Monday, January 30, 2012

Reproductive Supremacy

Great post on The Damned Olde Man’s website. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, supremacy is the goal of feminism. Let me fill you in on something, kay, here’s the deal. While we human beings may not fathom our animalistic natures on a conscious level, we do have an inkling deep in our subconscious. Some refer to it as our reptile brains, which is simply a throwback to an earlier time in our development. What I’m trying to say is that at the end of the day, human beings are animals, and as much as we don’t want to consider ourselves the same as the dogs which return to their vomit on the side of the road, we still have basic instincts which shape our most basic wants and needs.

What does this have to do with TDOM’s post?

Simply put, women are faced with a very large paradox. In order for them to achieve their most vaunted goal which is independence from men, they have to ensure that men have no independence themselves. Neither financial independence nor any reproductive independence, whatsoever in any way shape or form. IF men achieve this, then the fallacy of female independence dissolves like an alka seltzer in a small glass of water.

Women’s ‘independence’ is a direct result of the works men put forth into society which is why when they bray on and on about their own freedom from the patriarchy, they will never suggest men achieve the same ends.

In short, what I’m saying is that at the very least, many women aren’t so foolish to completely ignore where their resources and therefore their vaunted independence actually come from, but they are loathe to actually admit it. Nor do they wish to give accolades to the men who make their fallacy even remotely seem like a reality. This is simply nothing but a difference in the genders, since men don't need the works of women simply to survive, of course there are no safety nets to catch the men who can't make it on their own. The fallacy is that it's men who finance the very safety nets which women require to 'make it on their own' without a man in the first place. This is why Hanna Rosin brays on and on about the “End of Men” while not considering for one reason or another where the ability for women do supersede men originates.

Women by and large are fighting for their financial and reproductive ‘independence’ and to do so means to try and bind the hands of men as much as possible. For women to achieve power, control, and choice, it means that those three things must be taken out of the hands of men. Keep this in mind when considering the motivations of women by and large, yeah?


Friday, January 20, 2012

Female MRA’s?

Girl Writes What is a female blogger who has her own youtube channel and speaks about men’s issues and the troubles with Feminism. She also posts regularly at a Voice For Men which is run by Paul Elam. This my friends is great news because as I have stated before in terms of rapport in regards to men and women attempting to reach their younger counterparts, she will be able to reach many more women then we could ever hope to ourselves.

Sure, many women won’t listen and will simply disregard her idea’s, but that doesn’t change the fact that as a woman, she will be far more effective in getting the message out. As NWOslave points out on The Spearhead;

“The sad part is, if a man says the same thing, as men have done thousands of times he’ll be universally declared a misogynist. When a woman says the same thing men have been saying for decades, it suddenly has relevance and her words are deserving of further contemplation.”

Yes it is sad, but a truth nonetheless.

However, many doubt the integrity of women such as Girl Writes What and to be honest, I simply can’t blame anyone who does. While she does seem on the level, men have been sh!t on for so long and seen too many wolves in sheep's clothing so they aren’t very quick in trusting women at this point in time. Greyghost had an amazing comment which may be blunt but I do have to agree with.

‘I see this woman as a NAWALT example for the blue pillers. At the same time she is also another source for the MRM message.
That being said she is a woman and she is and will always be on team woman no doubt about that. That is normal and natural for any women.(that is why game is so effective and explain the irrational behavior) This is no enlightenment and there is no way it can be changed. If it is in her selfish interest to treat a man well a child or give a damn anything she will. That is normal. And that is the best you are going to get and can be expected from a woman period.’

In my opinion as it appears to me, the purity of purpose of a woman joining the MRM ranks simply due to the injustice men face may be too much to expect. However, so long as women realize that their own interests are being undermined through feminism can we not reach the same destination? I’m not saying to jump on GWW’s bandwagon, or that of any other female MRA who ‘joins the ranks’ so to speak. Far from it, let her prove her worth and earn that trust herself. All I’m saying is that women will start to fill MRA ranks once it becomes more clear that Feminism is hurting their own well being especially if they are young enough to achieve their goals or they have children facing the unequal playing field which has become contemporary society.

