Thursday, July 28, 2011


Seems there is a little bit of an issue growing in the Manosphere. Apparently the Pick Up Artist (PUA) camp is having a disagreement with the Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) and the Men’s Right’s Agitators (MRA) groups. So now MRA’s and MGTOW’s who want nothing to do with women whatsoever are labeled ‘losers’ and PUA’s are labeled ‘pussy beggars’.


Feel free to ignore my opinion, as my position in the Manosphere would be seen as highly suspect. Yes, I’m a married man raising another man’s children so that would call into question my sanity, however, I have only one question to both camps as they hurl insults to each other.

Does it matter?

Does it really matter that MGTOW want to avoid women to any possible extent available? Does it matter that PUA’s study how best to gain the confidence of women in order to bed them and nothing more? Both camps are still adhering to the same core principle at the end of the day which is; not marrying so who cares what approach is employed? Doesn’t anyone recognize that the best way to ‘stick it to the woMAN’ is simply the avoidance of matrimony by men? In TFH’s Misandry Bubble the crux behind the upcoming decline is simply the shortfall of income generated by married men as they simply maintain their families. What so many single men don’t grasp is just how little men really need to survive and just how much even an average single Joe can produce once he get’s hitched and starts having little ones.

I’m sure that there are many readers of the Manosphere who hope to all that is good and holy that TFH is right while they sit in their 2 bedroom condos, or their 1 bedroom/bachelor apartments. Heck, they may be wondering if Feminism will finally crush everything that they hold dear while they peruse the Manosphere on their IPhones in their small rented rooms taking the bus to their decent, but not outstanding, jobs.This is the one thing many single men don’t realize, by refusing to marry and increasing your production, you're hurting Feminism in it’s most vulnerable spot…IT’S WALLET.

The reality is simply this; the equality that women exalt and some men fear is nothing but a fallacy, propped up by an overly large government, which transfers money from family men to women. Due to current laws and policies, it seems that women are equal to men in virtually every single way….but as TFH clearly points out, it only SEEMS that way. If the government loses money and services which women clearly depend on get cut back, or eliminated the fallacy of women’s equality starts to lose serious steam.

A man, who doesn’t marry, is usually a man who doesn’t produce enough to profit the system.  Understand, a man who doesn’t marry is Starving the Beast, who really cares what approach is taken? However, I will state one thing about PUA, it is they who are throwing Feminists under the bus.

What need does a man have for a woman besides sex really? Today women look at marriage as a victory for themselves but they don't fathom the reality that marriage doesn’t have the same sort of effect on men.  In the past, since men where bigger, stronger, and tougher, the hard and dirty jobs (read; most types of labor) simply where better suited for men. Women didn’t want to engage in many occupations times past and even if they did, they couldn’t hold a candle to their male compatriots. In fact, even some of today’s women are having a hardtime keeping up with men.  If a man wanted to get something done, he went to another man. Women held no value in the world of work, but sex is something that men wanted from women, and badly I may add. Women in the past where very adept in seeing the situation for what it was, and protection of their interests was (and still is) their primary concern. They realized that a man could achieve their biological imperative (sex) without committing to a woman’s biological imperative (family and children) so steps had to be taken to ensure they weren’t victimized.

This is where women realized that chastity was leverage they could use against men to gain what they NEEDED from them.

What of the PUA? In reality, the PUA is exactly what feminists don’t want!! In my humble opinion, MGTOW is a tragedy (but sadly a necessity) to men, but PUA are a tragedy to women. Since the abolition of chastity as a Patriarchal form of oppression, women have thrown away their most powerful form of leverage with two hands. Here is the point of this blog post; what does a man lose if his girlfriend (who has been putting out) gives him the, “Marry me or else?” and he turns her down? In the past, she wouldn’t have been putting out, and he would be hard pressed to decline her offer, now however, he loses nothing as many men are realizing the horrors of marriage and realize that their gf’s are relatively easy to replace.

Oops, I guess that part wasn’t disclosed in the Feminist manual?

Heck, a woman can even withdraw sex from her man in a bid for power and since other women still have their open sign lit up, he can leave her and find another, in essence, women have no real leverage to influence a man to commit to her. PUA simply are the embodiment of that new reality in the Sexual Market Place.

