Thursday, June 30, 2011


Just looking for some additional information as I was perusing Christian J's site when I came across this tripe. Seriously WTF!! This line really had me choking back bile as I couldn't believe the crap I was reading.

"These horrible horrible women have abused their power to force their male students to do terrible things. At least they got punished severely, those deviant harlots. I hope those poor males will grow out of the traumatic events that these vile seductresses put them through. Are the single men of America so bad that these deceitful temptresses had to resort to their innocent students? My belief is yes. So I blame you, loser single males of America, for this horrific affliction of gorgeous teachers seducing their students. Here are ten of these horrible horrible women." emphasis mine!!

Listen here Dumbo, women are either responsible for their own actions or they are children who need to be looked after.....NOT BOTH. Make a choice and live with it or shut the @#!& up!!!   Oh yes, and never even a word as to what dudes are going through at the moment and whatever suffering they may be enduring of course. Let me guess Tom Ball who was raked over the coals was completely at fault for that horrific mismanagement of justice in his life too right? 

What a crock of sh!t!!!


Monday, June 20, 2011


I saw this comment from Peter Andrew Nolan on the Spearhead and it really got me thinking.

First off, Peter is one hell of a man and it pains me to think that a dude like that has been ripped off in this sham people refer to as the Family Courts in the West. His comment also took me back to my own younger days with my Ex. She had three kids and I was naive enough to stay with her, you know, ‘love would be enough’. While it did end badly just a few years later, I'd be lying if I said there weren’t many good times with all of them.

I was with my ex for just under 4 years and her three kids where 10, 12, and 14 at the time we split, so I was there for some key formative years apparently. When things where good, they where absolutely awesome and I can honestly say that before I met my wife, the happiest day in my life was playing with those three kids in the park with my ex smiling and watching the whole time.

I felt like I had it made, at the time anyway.

As time progressed and the kids got older, it started to really dawn on me just how important a role I may have played as the only father figure in their lives. Keyster made a comment on the Spearhead which stated that fathers are a stabilizing force on families, I can vouch that there is some truth to this.

Those kids ran my ex before I showed up, when I arrived on the scene (and took some time before asserting myself) then there was at least one other authority figure to assist in shouldering the burden of discipline. Heck, I'm not amazing, but kids will wear you down to get their way. Kids’ aren’t evil, far from it, they're just kids and they can smell your weakness in terms of giving in to their desires. They don’t know that what they are doing is rude, they just want to get that gift, play outside, play Xbox and if they feel you will relent, they will simply up the pace sensing victory.

It wasn’t just discipline which made me realize that my being there had an effect on them.

I can remember one particular choir performance that my ex's eldest, M, performed at one day. I dressed up, 2-piece suit and all, plus I made sure to tell him why. “I was representing him at that Choir or any school function and I had to let them know where it was he came from!” My ex and I told him. I was sick and tired of all the Black people who seemed to be so absent with their kid’s lives and didn't seem to give a rat's @$$!! They weren’t mine but like h&ll I was going to let this chance drop. As the performance started, I noticed that M seemed to be feeling a little nervous and he looked over at his mom and I. He looked me dead in the eye as I smiled at him, and that seemed to settle him down.

I never forgot that.

I can remember when my ex's daughter, T, returned from vacation in Jamaica and ran down the gangway and jumped into my arms before anyone else.

I never forgot that either.

I can also remember when F, the youngest was upset about his older brother and sister staying with family one night and he sat on my lap as my ex drove us home, falling asleep.

No way I can forget that.

It dawned on me that these young people actually looked up to me in a way similar to my father. Yes their dad was there and in the picture, but he was there only once every two weeks, I was pretty much the starter day in and day out. No I’m not perfect, but I really did get a sense of how important fathers where to young kids and there where many times I got scared that I would eff things up for these youngsters. That’s the thing; danger was all around as far as young children growing up went.

See, my ex was a product of a single mother (surprise, surprise) and I was well aware of how that sort of action can set a very negative precedent in terms of children. In fact, the day I had met my ex’s family it was a dinner party with her mother, her step dad, her older sister, and two of her childhood friends. I sat there at the table and took stock of what I saw; my ex; single mom, 3 kids. Her sister, single mom, 4 kids BUT engaged to the father. One family friend; single mom, one kid, bf nowhere to be seen while the last family friend had no kids.