One more thing to realize about the two support networks between men and women is that more and more men are waking up from the matrix and are now questioning the current paradigm at large. An increasing amount of men are administering the red pill themselves and due to the loss of the former male support network, there are less and less ‘voices’ to get men to grow up and take responsibility. Actually, it’s now becoming obvious why Feminism hates the MRM as much as they do.

MRA’s are taking the place of Masculinity Inc and just as we have no rapport with women, they have none with men.

This is simply the deal, even if purity of purpose isn’t apparent and some women only operate out of self-preservation by joining the MRM ranks, by stating the truth of the matter they will help far more than they can hurt. If they turn out to simply be turncoats, then we can reject them and still continue on our own way.

One more thing to any lady who is reading this and wondering about men’s rights. The earlier you join, the better you will be received. Allow me to tell you something I learned while reading about infidelity online. When reconciliation is attempted, the chances of success are increased the sooner the wandering spouse (WS) accepts their errors and ‘owns their sh!t’. The harder the betrayed spouse (BS) has to work and the longer they have to wait in order to get the WS to this point, the smaller the chances of reconciliation. Essentially, when admitting fault is done sooner, it appears to the BS that the WS wants to change for the greater good of the relationship and the family.

However, and I’ve seen a few examples of this, when the WS now turns around ONLY when the BS is literally about to leave them, then it only seems that they have changed their tune simply to cover their own @$$. In my opinion as it appears to me, there will come a time when denouncing feminism will be seen as a necessity in order to gain the trust of some men. If you join the ranks at that time, it will be very plain to many a man that you are only doing so out of blatant self-preservation because your back is against the wall.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ripples in the Pond

A lot of talk in the manosphere in regards to the ill-fated Costa Concordia and it’s ‘unscheduled stop’ off the Italian Coast. The main thing which seems to trouble the lamestream media is that men abandoned all forms of chivalry and made for the lifeboats, roughly pushing women aside when they felt their lies where in danger.  Yes, some MRA’s are looking at this as practical proof that Feminism has backfired on women, but there is much more to this situation than meets the eye my friends.

I can promise you this much; this situation is more than a little disconcerting to women at large than most men realize.

Understand this, while the issue of men protecting themselves and/or their immediate families at the expense of women is indeed a sign of the times, the fact that when the traditional shaming tactics where made by the same lamestream media was brought to bear, the commentariat of said articles didn’t react the way some had intended.

Like ripples in a pond, the only thing this sign of the times has revealed is that the winds of change are indeed blowing, and blowing against female privilege at male’s expense.

While the tide hasn’t turned yet and any ‘revolution’ is still gestating, women are very slowly (but surely) realizing that when the chips are down, the male characteristics they took for granted and felt entitled may not always be there. Kay Hymowitz’s article was simply the start, where shaming men was actually met with resistance, something she and others, most likely didn’t anticipate. Make no mistake, security is something women by and large value very highly, and men where seen as disposable once the government was able to provide or ensure the security they so covet. This is the deal everybody, just the fact that male support is no longer 100%guaranteed no matter the circumstances any longer ADDED to the fact that men are starting to justify exactly WHY this assurance is no longer in effect instead of agreeing with the shaming paradigm is disturbing to women. You can bet your boots that some women, a lot of women are questioning the current paradigm and their apparent ‘supremacy’.

It all comes down to what if as far as women are concerned.  Essentially, they may ask themselves, what would happen if I was involved in a similar disaster and I had no male partner for security? This is just the tip of the iceberg my friends and expect women to really start questioning their attitudes once situations such as the Costa Concordia happen more frequently, and also, MUCH closer to home.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Pointing to the sun


Read this wonderful comment from Boxer on the Spearhead, which I just had to share with you;

“The beauty of our movement is in the clarity and simplicity of it. None of us needs to be some sort of guru, leading kids through complicated mental gymnastics, to see the truth behind our contentions. Even young boys pick up on the obvious fact that most women are screwballs who are not to be taken seriously. No foul language, crass talk or overt bashing of women is necessary. Quietly pointing out the obvious while acting as a living example is generally sufficient. Emphasis mine.

Well-said Boxer, and I steadfastly agree.

