looked for years and that this issue that she brought up way back when has been eating at her ever since. She tells Jack that she’s done her share, when she was the issue you tried to fix things, why doesn’t Jack want to reciprocate?

Now peeps, imagine if Jack leveled his eyes at Jill…and then told her that they can’t see why she could possibly be upset. Everything’s okay for him, what could the problem actually be?


Tell me that there wouldn’t be a gaggle of women right outside the door to whisk Jill away and have an intervention for her to dump this piece of using garbage. They would tell her that she is so much better than this, that she deserves a more suitable boyfriend that would be more sensitive to her needs than Jack has been all these years. They would bring up all the instances that Jill had bent over backward to alleviate Jacks issues, but how many times had Jack budged to compromise with Jill? Yeah, they use story after story and bring up argument after argument in order to fire Jill up to show that she needs to get angry at this situation. If anyone has a right to be p!ssed, it’s Jill.

So she goes back, takes a deep breath at the door as she demands reciprocation or she walks. She sees that she is so much more than what she is getting and in truth, she is accepting much less than she deserves at the moment. Yeah, well she walks into their house and she lets him have it, 4 years of pent of frustration, 4 years of anger and disappointment. 4 years worth of unfair treatment and lack of empathy on his part which she had to suffer through. He listens with a cocked eyebrow and finally once Jill is finished he simply states one thing.

“Maybe you need to re-evaluate what it is that YOU have done wrong?”

So let me ask you yet another question, how many women would accept that sort of crap? How many of you would absolutely go postal on this selfish jerk of a dude who has taken everything you have given out like it was owed to him and reciprocated only when it suited his fancy? How angry would you be that he fed you or a friend of yours the song and dance about how good he was only to be snowed?

Would you be mad?

Do you think you have a right to be mad?


For the last 40 years men have bent over for you backwards (feminism) because they where told that they had been insensitive to your needs. Don’t even play that you achieved ‘equality’ all on your own. Men helped you do it, just like whites helped blacks achieve freedom. They listened, realized that you ladies had a point, and made some social changes, only to have you spit in our faces once these changes had taken place.
See, the relations between men and women of the West are akin to the LTR between a single man and woman. However, man/woman relations are at an all time low…are you seriously going to point the finger at men for these current issues? Jack was an @$$hole, well, I flipped the script, guess what ladies; you’re acting JUST LIKE JACK.

Men are facing false rape allegations
A biased family court
Divorce theft
Affirmative Action
An attack on Masculinity

This is why I take umbrage against anyone who states that men are to blame for their own anger and need to "re evaluate their role" Just like in a relationship, one may be wrong and needs to listen to make it better for the good of both of them, well it’s women who are acting out of turn and men are suffering for it. It isn’t men, who need to change their behavior for the good of the ‘relationship’, sorry, have a good day. These are definite and indisputable facts BTW, in the relations between men and women, you have a lot to answer for ladies, it isn’t men who are screwing the pooch this time. And yet you have the audacity to point the finger at men and tell them to "re evaluate their role". After such an asinine statement, what do you think Jill’s friends would say to her? I bet three words could sum in all up.

“DUMP HIS @$$!”

However, men right now are suffering, men tell women exactly what the deal is...and instead are outright ignored or attacked for it. Jill would even have my support to tell Jack to take a long walk off a short pier and pack her stuff never to look back. Guess what, what precisely is MGTOW?

It’s exactly the same thing. The only difference is that the “Noisy Crickets” are blaming men for doing exactly what women would do in the very same situation…and Men know it.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Killing Credibility

“The tremendous thing about all this is of course that once again it’s shown if you rise and rise to the level of incompetence you’ll fall.
In this case it’s all the more sweet as we all knew it was coming and are now watching this great train wreck in slow motion.
The only deaths occurring here thank goodness are the foot soldiers of this woman’s horror show and the woman’s show itself.
Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention that the other death is her credibility and future peddling of a product specifically designed to make bad the lives of good and poor souls.
So sit back mateys and enjoy the show.”

Which got me thinking.

So, Mary N Kellet killed her credibility when she obviously overlooked evidence which proved the innocence of men that she decided push to trial anyway, still attempting to reach a guilty verdict regardless of the proof of their innocence. Put another way, she was wrong, there was adequate substantiation of this, but she still had an agenda she wanted pursued and followed it regardless of the information presented. If she was TRULY about the EQUAL disbursement of the Law, then the very idea of these actions wouldn't even have passed through her mind!!


To all the feminists out there who argue foolishness in the face of Statistics which blatantly prove you wrong about things like fatherless homes and it’s relationship with crime, marriage and divorce theft, and ANY net positives which feminism has bestowed upon the Western World. Do you know who you look like when you foolishly argue in the face of cold hard legitimate stats?