Once more, I will state my position on matrimony, that I am a happily married man but I also sadly realize that I’m fast becoming the exception and not the rule. Marriage 2.0 can be very dangerous to men and I simply cannot endorse it currently. Moreover, yes, I happen to have a stepdaughter and I’m anxious about the upcoming tribulation, but I also understand how the evolution of the PUA is simply the male adaptation to feminists tampering of matrimony. At the end of the day; PUA’s, MRA’s, and MGTOW are all on the same team. They all are forgoing marriage and that’s hitting Femmie’s where it hurts.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Power, Control, Equality, and Supremacy

We hear those words used quite a bit from Feminists and the media at large now don’t we?  Of course this constant focus on power and control from women has us men shaking our heads. We didn’t consciously attempt to control or oppress women as a class and our earlier forefathers worked to assist women become more independent.  As I have stated before, they still rail on about their victim status and the abolition of male privilege.  What they are focused on is the constant lack of power and control they posses in the battle of the sexes. Men usually don’t see or comprehend this situation because our livelihood isn’t solely based on women, our desires and needs also shape our fears and concerns and they just happen to be unique for each gender.  To bluntly summarize the key points;

The assets which women find attractive in men grow over time, the assets men find attractive in women peak very early and diminish after a while.

It is fairly easy for a man to achieve his biological imperative (sex) without obligation to a woman’s (commitment), but a woman cannot so easily meet hers without obliging a man’s.

The largest; a man can survive without meeting said woman’s B.I., but (in the past) most women faced a much more dire fate not meeting a man’s.

These points place women at a severe disadvantage in the SMP and in the past, women had no other choice but to groom themselves to appease men, no other choice but to marry and obey them, and no other choice but to assume the subservient role in society or die. Women had only the choices available to them which where bestowed upon them by men; this is what they chafed under and this is the oppression of which they speak.  

Bottom line, the patriarchy of which women often deride is simply the sum total of disadvantages biology places on women. Men never openly oppressed women, as men we need to understand this fact right now; they were never subjugated by anything else but Mother Nature. They had no inherent control over their lives; it all revolved around men for their happiness and in most cases their very survival. This is why women speak so much in regards to oppression, power, and being controlled; they felt (and still feel) this way due to the dynamics between the sexes.

Us guys are in the dark about it because to us, power and control are overt things we deliberately plan if we seek to control something or someone. We don’t fathom the control women are under or the apparent lack of power they have in the world. Men say rape is about sex, women say it’s about control and power. We don’t wish to control women using sex, but that is how women FEEL about a man’s ability to rape them. Men don’t worry very much about walking down the street and being pulled into a dark alley by a stranger who may violate them. The chances of that happening are relatively rare. Women, on the other hand do. There was something that I had to tell my stepdaughter once about being out late at night. She had asked why Mrs. Omni and I were so concerned about her and not so much about a male friend of hers. I told her straight up; “It would take one very large guy, or more likely, two to three dudes to kidnap your buddy, it would only take ONE man to kidnap you.” It seems to women to be about power and control because of the consequences they have to face. 

Making a little more sense now?

So, women of the past sought to even the playing field in regards to society and feminism was its face. I must admit that I really can’t blame them in some respects. They wanted equality and they simply wanted to have more choices available to them then their foremothers had. Sounds reasonable enough no? Here’s the rub, that despite all the strides feminism has made over the years, the playing field hasn’t been equaled and in truth, it never will be. Despite all our desires to consider ourselves such highly evolved creatures, we are still baboons throwing sh!t on the wall and the motivations which drove our actions in the past, still effect us now.
So what where women to do? 

Professional success, which translated into financial independence, was a paper tiger, as it didn’t render any romantic benefits to women. Actually due to the Apex Fallacy, it may have hurt more than it helped. How could they achieve the equal footing to men that they wanted so badly? What we men have to understand is that women’s desire for ‘equality’ isn’t so much a case about having more control over men, as it is about men having less control over women. The truth is that since equality can’t grant women any more leverage and therefore control in the battle of the sexes, what’s left?


That is why we see so many misandristic laws being passed and why so many female benefits are enacted while male benefits are outright ignored or rescinded. Someone somewhere must have realized the truth about men and women, for women not to be controlled by men, they had to control men.

And that they do.