I’ve seen this same thing when MLM critics take on the indoctrinated on their own blogs years ago, leaving said kool-aid drinking supporters sputtering, insulting and shaming as their critics drown them in undisputable facts. The truth is very powerful, and whenever the ‘believers’ try to state their rationalizations, all one has to do is quickly point to the truth’ “Sorry, the sun IS yellow” and go right back to their discussion as if there was never any rebuttal in the first place. That’s the situation, it’s too easy to disprove the foolishness the indoctrinated try to deliver and the less you give credit to their position, the more in angers them. In reality, they are only trying to win by any means necessary, They know full well that their argument resembles swiss cheese in reality, it isn’t that they CAN’T see the truth nor that they are too stupid, it’s that they don’t wish to see the truth is all.

The truth hurts, don’t hate the player, hate the game.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Should Be Me vs. Could Be Me


We’ve already spoken about the two unique networks distinctive to the genders which in the past where responsible for their proper guidance and education in order to facilitate society. Obviously over time these networks have either changed dramatically or have been utterly usurped but that’s nothing new. The main thing that I want to share with you guys is something that I just realized today. This, sadly, is why us as men have our hands bound when trying to get through to contemporary women.

If you haven’t been to Laura Grace Robins’ site, it’s worth a gander. The Header for her blog actually relates to our collective situation very well. I won’t spoil it for you as she has a brilliant explanation for why she chose it and it’s well worth the read.

The fact that I wish to share with you is that the networks of the past worked like they did because the older generations had a rapport with the younger ones, which sadly cannot be superseded by the other gender. In other words, while some MRA’s wish to reach out to women and show them the light, trying to assist them from taking a path, which will most likely end up in misery  is sadly little short of foolhardy. We simply do not have the connection that older women have with their young charges. Hold up, I know what you’re thinking; we can discus the evil effects of Feminism with the older generation, right? Heck, after they wake up from the number Feminism has done on their lives, they should be ready and willing to lambaste this foolishness for what it is, right?

Sadly, that too is a no go.

See, what men did in the past was they used their considerable influence and experience to shame/lead young men into ‘manning up’. They showed the young man their own family and told him that he ‘SHOULD be’ like this. Wife, kids, house, responsibility, yup, there was a time that a man who lived for only himself didn’t necessarily meet with favor from the older men in his sphere of influence. However, even though Masculinity Inc. has been all but destroyed, you still have the older generation showing the younger ones what he ‘COULD be’ if he isn’t careful in this day and age.

While it may not serve society, (which has rejected men by and large) the paradigm of the older generation educating the younger ones is still somewhat in play.

However, when it comes to women, we have a much different situation. While many women are suffering the ill effects of feminism, instead of showing the younger ones coming after then that their unfortunate circumstances could happen to them too and as a result they need to be wary, they use their powerful rationalization hamsters to diminish the situation and then spin their current situation into a ‘positive’ light. In this way, they diminish the negative effects of their choices and young women are therefore unaware of the very real ill consequences in their paths. If a man ever tries to tell these experienced women the truth of their circumstances, these women then protect their worldview at all costs, viewing the men as interlopers and would rather deliver false information than face the truth.

See, to warn younger women would force these more experienced ladies to view their circumstances in too real a light. They rationalize for a reason; they are protecting themselves of course, sad but true.

This is why attempting to show women the light is usually a fool’s errand. If you doubt, all one needs to do is count the number of supportive women in the MRA and just how many of them have the guts to take a harsh look at their current situations. It isn’t that many Men Rights Agitators wish women to be only barefoot and pregnant, it’s just that trying to have your cake and eat it too can lead to some very negative consequences. There are VERY few women who will take up the cause, some being wolves in sheep’s clothing on top of it. I’m not saying to give up in trying to tell women their possible futures, not at all. Just saying that in my opinion as it appears to me, that the chances of success in making them realize that the negative issues we speak about that are veritable threats in their lives, and that the issues which face men will eventually hurt them too won’t be anywhere near as good as we would like.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Self Worth DAMMIT;

Gonna rant here, it will be long, you’ve been warned!!!