H/T Scarecrow  for the pic

There’s a good chance she may get disbarred for her obvious abuse of her position and miscarriage of justice IN THE LIGHT OF EXCULPATORY EVIDENCE STATING THAT SHE WAS WRONG!!! How much are you willing to kill YOUR credibility in the face of easily garnered statistics proving Feminism wrong as well?

Here’s 5 bucks, go buy yourself a clue.


Monday, September 12, 2011

The Chinstrap Paradox

A chinstrap seems very much like a negative term for the very few women I respect on the Manosphere which is why I don’t use it too often. I can easily see why a woman, any woman would think it a derogatory expression so I tend to keep it mum. For a quick recap, a chinstrap is what I happen to call a woman who straps on a helmet of accountability and objectivity for herself and recognizes the limitations of “The Sisterhood” of Feminism. The reason why I revere Chinstraps so much is that it’s a conscious CHOICE to strap on that helmet, a choice which actually can have negative consequences.

It would be far easier to simply go with the flow and accept the ‘benefits’ that come with even being a “Typical Western Woman” much less a feminist but they say no, making the conscious choice to be accountable and to point out the obvious failings of Feminism. They realize the accompanying issues which come along with it for men and society and therefore in time, for themselves. The Paradox is this as I have stated in the past, these very strong women are very much the exception which proves the rule as most women would rather join the crickets while men are continually marched off to the gas chambers for family court and false rape allegations or actually go on the warpath attacking men for even being angry at the current state of circumstances.

Christian J had stated this once; that the vast majority of women don’t give a flying rip about men and their plight so long as their interests are satisfied. Sadly, just reading comments on the Manopshere from the blogs where women may visit regularly or even mainstream media outlets continues to prove this opinion correct.  There is little to no empathy from them, little to no consideration of what it would be like if the situation where reversed and how they would feel. So many women don’t wish to even acknowledge the plight men face in the world. So many women will actually rub salt in the wounds men are already trying to heal by pointing the finger of blame onto them once more. 

And blame them for what pray tell, actually marrying or speaking to a woman? That’s all that’s left these days as men have been blamed for everything else under the sun in the past and tried to change, draining virtually every ounce of masculinity left in the male populace.

Why is it only a very small amount of the female population will actually listen and understand the obvious attack on masculinity that is currently the Western World and try to empathize to the wails and cries of men? Why on God’s green earth would a woman state that due to men’s anger they wouldn’t want to assist men in their quest for equal rights? Don’t these women have sons, brothers, male co-workers, boyfriend’s, husbands…fathers? Don’t they for a second consider that when a man states his all too common tale of woe due to Divorce Theft, or the circus called family court, or a false rape allegation that what happened to this unknown man on the internet could also happen to her loved one whomever it may be?

So many women are so upset and love to throw out the infernal NAWALT dodge. Ladies, if you cared as much as you say you do, then stop acting in a way, which proves ‘NAWALT’ as a dodge correct. If you don’t want men to keep getting angry at women for what’s going on, how about raising your voices up in stopping the ‘sisterhood’ in their selfish and unrelenting drive which is destroying the men you meet in real life and on the internet.  If you continue to blame men for issues that are clearly on the doorstep of you or your ‘empowered sisters’ then when men say that women are our enemies, you have simply proven them right.

I thank the few Chinstraps that I know for having the cojones to step up to the plate and call it like it was. Susan Walsh, Thag Jones, Grerp, Crella, Kai, Laura Grace Robins, I salute you ladies for not succumbing to the obvious power that feminism wields. Sadly, when men in the past didn’t wish to give women agency, all one has to do is look around and see the very small amount of women who choose to use it responsibly opposed to the vast majority who choose to abuse the privilege to see why this was so.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Right is Wrong…Wrong is Right

Just read this particular post on the Spearhead and I really can’t help but have tremendous sympathy for a hero who was rewarded with nothing but punishment. Take this man right here; Richard Jewel, who encountered a suspicious looking backpack during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. The man noticed something he didn’t like, did his job as best as he could which saved lives as he literally encountered a ticking time bomb…and was vilified for his efforts.

He became the laugh of the moment, being ridiculed by even the likes of Rush Limbaugh before his vindication and being cleared of any wrongdoing for doing the right thing…doing his JOB!!!