This living, breathing example of precedent wasn’t lost on me and it began to hit me that this pattern had to stop.  All of these women had the exact same thing in common, FATHERLESSNESS and seeing at the time that I didn’t want to break up with my ex, that I knew I may be able to stop this pattern from repeating itself. Fatherlessness affects men and women differently; it creates thugs from young men and thug lovers from women. I didn’t want M, T, or F to end up with babies or in jail if I could do something about it.

A friend of ours with a bright future unfortunately ran afoul of the wrong sort of people one day. He was gunned down, while at work and died on the way to hospital. He had a football scholarship at Michigan State University and was the father of a 2-year-old boy. We went to the wake and it messed my ex up. She was beside herself because she could see her two boys lying there in that pine box and she didn't know what to do. I vowed to her that M and F would not end up like him so long as I was around. However, there was more to that situation. You see, it hit me one day that a if a man doesn't tell his young daughter that he cares about her, she'll fall for the first boy who does.

While it did bother me somewhat that I had such a large burden on my shoulders, at the same time I simply figured that by being the best example that I could it would increase the odds in our favor. My ex and I where happy, and I saw no reason at the time that we would split-up so what could go wrong?

Well, that's just it. We broke up about a year after that and I had only spoken to the eldest son once in a while since then. We went our separate ways after that with no contact whatsoever for several years. Sure, could I have stayed in contact with those kids, take it for what you want, but I was scarcely 25 years old at the time and the break up wasn’t the nicest. About 3 years ago, M suddenly befriended me on Face book and filled me in on the past several years. He's doing great, in college as a programmer and has a steady gf at the moment. I’m so proud of him for actually beating the odds. His young bro F is in high school, but I don't know too much about him. He doesn't want to talk to me and frankly, I don't blame him.

This is where I get upset.

M also updated me about T, his exact words where that 'She’s followed in Mom's footsteps'.

My heart sank; my ex had M when she was 16 years old!!

At this stage of the game, T is 17 years old and has a 2-year-old child, she’s no longer with the Dad but she is still going to school, which is something. My worst fear from years ago had been realized; my ex became a grandmother at the ripe old age of 37.


I wish this story had a happy ending; I wish those kids end up doing okay for themselves in this life. I have my own family now, which is my responsibility, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. My own step daughter is now 17 and is currently kid free (sad to think that this is something to strive for but trust me..) however I sometimes wonder what if? Had I stayed (and put up with some bullsh!t treatment) would that have affected the lives of those kids in a positive manner? Would T be a teenaged mother now? Would F have followed in his older brother's footsteps?

We'll never know.

It seems that there was a void left in the lives of those kids after their mom and I split ways and when I ran into T a few years ago, she didn't even know why I had initially left. I left because her mother was cheating on me, but I can’t tell her that! I will never forget the expression on her face when I grabbed the last of my things and left for the last time, that hurt in ways I cannot describe, it still does all these years later.

Yet fathers are useless and mothers are everything. Men are rapists and predators who have to be supervised before they molest or abuse your children and mothers are angels who keep children safe from harm. If a child has a mother, that’s just as good as a mother and a father.


Let me say one thing that yes, I'm a very angry person. I'm p!ssed off by what Feminism is doing to society and I'm p!ssed off that my own race has been decimated by it's asinine teachings and erroneous conclusions. My ex followed her mother’s example and T followed my ex’s. What's going to happen to that young baby being raised by a child herself? What's going to happen to T as life goes on?

And all the while Feminists rationalize away factual evidence that children need their father's example and guidance. This isn't just some post on a freakin' page, we're talking about LIVES here!!! The destruction of the family has so many victims and so much collateral damage it's indescribable. Remember, kids don't ask to be born!!! I couldn’t step up for those kids, they weren’t mine and I had no say in the matter yet I now see how the denigration of fathers has affected one particular family negatively for three generations!!!

I'll be honest that sometimes I get a little out of hand when responding to certain comments on blogs. I'm reigning that sh!t back in as my ‘behavior’ is obviously not helping the MRA cause. However, I have no forgiveness for Feminism and what it's done and continues to do to society. 