In the past it was a wife who was afraid of her husband leaving, now it’s a husband who fears the sword of Damocles of divorce. False Rape allegations have men scared to even talk to some women and the expansion of the definition of rape serves only to widen women’s power base. This is why women hear the cries of many wronged men but ignore them, they have the power now, and they won’t relinquish it without a fight, they don’t want to go back to the ‘bad old days’. Keep that in mind when considering female supporters of men's rights.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Elevator Insults

By now you have heard the wonderful tale of Rebecca Watson and her creepy elevator interlude at a Dublin Atheists conference. Basic rundown, Rebecca was partying until the wee hours, get’s on an elevator and a dude makes a pass at her. If you haven’t heard, both W.F. Price and Ferdinand Bardamu have excellent pieces written about it so please take the time to read them both. However, it was a comment by Dragnet, which really got me going and inspired this blog post.

“What happened here isn’t complicated, folks. A nerd saw a drunk chick coming home at 4 am and decided to see if she was slutty. Unfortunately, because he didn’t know shit about Game, he fouled it up and set off her beta/creeper vibe. Just another evening in the life of an AFC, if you ask me. If she had been attracted to this guy this wouldn’t have even been story. She’d have gladly gone upstairs to get powerfucked by the conference alpha.

What this situation also reveals is Watson’s own unfamiliarity with male sexual attention…because she simply is not very attractive. Hot women tend not to make a big fuss about guys hitting on them. They’ve been getting male attention ever since high school and usually can distinguish the normal guys from the tiny minority of truly dangerous men. The fact that Watson freaked out is really an indication that she isn’t terribly accustomed to male attention, because she viewed this guy’s advances as a de facto threat. So much of feminism is really about ugly chicks being pissed off at not having sexual power, or completely misreading the few scraps of male attention they do get because they’ve been marinating in the illusory oppressor/victim paradigm for so long.”

Spot on Dragnet and well put. This had me thinking about male and female dynamics of course and I had to wonder. Consider this; how simple can it be for a female to judge her SMV in real world situations? One of the best sources of feedback wouldn’t just be the amount of possible suitors, which regularly approach, but also the quality too no? How many women who are considered to have ‘low value’ also have quite a few ‘high value’ men regularly trying get her number? It’s a validation thing; there is no two ways about it and it can’t but stroke the ego of the sought after female in question.

However…what about when the opposite happens? What happens if the high value males ignore you and all you get are what others may consider "the dregs’ if anything at all? Not really hard to be considered a bottom feeder in this entitled day and age of princesses and unreal expectations.

Yes, as anyone on the manosphere already knows, women don’t want men they consider lower than them to even approach them, much less mate with them but I believe that there is one more thing to consider. Possibly with an inflated sense of self worth, this elevator mishap was a real live reality check for Rebecca’s true SMV. Remember guys, a man’s SMV is something we can directly control long term, we can learn game, become more efficient at work and gain more experience and confidence. A woman's SMV is capped and she has indirect control at best.

Male bums can become multi-millionaires, but even a boatload of plastic surgery may not turn a female 2 into a 10.

As men, we may not be able to fathom what sort of ‘insult’ this meant to her or to many other women in the world when these situations occur, however it doesn’t make her ridiculous actions right. Here’s hoping that whatever anonymous dude who may have set Rebecca off, (provided he's actually real and not a ploy simply to get attention)  get’s this part of Dragnet’s message;

“The take-home message for that guy is to not be ashamed of being a man. Don’t be ashamed of wanting to fuck and doing something about it. Once you internalize the shame, then man-bashers really have won. I would tell that guy that the shame he feels is entirely external, that it doesn’t belong to him and that he doesn’t have to hold onto it. That us guys have own problems and setbacks and our own hopes and dreams—too much shit to worry about to take on the problems of women as well. I would tell him that he can walk tall and proud, that he can walk upright and that he owes it to himself to do so, especially now that feminists are pissed. He took a shot and he blew it. Happens to everybody, even alphas.”

As Dragnet put, her actions say more about her than they ever do about you.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Male Privilege

We need to get one thing straight about Male Privilege. As Snark excellently pointed out, there is no such privilege that we men reserve for ourselves at women’s expense. No inner workings to keep them down, and no ulterior motive to keep them barefoot and pregnant.

So what are women banging on about then?

Simply this, we have to stop looking at things from a male perspective and try to look at it from a female one. When you realize the dynamics, which are created between the sexes, you will see what issues women are chafing under. Male Privilege is nothing but the biological differences between men and women. It’s these biological differences, which cannot be removed by law, affirmative action, or ‘educational programs’. It’s these biological differences which are completely out of the control of Feminists and their agendas. It’s these biological differences, which proves that men and women are different and not interchangeable no matter how much Feminists rail that we are.

