Thursday, September 30, 2010

What the @#$@# did you just call me???

A chinstrap, yeah that’s right, I just called you a Chinstrap. Now I know Ma’am that you are looking at me with murder in your eyes as you consider this ridiculous label I have applied to you, but unknowingly, I have bestowed upon you a very high honor.

Allow me to explain myself, okay?

Every male child in this world is born and then without fail gets a brand placed onto his forehead. He has no choice, and this brand is simply part of his makeup, in essence, part of him being a man. That Brand;


You aren’t a man if you chose to shirk responsibility, and men (in previous eras) made sure that this was the case. Responsibility was your task and your burden as men had the broad shoulders to handle such an assignment. Men are told to "man up, suck it up, deal with it, be a man", and all sorts of other phrases to teach us to get back up, wipe ourselves off, and keep on, keepin’ on no matter what it was that knocked us down in the first place. If we make excuses, we are no longer deemed ‘men’, by both men and women.

This is our lot in life, we don’t complain, we try not to show pain, and we inherently need very little in life. Soldiers are most of our heroes, and heroes inspire, they don’t criticize, protest, or grumble.

They keep doing what needs to be done, no matter the cost.

If our families need for something, we take that personally as it is our RESPONSIBILITY to take care of all their needs. We need so little that even the smile on our charges faces warms us from the depth of our souls. We need no thanks, just a hug and an “I love you Daddy” is enough for us to sell our souls and go back to the life crushing hellholes, which most call ‘careers’.

But what of woman, what is the deal with them?

Well, thanks to Feminism, women too, can have responsibility. However, there is one exception. For them, it isn’t a brand, but a bonnet with strings, which can be loosed and discarded whenever the situation warrants it. 

Not enough pay? THAT’S NOT FAIR; I’M JUST AS GOOD AS ANY MAN!!! Bonnet stays tight.

Convicted of murder? False Rape, DV allegation? A simple ‘oops’ which you don’t want? I’m just a lowly woman; I couldn’t be responsible for that!!! And the bonnet is removed.

Funny, we men aren’t supposed to do that, but we are heavily chastised for that behavior. We don’t have a backup plan, but our ‘equals’ do?

Why the talk about all of this? Well, in the midst of all this hard fought and ill-timed female privilege, there are a few women (a scant few) who actually realize what the mantle of responsibility ACTUALLY means!! These women press hard, and fight to be recognized amongst their male peers by following in their footsteps. To be rewarded simply due to their gender is a travesty to them, and they want to work for the same responsibilities their male counterparts do. They realize that if a man gets the shaft, this is indeed wrong and actually fights for them (rare I know). These women are also p!ssed off by female privilege as they watch lesser females attain the same, or greater success by their gender alone after all the long, hard work and hours they decided to put in to be recognized by the same ruler men use.

For these women, responsibility isn’t a bonnet, but a helmet, which they don and then strap themselves in so it can’t be removed easily, even by themselves, no MATTER the consequences.

And most women hate them for it.

RESPONSIBLE women, despise the actions of their entitled sisters, as they undermine everything that ‘equality’ was meant to give them. The sad thing, these women are so few in number that the chinstraps that any man or MRA has encountered is so rare, most can count them on one hand.

I know I can. I have actually mistaken a few chinstraps to be men until a post or a reference to their personal lives (i.e. my husband says…) changes my opinion of them, and therefore, my respect for them. Most women DO NOT have my respect!!!

I wish there where more of them. I doubt I’m the only one.

I toast the few Chinstraps that are out there and although I’m not a Christian, God Bless You for not succumbing and crossing through the door that is available to all women in terms of female entitlement. It astounds me that you have this choice, but your morals and character do not permit you to submit.

It takes cojones to see a way out and not take it. You few Chinstraps are truly men’s equals.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Getting Unstuck

I look forward to Saturdays at my part time job. The Club isn’t as busy, so we have one less 'tender on the bar so I usually make more money, which is the whole name of the game anyway, right? Well, recently I have been in a somewhat playful ‘tussle’ as it where with one of the senior short order cooks in terms of Globalism vs. Feminism.  You see, I have been listening to him for the past 2 months of Saturdays as he endlessly drones on about the evils of Globalism, Corporatism and the like, and I must say, he is very well read, and I can see he has a point. I will indeed need to look into this further as I have seen this topic touched upon before and there probably is a link between our friendly fembots and Money INC.

However, when I told him about the effects of Feminism on the West, he went off the deep end, as if this was simply a diversion of the REAL issue, which was big, bad Globalism. I had sent him to the Spearhead, and he did indeed see that some of the guys there had been screwed over by women, but then he had told me that he had spoken to a woman online about some of the socialist countries in Europe which where ‘doing it right’ and the West needed to emulate.

His examples; Norway and, wait for it…Sweden.


He had spoken to a Swedish Feminist online and she had told him that she didn’t like the hard-line feminazi’s herself and they where simply following the Globalist regime, but she was against all the misandry present in the country herself.

Ahem, I then asked him one question; when any laws which were ever passed in Norway, or Sweden which disenfranchised men, where were the Feminists fighting for their rights? 

He didn’t have an answer for me.