Thursday, June 16, 2011

You’ll Understand When You’re Older

Why do we take care of children? Whether you where an older student supervising younger ones on a field trip, or asked to baby-sit a younger family member, or even if you have kids of your own you realize the reason why we oversee the activities of younger people.  They don’t quite see the consequences of certain actions and may not recognize the dangers inherent in said actions. So, why don’t you simply sit those young’uns down and explain to them the possible negative consequences, which they may face? Well, that’s the conundrum isn’t it? 

Can you explain to a 2 year old that sticking a fork into a wall socket can kill them?

Can you explain to a 4 year old that the large unplugged fridge on the side of the road is not a plaything but dangerous?

Can you explain to a 10 year old that a pornographic magazine can really affect their psychological makeup and quite possibly give them a negative view on women and sex?

Sure, we can do all of those things, but we all know that they are simply too young to grasp the concepts you are trying to convey. In the end, it’s simply easier to watch over them as their lives are filled with reckless abandon and keep them safe essentially from themselves until they can comprehend the outside world. You, being older and wiser, are being responsible for their well-being because they aren’t cognizant enough to do it themselves.

It seems that in the past, men had this very same attitude when it came to women in terms of supervising their dealings. Apparently, men where held responsible for the actions of the women in their lives. Their wives, sisters and their daughters weren’t held accountable for some of their actions, if someone had an issue; they went to the men in their lives for resolution. Even now in certain heated situations where a woman is acting a fool to another group of men, the insulted party in question will focus their issue at the man she is with, rather than at her.


It seems that there is an understanding between men, that although women can ‘do everything men can’ there seems to be an iota of accountability women lack and men seem to posses. When one then also considers the lack women display in their comprehension of cause and effect, suddenly our forefathers didn’t seem so much like barbaric oppressors rather than knowledgeable guardians.

Women chafed under this presumption in the past, to be treated as ‘overgrown children’ who needed a husband or a father to protect them and where given no direct say in their lives and futures.  It was seen as insulting to most women and of course feminism sought to change this paradigm. Well, are women right? Can they stand up just like men and understand the consequences of their choices? Are they accountable for their misdeeds and see the error of their ways?

As we can see, the answer to this for the aggregate of women is no. The only difference at the present time is that women are now in the positions to take their subjective morals and lack of understanding and affect the lives of innocent people. Not even getting into the 'Pussy Pass' women get for even engaging in lewd and illegal behavior, it’s said that women like toasted ice and I previously gave an example in regards to the president of a N.O.W. engaging in this toasted ice methodology. How dangerous were the effects and how far reaching the fallout of this choice? A whole country was affected by a Special Interest Group who simply had an ulterior motive and couldn't comprehend the long term effects. Hey, I’m a Canadian but make no mistake the activities of N.O.W. affected me too. When America sneezes, the world catches a cold and with America’s economy sputtering, we are all feeling the effects.

All of this foolishness simply because fueling the gender war was more important to an influential Special Interest Group.

Even learned and knowledgeable women using their inner hamsters to avoid seeing the truth, which can plainly be seen with anyone with common sense. Is that someone, who should be in a position of authority, a position that affects innocent people and could negatively affect their lives and that of their family’s? Or how about women who have inflated senses of entitlement who believe their men have to  ‘defend their honor’ even though doing so could possibly be very dangerous? Then, here’s the kicker, when you rationally try to explain the error of their ways, or the issue with their viewpoint you see the hamster wheels begin to turn, a way to rationalize the situation to make it okay and continue on with the status quo.

Isn’t that why we didn’t try to explain things to children, the fact that they may not understand? Would our need to supervise be any less important if our children stubbornly refused to understand?

Just breezing about the Manosphere today and I came across Grerp’s post about the slutwalks rushing across the world. You know those ridiculous demonstrations of course, which started in Toronto, you know, the revolt in regards to society not treating women any differently despite how they are dressed. That’s a mature approach now isn’t it? Defending your right not to have any negative consequences applied to you for what was considered bad behavior.

At any rate, I was steamed to find out that Grerp had to lock her thread because a bunch of ‘freedom fighters’ came on and ‘defended’ the rights for these women to dress as they wanted and of course didn’t believe that rape and revealing dress are linked in any way. There is even a comment using the term ‘busy body’ in reference to Grerp and others who looked down on this way of dress.

Shaming language, oh btw, it was a man who did it.