Females aren’t ‘enslaved’ by men or patriarchy; they’re ‘enslaved’ by their own biology.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

What did I do to deserve this?

Just got back from a very refreshing weekend with Mrs. Omni. Just celebrating our 4th anniversary and reflecting on the 9 years we have been together in total. There isn’t a reason to elaborate on what was planned; however I will say that my wife was very appreciative of the obvious effort which went into our anniversary celebration. As each unexpected surprise unfolded, my wife repeated the same question.

“What did I do to deserve this?”

Ah yes, what DID you do to deserve this, hmm? She had even stated this to her friends many a time, because you need to realize that women love to brag about the way their men treat them if it’s positive, (she used the term ‘being whisked away’ in a text to one of them and relished in the obvious jealousy they must have been feeling) as she related where she was going for the weekend. Now understand, Mrs. Omni and I talk a fair bit about manosphere topics and she is well versed on top of having empathy for men’s issues. She knows I don’t just reward her for being a woman or my wife, so she was curious about what exactly she had done this year to deserve so many rewards so to speak. As we traveled the 2 hours to our getaway destination (which she didn't know about), I finally was able to give her the 411 on ‘what she did’.

Two words, ‘Creative Selfishness’.

What does that mean? Simply put, it’s a term my wife and I came up with 4 years ago to describe that by giving others what they want, it makes it easier to get what you want. Creative Selfishness in my opinion is crucial to LTR’s. Yes contemporary guys need to use Game to assist in this endeavor, and I won’t lie, I employ a little myself. The thing is that by satisfying your partner’s needs, you actually grease the wheels in getting your own needs met too. Anyone with a wisp of common sense realizes that even accomplished Alpha’s may use more effort to attract a ‘hot woman’ than a Plain Jane. A woman also may concede more effort to appease a rich and powerful man as opposed to Joe Six Pack. 

The more you meet your spouses needs, the more they will want to meet theory that is.

Let’s put it like this; what are the chances that a woman is going to don a ‘sexy costume’ for her husband where after she comes home from work and cleans the house and takes care of the kids, then he comes home, gives her a quick peck as he grabs a beer and then watches T.V. until bedtime?  The kids are driving her up the wall the whole time and he’s blissfully unaware watching Sportcenter.   Do you even think that she would be willing to even give him sex at all that night? Why would she? Women crave attention from the men in their lives, and he never satisfied that need for her, so now she has a boatload of resentment for him. Sex, doubtful, she’s p!ssed.

Guess, what ladies, the reverse is also true for men. Men aren’t going to take you out to dinner to expensive restaurants, take you for weekend getaways buying you anything and everything you want and crave when you weaponize sex, gain excessive weight, and treat him like sh!t. The reality of the situation is that just like you work hard to keep your house clean, tidy and the kids orderly, he is working hard as well.

You want an example? My wife busted her @$$ this year to make sure that the needs of the family and myself where met despite the circumstances. Earlier this year I started working much more overtime at my full time job and she never even batted an eyelash. I started taking home much more work than I usually did in the past and she bent over backwards in order to make things easier for me. That meant that around the house, I couldn’t help out like I used to so this increased the pressure on her in dealing with the kids, her own business, and maintenance of the house. Do you think that Mrs. Omni ever complained?


Do you think that Mrs. Omni ever weaponized sex?


Do you think that Mrs. Omni started to resent me for my lack of attention as I was now away from home on project after project and arrived later pretty much each night?


And the best part was that her even asking me what she may have done to deserve this treatment showed me that she didn’t even think she was entitled to anything special. I had told her just that, and she looked at me stating, “I’m just doing my job, just like you are.”


She took care of my needs, never wanting nor expecting a reward. She never had her hand out saying “What can you do for me” she just kept her head down, and got the job done, whether I was home or not. As she was meeting my needs, I felt she deserved a reward and I was happy to do whatever I had to in order to put a smile on her face (2 months in the planning folks, no joke). This is Creative Selfishness, Selfish B!tches rarely get treated to anymore than what it takes to keep their mouths shut and the same goes for selfish men. I only state this in regards to women because a selfish man is attacked by society, women are proclaimed as heroes. This doesn’t change reality however, and if you want a man to go over and above for you, you had best go over and above for him.