Men, it’s time to find your self worth. It has been under attack for the last 40 plus years thanks to our friendly neighborhood feminists, but it’s high time men in the aggregate grew a goddamn backbone. If any single men are reading this blog and born in a Western Country then you are just like me many moons ago. See I had thought that since women no longer need men like they did that I had better learn to be nice to one in order to marry and settle down. We no longer had the upper hand in terms of resources so being just a man no longer seemed to be good enough.

On top of this; if you are between the ages of 20-30 and especially a white male, you have been exposed to boundless propaganda, which has given you a very distinct but erroneous impression of how men and women really operate. You most likely view women as always correct, intuitive and strong willed people who have overcome hardships in their past and thanks to contemporary culture have risen up to claim their birthright. Some of you may even view women as being smarter than men due to their academic success and their prevalence in post secondary education.

It’s time for you to get your balls back, gentlemen! It’s time to start looking at things from a different perspective. I need to bust the sh!t out of a myth for you. Let’s look at a comment Carnivore made on a post Christian J just put up.

“CJ, I hear ya, but even more obvious - take a drive in any city or town - block after block of buildings, roads, bridges, electric lines, water lines, gas lines, telephone, cable TV and on and on it goes - all designed and built and maintained by MEN.

Drive in the country - mile after mile of paved roads sometimes through difficult terrain. All designed and built and maintained by MEN.

It's all so easy to take for granted. Oh and BTW, women need men like a fish needs a bicycle. Yeah, right.”

Yes, that’s right, you need to read that part again. Carnivore is right on the money, men build and maintain infrastructure so well that even us MEN take it for granted. By and large we don’t even see what it is that we contribute to society on a regular basis so when the media states that we are useless, we literally bow our heads and agree. We need to get our collective heads out of our @$$ES and realize what the f$ck the deal is!! If you haven’t already, take a gander at the grand daddy of all MRA posts; The Misandry Bubble by The Fifth Horseman. It’s a very long read, but well worth the effort. What you need to realize is this one very simply fact;

Men by and large need VERY little to survive, we can get by on exceptionally little and just on our very wee lonesome, a piddly @$$ job, a crappy set of wheels (or no wheels depending on where you live), and a cramped apartment can do us well once we set up our PS3 that is. My buddy ER rents a single room…that’s it, it’s all he needs. This is what your homework assignment is my good buddies, if you are single; simply look around your digs, where do you live? Count up your assets, where do you work? What sort of expenses do you have, more importantly, how many complications do you have in your life. Compare that to your single male friends and you will find the pattern largely remains true. Now, compare what you have found to that of your married friends or even your father and you will see a very large and distinct difference.

Their job, much larger earnings, their houses or homes at all, much larger and more expensive (my grammar sucks, deal with it). Their vehicles, same thing, their taxes, oh yeah, much more going to Uncle Sam, The Great Canadian Beaver, or Jolly Old England. What I’m trying to say is that infrastructure in virtually ALL of its forms are maintained by the works of married men!! By getting married, men contribute to society and allow it to grow and innovate brand new improvements. Men on their own seldom toil to this level themselves, but with a family to support, they will move mountains.

The crux of the Misandry bubble is that without a man’s contribution…YOUR contribution, everything crumbles. Everything, get it? As of right now, men not only have no incentive to get off their duffs, but have a very serious reason NOT to get married due to the biased family courts and marriage laws. Make no mistake, the denigration of men spells doom for any society and yes, it has happened before in the past and those societies went the way of the dodo.

Time to recognize your value to society and to yourself, grow a backbone, you have every reason to do so!!

If you look at the all the parts of the negotiation between the sexes, you will see that women where at a distinct disadvantage in terms of leverage. If you are a newbie to the manopshere by chance, then hang around some; you will learn in time, if you’re a veteran, I may shake your tree a little bit. Many MRA’s (Men’s Rights Agitators) maintain that patriarchy was to control female hypergamy.

I highly doubt that.

In my opinion, Patriarchy was used to harness MALES and their tremendous power to create wealth. It was by keeping MEN under control that civilizations have been built and technologies have been forged. Controlling females was simply ONE means of engaging men’s incentive and therefore their works. Men are the ones to be controlled and engaged…NOT WOMEN. Why you ask, once more one needs to look at the negotiation to see the truth. Men can opt out of civilization, thereby creating a huge loss in possible resources; it’s merely a choice to them. Women, have no choice, they have to opt in or they die. Since this is the case, what is to be gained by catering to women since they have no other option? Not only did this engage men to use their excess labor, it also PROTECTED women's interest as well. Ever wonder why Patriarchal societies accommodate men to extremes other societies consider excessive (not that I agree in some cases)? Simple really, they recognize the great need to have men to continue to invest in society and giving them incentive to carry on is the name of the game!!