I don’t have any links to support my allegations that there are no positive Feminists in Scandinavia, but I will be coming back with them after I do indeed conduct some research in the matter. I really think my search will reveal some sobering information for my dear friend when I come back with some news which will knock his precious Sweden and Norway off their ‘equality’ pedestal he has put them on.

For crying out loud, he went to the freaken’ Nazi’s themselves when looking for information in regards to the Gestapo’s movements!! What do you THINK they are going to say?

We discussed some more about the future and what it means to be a Man living in the West and the more we spoke, the more I think he is trapped in some sort of netherworld where knowledge of something one can’t really change is some sort of powerful agent for good. I told him that the best thing for a man to do now is to never get married; his response was for the West to adopt Socialist policies like Scandinavia.

When I pointed out that the Government has no interest in that sort of change, he went on regurgitating what he had read which pointed out just how the American Government had sold out. While knowing about it is indeed good, how was that going to help John Q Public?

I wonder how that would have helped WL as he wonders about his future with an assault charge on his record, being told about Globalism and such before he got married? I wonder about my other friend, NS, who is separated from his wife who is using the family courts to her advantage in regards to their daughter. I wonder how telling another friend of mine, DC who is working 7 days a week under the table to get enough money to launch a legal battery against his ex wife just in order to see his daughter once more about Globalism. Would that information have assisted him before he got married?

I had heard something very profound very recently, that the most enslaved people don’t see the bars on their cages. The funny thing;

It was this particular cook who had told me that.


Saturday, September 25, 2010

That’ll NEVER happen to me!!!

I like many other men and women in North America, have a part time job as well as my fulltime career. Many don’t know much about my full time job as due to it’s sensitive nature and the fact that people tend to get unnerved when the R word comes in (think The Incredible Hulk, or Spiderman) it’s better to keep it on the DL. I’ve since learned that explaining what I do is too much effort and simply referencing Homer Simpson from our longest running cartoon television show is much easier and the point comes off much smoother. However, my part time job in a nightclub is where one can get some very interesting viewing of how men and women react with each other in a ‘relaxed setting’ so to speak. Trust me, I have learned quite a bit just by walking around the bar and watching the show unfold before me.

At any rate, I had arrived at my part time gig just last night and wondered why the dance floor wasn’t cleared and our beer bins not set up. I had asked the other waitresses where my buddy ‘WL’ was who is supposed to take care of that and why wasn’t he here yet?

“His wife just called about 30 minutes ago to say that he wasn’t coming in tonight.” Was the answer I was given.

Strange, that isn’t like WL whatsoever. Let me tell you a little about my hard fought buddy WL, he is a beta, just like me who is the sole breadwinner in his household of 6 people, four kids, himself and his lovely (ahem) wife. He does have a fulltime job in logistics, but as the sole breadwinner, he obviously needed to pad his income, and that is how I came to meet him 2 years ago when he joined the staff at the bar.

WL has gotten his security training (a must in Ontario now) so when he wasn’t working at the bar, or at his full time job, he was moonlighting as a security guard for some of the many concerts or social events in neighboring Toronto, and yes, this dude didn’t get a lot of sleep. You see, on top of working all these hours, he had an issue with his eyesight so that driving for him was an impossibility. So, he would ride his bike 45 minutes to and from work, then ride to the bar on the weekends, and have to beg, borrow, and steal lifts to Toronto for a little extra cash.

And what for do you ask?

For a battle axe of a wife who denigrated him at every chance, overspent the money for the household, and denied him any sexual appreciation on a regular basis. Sure, was WL, perfect, heck, NONE of us are, and I had heard the stories and thought to myself (Remember Omni, you’ve heard only ONE side of the story) then I met her myself.

I’d gnaw my arm off to get away from someone like that, there was no reward for putting up with all of that sh!t!

I’ve even seen some comments from her on Facebook in regards to simple jokes and/or statements WL had posted, nothing any different from what any regular Joe would put on their wall, and frankly, some of her comments where so disrespectful that even my wife would jump and comment in his defense.

Imagine folks, waking up early to for a 45 minute bike ride across town, busting your ass all day, then riding 45 minutes home once more, then you crash on the couch because you want to take a nap, then are woken up just a few minutes later with a shrill;

“Must be NICE to be able to sleep!”

Is motherhood tough, you betcha, I won’t argue whatsoever about that! However, the two older ones are in school, so all she does is take care of the younger two and she usually has people over or goes out and visits them. WL, also helps around the house quite a bit so it isn’t as if she slaving away doing that either.
However, the one thing, which really opened my eyes about how much of a machine WL was for living such a life and not pulling his hair out, was the huge smile on his face when he was holding his children, or spending time with them. He was still attending the kid’s football/soccer/hockey games and even assisted coaching sometimes, and he loved every minute of it, despite the lack of sleep. WL suffered on a daily basis, but I can tell you that you would never see that when he was with his kids.