If you don’t, well, you have a much harder time asking for anything now don’t you?

The bottom line is that just like Dalrock and ElusiveWapiti, my marriage doesn’t suck as well and the effort that Mr’s Omni puts into our marriage is constantly seen, appreciated AND reciprocated.  Think about what a bold statement that is for a man to say that on the manosphere. That was the reason why I put so much effort into my marriage on a daily basis and also for this past weekend. It’s also for that same reason why I turned down a 23 year old sunshine girl who was putting a full court press on me for some ‘extra marital fun’ a few years back. The Creative Selfishness my wife displays actually acts like insurance, it increases the odds that I won’t want to leave her, and increases the odds dramatically that I reciprocate her efforts. Yeah, I’m bragging on my wife a little, she damn well deserves it especially in a time when many women display asinine attitudes about their spouses and men in general.

If your husbands don’t take this effort in regards to you ladies, perhaps the problem is looking right back at you in the mirror, jus sayin’.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Whatever happened to parental example? You know, the model of behavior set by the older and wiser generation to assist in molding the younger one. Not only was it a parent’s responsibility to do their best in setting a good example, but other adults in communities also tried to follow suit. The attitude was that those youngsters who are watching you may not be your kids, but they are someone else’s. As a parent, no, as an adult, you tried to adhere to a code of behavior in front of the young and impressionable so they didn’t learn the wrong lessons about life. 

There where little eyes watching you, and you had to step it up.

Even now amongst some of my more ‘worldly’ friends and workmates, they still won’t swear in front of young children or certain women. It just isn’t right, especially with young kids. As for parent’s Mommy and Daddy are very powerful influences in their young lives, do I need to even post stats on that fact? So tell me, what does it say to young girls when their mothers enroll them in pole dancing classes? What does it say to young children who watch MTV and see booty shaking female dancers being bent over by rappers who then mimic sex?

Does a young child at that age even know it’s wrong? They know that people LUUV Hip Hop artists, so can they really be doing something bad? I saw this clip and nearly lost my lunch (h/t Ryu c/o Inmalafide) what the hell is this supposed to be? From the description of the video;

"There has been talk on the net about this video that has been floating around Youtube and other video websites. Basically , what looks like to be some Spanish kids dancing like how adults do. In some Spanish countries especially friends/ family parties kids just imitate what adults do and start dancing to Latin music. Some people see this and take it as all in good fun, that there is nothing wrong about kids dancing like this. Is this really a shocker to you? You be the judge"(emphasis mine)

Remember, the young and impressionable don't fathom the full consequences of our choices and actions and they see "Mommy, Daddy," or their heroes acting in such a way and they therefore believe that this must be right.

Have we forgotten that our young people are always looking up to us for the example and trying to follow in our footsteps even when we aren’t paying attention? They look up to us in ways that we can’t even imagine. Don’t we ourselves remember when we where young and impressionable and how we felt about our parents and elders at the time. This very picture that I had placed on the top of this post I had done with my own father when I was five. He was shaving and so was I, albeit using soap and a plastic shaver from a Play Doh barber set. How many other men and women wanted to emulate their parents at that stage in their lives?

Listen, there is no question that parents need to do the best they can with what they have. In reality, one can’t say that they did such and such so their child WILL end up all right; one can only increase the odds in their favor and hedge their bets. However, engaging in acts such as this simply because everyone else is letting their children dress and act like the rich and famous can have some very serious drawbacks in the future.

My own father used to lose it when I walked around with my hat turned around backwards, he said I looked like ‘one of those blacks’ when I did it. I never knew what he meant until my stepson-entered junior high while telling him to pull up his pants. My Dad saw something, which I didn’t, and I’m glad he railed on me so much for it. It was the principle of people's impressions of how I dressed behind what I assumed to be a simple fashion statement.  I didn’t see it at the time that he was protecting me from my own ignorance and now I really appreciate that he never gave up. We try and protect our young people from obvious dangers in even our own households as they don’t understand them at the time, how is protecting the young from this bad behavior any different? 

Apparently so many adults have forgotten this principle in regards to their own families yet wonder why children are ‘sexting’ and engaging in other forms of intercourse at younger and younger ages.