Forget this fish and bicycle crap, women can replace us just like us guys can have babies. Believe it, and if you don’t then you best get there!! It's sad to say that men need to learn the value of masculinity and just what puts steam in our step from the internet, but what's done is done and we have no other recourse.

That’s why you have some men who have the guts like ER or Brutus NOT to accept a woman’s crap. They realize that THEY are the prize for whatever reason, and the fact that you can make a woman's dreams come true is a bl@@dy good one in my opinion. My mother said it a long time ago, and she’s was right, I just didn’t see it at the time. This is a man’s world, it always has been, and always will be. The ONLY reason why sh!t’s hitting the fan now is because of the fact that certain ‘men’ on top are allowing it (and benefiting from it). If you desire to get married, then you need to change your attitude. Do not date women thinking you are somehow lucky to even find one willing to marry you, this will work as well as the Hindenburg’s maiden voyage. No my friends, you need to conduct yourself with your future contribution well in sight. YOU as a man who may marry are going to be the one to make all the dreams come true for some lucky girl…YOU. Why the hell are you lucky to find her pray tell? Just what is so amazing about her that when you are older and more valuable that she will still be a good deal? Why do you have to jump through a trillion hoops to prove yourself to someone who simply believes they merely have to show up?

You need to ask your proposed why she is good enough for you and what it is that she plans to contribute in any relationship with you. Marriage can be a minefield for men and you have every reason to ask. There where checks and balances men used to get and you best make sure you do your due diligence. If you don’t like the answer, BOUNCE. Mark my words, you will…let me say this again…you WILL find another. There are far too many men accepting women far below them and this sh!t needs to stop. You as a man can afford to wait, you don’t like what you see, you don’t need to purchase today. Don’t like what she’s selling, then come back in a day, a year, 5 years, hey, YOU’VE got time. If you’re a man who wishes to get married in this climate, you need to thoroughly screen any woman you deem worthy of your attention. Once you ascertain your value and stop thinking of yourself as lucky to even have a woman, it will be easier to do so once you have a valid reason. 

I was lucky, I didn’t know my worth and found a good woman, most who don’t realize their worth end up much worse than I. I have to state that I’m a stepfather, so you should take my opinion with a grain of salt, but I still believe that too many men don’t recognize their own value and therefore, do not DEMAND as much as they should from the dating market.

At the end of the day, take this information any way you want to. If you want political action, or to become an MRA, maybe learn game it doesn’t matter, whatever floats your boat. All I want you and every man who ever reads this post to understand is this; that even if you never learn game (although I strongly suggest you do), DO NOT EVER ACCEPT A WOMAN’S CRAP BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE. You do have a choice, which is exactly what they DON’T WANT you to think. Why you ask? Due to the fact that if you think that you have no choice, you will ignore all the choices that they don’t have nor see the manipulations they're attempting with you.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When Good Men Go ‘Bad’

Earlier today a co-worker, ER, sidled up to me with his android phone in his hand.

“Wanna see the latest one?” He says with a small smirk.

“Sure!” I said with a smile.

He plays with his phone and then shows me the Facebook page of a very cute woman, I’d peg her as a 7. He seems somewhat enthused about her, as he described her attributes, but not overly so, he didn’t overdo it, then again he never does…anymore. See ER always gets this way when he first meets a girl, he has high standards, and as soon as a girl p!sses him off, he bounces because he simply doesn’t have the patience to deal with it. Moreover, he knows one more thing; he doesn’t HAVE to deal with it.

ER wasn’t always this way, trust me on this one.