Yet, why not compare this Hero who undoubtedly saved lives to Casey Anthony who is still living under suspicion? Tell me one thing folks, why would a man want to risk his well being to preserve the welfare of others if the chance that he will be vilified for his act of altruism is equal or greater than the chance that he could be rewarded for it? Did this man seek a reward, or was he simply doing his job? How many people who walked by that square in Atlanta fifteen years ago who now have moved past this issue have forgotten about the man who made it all possible? How many of them spoke up to save this man’s good name when it was being besmirched at the time? I never even heard of this man or his heroism until I read that thread and to be honest, it really hurt to see a man who did his duty punished for it so thoroughly.

To the peeps who where at that faithful square 15 years ago, you may want to take a second look at what happened to this gentleman, you are alive today because a man stood up and wouldn’t back down because of something he didn’t think was right, something he merely suspected and acted upon. This man got publicly shamed and vilified for doing it.  How much is your life worth to you, how much is another person’s life worth to them? Consider that when the next time someone will do the same thing considering what happened to this selfless hero, yeah?


Friday, September 9, 2011

Jessica Valenti: Welcome to the Google Bomb!!

Jessica Valenti Has a Foul-Smelling Vagina: It’s Google Bomb Time Once Again


The statement above is a complete fabrication – I actually don’t know what Miss Valenti’s vagina smells like. It could smell like a fish market drowned in hurricane flood waters, or she could be sandblasting the salmon fumes out daily. That’s not the point.
Intrepid readers might remember that a little over two months ago, Paul Elam launched - a registry for false rape accusers, lady pedophiles, and other sterling examples of the female species. You may also recall that within days of its launching, the aforementioned feminist loudmouth Valenti went into a tizzy, frantically begging her Twitter followers for ways to scrub her personal info from the Intertubes. Now Paul is reporting that has been a massive success so far, ensuring that false rape accusers will no longer have anywhere to hide:
…Not that she is what really matters here. The important thing is that now, any woman making a false allegation is subject to have her misdeed follow her for the rest of her life.  Any prospective employer, or anyone else that invests in Googling her name, will find her listing and undeniable proof of the kind of person she really is.  And in an increasingly web savvy world, this will be the rule much more than the exception.
My prediction is that within 6 months to a year we will have our first litigation, maybe sooner, which is why I have secured an agreement for services with the Randazza Legal Group, a firm that specializes in First Amendment issues and internet law. The attorney I made contact with there is very supportive of the MRM.
We are going to go ahead with this full steam, damn the torpedos, and bring to bear the considerable expertise in making these things happen that AVfM is beginning to amass in earnest.  It is one of many FTSU efforts we are going to undertake, but I am particularly proud of this one.
I’m tired, I’m weary, and I could sleep for a thousand years, so I’ll cut to the chase.

If you want to help Fuck Their Shit Up, just copy that link and post it to your blog/website. Also be sure to let me know you’ve done it with a comment on this post, pingback, email, Facebook or Twitter private message. Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go take a nap.

Yeah, I’ve been on a Velvet Underground kick for the past week. Deal with it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Okay….Rein It In….

That’s what my old manager had said when watching Micheal Richards’…stand up a few years back. The issue isn’t what he said, I don’t want to make this about race, the issue is that my manager thought that it was a joke and was waiting for Richards to pull it back and deliver a punch line, which unfortunately didn’t come. I came across a comment today on the Spearhead which in regards to the thread “To Pretty to do Homework” which really had me thinking.

“The shirt is cute. It’s all meant in good fun.”

Yes, of course, all in good FUN…right?

Any Western Man knows full well that there is a target on his back; many just don’t realize just how many are taking free potshots at it though. Members of the Red Pill Set realize full well that they are walking ‘silhouettes’ to take a page from Aurini, and many take proper precautions due to this unfortunate circumstance. So, as my manager had asked many years ago during that ill-fated performance, “Okay…reign in it now…when are you going to reign it in?” to members of the mainstream media, I and many other man are asking the same thing.

The bottom line; these many digs at men and masculinity that are made on a daily basis would be only that and nothing to be taken seriously if there was an equal or greater message of how valuable and worthy men and their contribution to society actually was being made. T-shirts such as this one and “Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them” would be laughed off if it seemed that society rewarded and appreciated men and their involvement.

Is that the case?

Sadly no. How can men take this sort of statement and position from women as anything other than an attack when there is no corresponding positive statement, no “reining it back in” after the fact? Something as ‘innocent’ as a television advert where a man is being thrown out of a moving vehicle would seem nothing more than funny if men where respected, but in the absence of admiration and ubiquitous denigration,  what is supposed to run through his mind?

Here’s another question…when on Father’s Day there is little to no reverence for those who decide to take on that hallowed responsibility, what else does one think would run through a man’s mind when esteemed news outlets run articles which state that fathers aren’t necessary?

All in good fun…right?