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay, just a little rattled here at Feminism’s continued attempts to ‘eliminate’ oppressive roles in society and equalize the genders. The continuance of this faulty belief that men and woman are the same and that any behavior displayed by women is also displayed by men is a fool’s errand and currently causing massive issues in society. Men and women aren’t identical simply with different plumbing, how do I know this, because just like the title states…men…can’t…have…babies. It’s sad that such a basic aspect of biology needs to be explained in this day and age, but its reality nonetheless. Men and women aren’t interchangeable due to this very basic truth.

Follow me here for a sec.

Since men can’t have babies, men don’t need the financial support from another man or a woman for that matter as they raise these babies. Due to this, the whole idea of seeking financial support doesn’t usually even cross the minds of most men. Unless they lose their ability to perform, men are very self-sufficient. Ahem, ladies, this is the reason why your high-powered career means SFA to most men.

Since men don’t have babies, their primal needs are actually very small. A single man doesn’t need a large dwelling to exist, or a large vehicle for transportation. If it’s him and only him, most men are just fine with a basement apartment, a small condo, or in some cases even just renting a room.  Hey, some men can get by without a car at all; depending on which city they call home. In fact, while in the average man’s dwelling, you may find ‘old’ furniture or odd things used to replace furniture. Seriously, how many jokes or stories do women tell about a man’s ‘bachelor pad’? You may actually come across some dudes who have their PS3’s on a couple of Milk crates.

It just has to do the job, well appointed belongs to the realm of women.

A dude who is trying to score a woman may ‘neaten up’ his digs, but don’t expect Martha Stewart Living. Actually, what does it say to a woman when a man’s dwelling looks TOO well appointed……

I've actually heard women wonder that so it isn't as if I'm making sh!t up.

Since men don’t have babies, the appearance of looking like a 'slut' doesn't affect them the same way it would a woman. They don’t have to worry about finding a provider and what they may think about their sexual past. They have no biological clock, which affects their choices (despite how women rail on it’s existence) and therefore don’t share the same level of worries in regards to starting a family.

Since men can’t have babies, they don’t have to go to the same extent tailoring their behavior in pleasing a potential provider, making sure their manners fall in line. They don’t have to work so hard at being a ‘nice man’ so a girl can pick them and make all their dreams come true. Men don’t have the overarching fear of becoming a ‘spinster’ and never having a family by being so obtuse or ill tempered and therefore scaring a ‘nice girl’ off.

Since men can’t have babies, they don’t have to commit to a woman in order to have their own biological imperative met. They don’t have to ‘save themselves’ for the right girl and make a very crucial and important decision as to whether or not this girl is suitable for long term commitment.

Well, nowadays men do in terms of finding a woman who won’t screw them over later.

Bottom Line; since men can’t have babies and women can, men can go their own way, learning game, having sex with many women and live a decent life never committing to even one of them if they so choose. Or, with the coming advent of new technology or even Fistine and Palmela due to the horrors of marriage 2.0, the same approach still applies. Men won’t suffer the same way in which a woman going her own way ever would. Men had to be enticed to marry in the past, or given an offer they couldn't refuse as it was a choice to them, women simply didn’t (and still don't) have the same sort of leeway available.

Here’s the deal; Patriarchy wasn’t just something men ‘set up’ in order to oppress women. There was no hidden agenda to keep women barefoot and pregnant in order to serve men’s most basic desires. This paradigm evolved from the past, due to our hunter-gatherer roots. Men are built to work; men simply do it better than women. Women raise children better than men do, this is nothing new. Once one pays attention to the dynamics between the sexes in regards to what attributes each gender values in the other, then the idea that men deliberately held women back due to ulterior motives seems utterly illogical.

No matter what feminists want to believe, equality simply will not happen. Women will never be valued for their economic skills in romantic situations the way men are, ever!! Even when women attempt to follow in the footsteps of men into careers and professions, the only thing this does is exposes them to the ApexFallacy. I have no issue with women who wish to pursue careers, far from it, but I do have to shake my head at the women who seem to believe that their career will translate into an asset in the sexual market place.

The only way equality could ever be possible would be if men and women where virtually identical physically and therefore biologically interchangeable. In this way some sort of egalitarianism could ever come to pass. Since men can’t have babies, men will never look to women for the same things women look to men for.

Laws and ‘educational programs’ will not change nature; I don’t care how that makes you feel.

While I understand the huge amount of leverage men have over women by default, I simply don’t comprehend aping the system in vain attempts to level the playing field. If a man has no reason to marry, HE HAS NO REASON TO PRODUCE. This will be a very sore lesson the West will learn in the near future.