Well, yesterday I shook my head and considered what could have happened to WL as the night progressed. This dude will only call in if he’s pretty much dead so something fairly serious must have happened. Then, JS, WL’s close friend walked into the bar, his eyes burning into mine. He knew what happened to WL and he told me what the deal was. WL’s wife had been even worse as of late, she had been telling WL that she no longer wanted to be married, or to be there with him for the last little while and WL swore that she was trying to get rid of him. Turns out he was right, because WL had been arrested last night for assault.

Does WL have a temper, yup, he told me so himself, but he was a bouncer/barback at the club and I have never seen him really lose his temper and fly off the handle, and I have seen him break up a few brawls over the years. I also happen to know that his wife loves to push his buttons and is very good at it!! However, he has NEVER hit her, and refuses to do so.

JS was told that WL ‘Had just gone berserk and I had to call the cops.’

We both know the deal, and neither of us believed it. She didn't say that he hit her, didn't say that he had harmed any of the kids, just that he had suddenly, and inexplicably 'gone berserk'.

However, the ending shot to JS was the best, because he was then told that;

“And WL is probably going to blame this on me!”


This man busts his hump, doesn’t receive ANY of the 5 needs men typically have, and now will lose his security license due to this assault charge, which will affect his income, and possibly future opportunities, because he committed one simple mistake.

He got married to a North American Woman.

Folks, I have read this many times, people getting falsely accused of DV, and I bet WL would NEVER have thought that it would happen to him, but it can, this is the proof of that. One must remember one simple thing, to everyone else, you ARE someone else, and that these sad little circumstances has to happen to someone, and that someone is a living, breathing person.




The only question you have to ask is will YOU be the next contestant of “Fuck My Life Up Royal?”

That will never happen to me.

WL never thought that either, and I had never known anyone personally who had been falsely accused…until now.

Are you willing to take that chance?



The Beginning

I was watching the 70’s show with my wife a few days ago and I couldn’t help but notice something. In the episode, Midge Pinciotti was becoming a ‘Women Warrior” and her husband, Bob Pinciotti, was chafing under this new change in his wife. As I considered the situation for a second, I couldn’t help but see the irony, which is akin to what modern men in Western Society currently find themselves in. Misandry is ubiquitous and men don’t even recognize it, or realize how many rights we as a whole no longer have until it’s too late, sometimes far too late depending on the situation. It really messed me up the first time I woke up from the matrix, reading something ironically on a woman’s blog about how Domestic Violence statistics are still making men out to be horrific abusers yet seemed to neglect additional information regarding the increase of women on men’s violence.

That was the beginning of a journey, which enlightened me to the level of misandry present in the West and now innocent things like jokes about men or off color statements don’t strike me the same way anymore. My wife has sent me some grrl power emails forwarded from her friends that just a few short years ago I would have chuckled at, but now since reading about the plight men face, I in turn now reply with some truthful and realistic replies. I have stood my ground and told ‘the ugly truth’ to females living in fantasyland whenever the need arises. It then occurred to me, how am I any different from Midge when she was trying to make a difference in her own life in the fictional story of "That 70’s Show"? Well, I guess this is the irony of the situation, that I, and many other men have now traded places with feminists, getting a little edgy with certain ‘jokes’ that the ‘ruling class’ finds entertaining, and being sensitive at certain situations, which most women find innocent and innocuous.

Well, this is the deal. Now we men are the ‘underclass’. Now womyn are the one’s making funny ‘jokes’ as men march off to the gas chambers and are told to be ‘happy about it’ as we are lucky to be in the service of ‘womyn’ at all. How we have switched places is very interesting and I’m sure in the future much will be written about this, but in the meantime, we have to make it through this with our skins, and sometimes our sons intact, not a small order considering the times. This juxtaposition isn’t lost on me, and I have to shake my head at the situation in its entirety. If you had told me I would even be blogging about this when I was 17 I would have laughed at you in the absolute absurdity of the idea, but now it seems to be a necessity. Men and womyn have switched places and it is we men who are now the ones who are ‘meeting’ in small cramped venues (the internet) and conversing over the injustices we as a group now face as the oligarchy in power decides our fate. I’ve read The Misandry Bubble by our dear friend The Futurist and I know that this gulag known as feminism will come to a flaming end, but not without some issues first which we all will have to suffer through. This particular blog will serve as my online journal as we watch this farce known as “North American Culture” comes to a fiery and crashing end. 
I admit, I have no sympathy for womyn as this situation could have been avoided had they simply realized or even remembered the main motto of feminism. EQUALITY means the same for one as it does for the other. However, it seems that womyn have no interest in the issues that men currently face and more and more of Feminism’s Agenda’s serves only to castrate and disenfranchise men while empowering women. It seems that the womyn’s movement is fascist in nature and we men have to fend for ourselves. Sad really, as I wonder how many women had said the same thing about us men in the past when they decided to ramp up their underground movement to ‘overthrow the man’ and make changes?  How soon we forget huh? While we can argue about who is right and who is wrong, the truth is that we are the ones who will have to watch our asses in the future as womyn push their agendas as time passes, consolidating their power at our expense.
Us men may have not been 100% fair in history, but while women in the past may not have had the vote or other rights men had, men where also doing their best to make sure that their families where taken care of, something that many feminists would be hard pressed to prove in these times.

Good luck to all of us during these times. We will need it.