See, about 5 years ago when ER first joined the company, he was a very geeky twenty something who was horrifically beta in every way. Don’t worry, even he would call himself a geek, but he is a lot more confident when he says it now. He did posses some alpha traits in that despite his thin stature, he had taken strict martial arts training when younger and is a very mean fighter, but you would have to pull that information out of him like a dentist pulls teeth. He doesn’t brag about that sort of thing, which makes you wonder just how dangerous he really is. Well, years ago he caught his serious girlfriend cheating on him, literally walked in on it (not physical, yet) and broke up with her but sadly had gone from the frying pan straight into the fire soon after! His rebound put him through a vicious roller coaster and sadly, during a point in his life where he would have sorely needed some support.

Let’s just say that ER and I have had many talks about his sitch over the years and that dude was tested by some very serious infernos.

Well, to be honest, after he let this three alarm fire he called a girlfriend go, something about him had changed drastically. He had told me that he simply no longer cared, that he used to live to make women happy, and now he honestly didn’t give a flying sh!t any longer, now it was about him. All of a sudden, ER went from being in a monogamous relationship and being treated like crap, to showing me pictures of various women he was dating, and MANY of them too. Let’s just say that this greater beta has embraced his inner alpha and it has done wonders for the guy.

Let me tell you this bit of information; just like my former manager I spoke of (who has moved on to greener pastures with a better position outside my company) he has never spent ANY time on an MRA site, but he grasps the contemporary male situation VERY well regardless. We’ve had many discussions on the topic of women and relationships and you’d think he’d poured over virtually every site on the Manosphere with the level of information he has. Don’t get me wrong, when he’s in a committed relationship, he’s faithful through and through, but when he isn’t, you are nothing but a notch on his belt UNLESS you prove otherwise.

Actually, I should restate that; you are nothing but a notch but he will keep you there with the chance of becoming more UNLESS you prove that you are unworthy. You should see how many have been unworthy; like I said he has high standards and realizes that this is HIS game.

The bottom line, the crap that he would have gladly accepted years ago, doesn’t even register on his radar now. In truth, his dating life reads like something out of the Manosphere’s dos and don’ts for women. Women giving it up too early and begging him to come back the night after, older women chasing after him like an addict for their next fix and it goes on and on. He’s a young man in his early 30’s who has had women indirectly show him just how powerful he really is in the dating market, and now he is taking advantage of it. He was the sort of guy who lived to make a woman happy, now he goes through them with an attitude similar to a manager at a job interview. He wasn’t like this before ladies; guess who made him that way?

Consider that the next time you lament over where "The Nice Guys Have Gone." They're still there honey, they just changed their approach.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Mamma Mia!!!

C/O Mammia Mia

Just spending a great day this New Year with Mrs. Omni when 'Mamma Mia!' just happened to showing on the bube tube. Now, years ago she was an ABBA freak, so for Christmas about 9 years ago I took her to the play. We both went to see it and in truth it was quite the production. So of course, since the movie was about to start, I had high expectations for it.

For crying out loud, what an absolute load of Grrl Power tripe!!

Now, for the record I have to state that this was before I had heard of the Manosphere, and well before I had taken the vaunted Red Pill, so the very premise of Mamma Mia is very ridonkulous at the best of times. As an aside, don’t bother with the movie, it will make you want to hurl, the play is much better even if it’s not realistic in itself. The premise; single mom raises a girl on her own and she’s about to get married, she wants her father to be there, but since her mother was…‘well traveled’ her bio dad could be one of THREE different men (no, I sh!t you not!!). Since Sophie, our young ingĂ©nue, wishes to find her roots, she invites these men to her wedding under the guise of her mother thinking that none of them would show.

All three men arrive; and the hijinks, which result, make the grist of both the movie and the play.

This play was based on the music of ABBA (which is why I had taken Mrs. Omni in the first place) but I’d noticed some subtle changes in the big screen version and I expressed my disgust at seeing them. Listen, at first I was going to list all the issues I had with this ridiculous theatrical adaptation, but I then realized that would make me no better than the overly sensitive feminists that I like to deride. Simply put, I will say this, while the play is hard to stomach if you’ve woken up from the matrix, the movie will virtually have you running to the restroom. While in the play, the three possible fathers and even Sky, Sophie’s betrothed has at least an inkling of a backbone; Moxie was the name of the game in the movie, which had me shaking my head.

Yup, the whole “women rule, boys drool” sentiment is played up the the hilt as the men in the cast follow the women hook, line, and sinker while the big screen changes really had me shaking my head. Even to a point where Tanya Chesham-Leigh, (played by Christine Baranksi), one of Donna Sheridan’s (Meryl Streep) close friends leads the other women on the little Greek Island in a song and dance number which leaves all the young men on their backs, swooning over the ladies.

Cougar’s, you can’t underestimate their power and influence don’tcha know!!

For the record, you may want to take a gander at who the director and writer of the screenplay happen to be, just sayin. The ending of both the play and the movie comprises of all three men having no issue whatsoever claiming a 3rd of the responsibility for Sophie (since Donna was too slutty ‘well traveled’ to actually know who the father was herself) and the marriage between Sky and Sophie placed on hold in the meantime. Donna ends up marrying Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan) since he loved her for 21 years (that does happen of course), and her close friend  Rosie Mulligan actually ends up in a relationship. In the play Tanya lives up to cougardom by hunkering down with her cub, so all the loose ends are all conveniently tied off, but this isn't shown in the movie.

And I’m Frank Sinatra.

What a crock of sh!t c/o Wikipedia

What else is there to say that because of dreck like this in the Lamestream media, is it any wonder why women believe that they can stomp all over a man’s paternity, disregard a man’s sacrifice for their own selfish desires, still believe that they have ridiculous sexual power over men long after their own Wil E Coyote moment has passed and lastly, that no matter when they do, men will continue to be their lickspittle’s after the fact?


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ugly Truths and Musical Chairs

C/O Wikipedia

Happy New Year everybody, here’s hoping that you had a great one with you and yours. I figured I start off with something a little meaty for 2012 with an article c/o Christian J at Women In Charge. Here’s the sitch…

Now, I don’t know Germaine Greer personally, nor am I familiar with her seminal feminists works, and neither do I wish to be. See, I have a theory about her situation that I doubt isn’t shared by other denizens of the Manosphere (double negative, uh oh, bad grammar!!!). See, at one point in time, she was a “Saucy Feminist that even men liked” but now she seems to be a surly older woman whose time has passed.

Not my words, just the words from the author of Christian J’s linked article.

C/O Daily Mail.UK

In my opinion as it appears to me, it seems that she thoroughly enjoyed her position when she was speaking about her particular brand of Feminism when she was attractive enough to garner male attention. She was considered ‘saucy’ when she could wear a bikini, and men where flocking to her like flies too honey. However, that seemed to change as Father Time caught up to her like he catches up to every other human being on this very planet. She had stated that her sex life was ‘over’ but she didn’t seem to lament the loss.


See, I believe that she didn’t figure that the large amount of attention she garnered on the regular would ever wane, similar to other females we have no doubt encountered in our lives and when the music finally stopped, she surprisingly found herself without a chair despite her Feminist leanings. So what does she have left? That’s the truly sad (or interesting) part of this situation, that the very ideology she subscribed too was the very thing which proved her undoing. The time WILL come to EVERY woman where the attention they garnered from men will vanish, and they will be left only with the consideration from the man they committed too years in their pasts.

If said women decided to forgo a relationship with such men, then chances are they will be left with no personal male attention at all.

What is left for women such as these?

Well, let me put it to you like this. From the years that I studied infidelity online, I have encountered a thought process, which I did find illuminating. You see, some people who cheat on their spouses and then leave for their affair patner may possibly admit their wrongdoing, but they don’t amount to many in reality. Some simply wanted out of the marriage no matter what. Others will actually REMAIN in the new situation with their affair partner, NEVER admitting that their situation placed them firmly out of the frying pan and directly into the fire.

You see, admitting their erroneous choice in partnership would also illuminate their initial wrongdoing, and for some, being right whether they be man or woman, is the brass ring they seek in this life.

After the glow of youth and beauty faded from the illustrious Germaine Greer, she has nothing left but to cling to her old feminist ideals as admitting to their failure would shine too much light on her own shortcomings and erroneous choices. The bottom line; I would bet money that she figured out exactly what it was that ‘patriarchy’ was trying to protect her and her ilk from and she did find out, only far too late. My personal note to Western Women; take her situation as an object lesson; once you reach her ‘status’ you CANNOT turn your track!!