He did have a decent point about the extremes of social control, but he doesn't quite understand that in the West we are reaching the opposite end of the spectrum. It is a slippery slope Don, and anything in this world from food intake, to exercise, to even sex can be unhealthy when engaged in too much, or too little.

We see this thought process everywhere from the president of N.O.W, to Western Women or feminists who use their hamsters to rationalize their way back to Wonderland from the real world. It would be prudent to try and teach women the consequences of their actions, but we have miles of Feminist bureaucracy insulating all women from this deeply necessary resolution. What so many women don’t realize is that with every consequence they avoid, with every issue they rationalize away, they are proving men right when they say that women in the main don't belong in powerful positions and require the supervision of men, just like children.

Let me tell you something my 11th grade health teacher told me once. He had said to the whole class “You can do anything you want to do, so long as you are willing to accept the consequences.” Very wise words, which changed my life in all honesty, and that means a lot coming from a dude with serious ADHD. However, its obvious that women in the main want the first part of this statement without the second and I wonder if the ideas our forefathers had could possibly make a comeback.

Probably not.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Minivans vs. Sports Cars

Gotta love it. Just had a ‘cute’ convo with Mrs. Omni and she was talking about this VERY smart friend of my Step Daughter’s. She told me straight up that she was surprised that this kid was still single. He was very close to hitting the honour roll, however (wait for it) this is how this kid learns. He goes to class for the first two days when the teacher is starting a new unit and then hits the Internet to learn the rest. He comes back the day of the test and scores a healthy mark even though he hasn’t been to class in weeks. Nice way to bypass the stacked educational system which doesn't serve boys no?

I looked at my wife and smiled.

"Hey Hun?’ I ask with a smirk across my face. "Remember your bf from high-school? What car did he drive? Wasn’t it a Honda Prelude?"

I loved it as my wife gives me a knowing smile, she already knows what I’m up too.

“Didn’t you love it? I mean, it was a two door, fast, sleek and all of that? I mean, you must have loved in back then right? How about now, what sort of car do you like driving now? Would you like a Honda Prelude or something else like that today?”

My wife walked out with a large smile on her face that indicated we both knew what was going on and no, she WOULDN'T like a Honda Prelude today. I had answered her question and now she understood. See think of it like this; what sort of vehicles did we lust after in high-school as guys? Small, powerful, sporty, FAST cars, right? We lusted after Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Porsche’s, and other supercars we could have trouble pronouncing. We would settle for Mustangs, Camaro’s and Firebirds if we where lucky enough but that was indeed a chosen few in those days. Trunk space, Fuel economy.....PUHLEASE!!!

Have you any idea how many Mustang LX’s I saw being driven by high-school kids growing up. It was obscene!!!

What about now, or what’s the deal supposed to be at any rate? Here is the issue, the very thing that makes those sporty muscle cars great when we are young and in high-school, makes them horrific when we are older with responsibilities. Heck, when I was a kid, my father had a Mustang, then got rid of it for a Mercury Capri, then got a 76 Pontiac Grand LeMans. I was 6 years old when he finally got rid of that car (so we are talking 1981) and I stood with him as a tow truck pulled it out of the driveway and into the night. After that, he bought…smaller cars…4 doors, no more high horse power, more family oriented.

When I got my license at 17 (1992), he drove a Ford Topaz…I’m grateful for his responsibility but I can’t help but feel….cheated…ahem.

Back to the point, Mustangs don’t make great family cars, they simply don’t. The chances of you looking cool in your mother’s Dodge Grand Caravan when you are in high-school is looking more on the slim side to be honest. Have your Dad’s Bimmer, Mustang, or Camaro, and NOW we are talking. Here’s the deal, you think I’m talking about cars….not a chance…I’m actually talking about MEN. Commitment, loyalty, faithfulness, you think that means a THING to young adolescent women? Not a chance, with the lack of responsibilities they have at that stage, that barely registers on their radar. It’s exactly like trying to look cool in a minivan while vying for a young woman’s attention; you’ve got your work cut out for you. However, confident and exciting, now you’re talking turkey, right?  

One may have to work a little harder to look like a douche in a 5.0 Mustang, get it?

As the priorities are SUPPOSED to change in life, the choices we make should reflect that. Exciting dude (pure alpha) is hard to beat in high-school, and Committed dude (Beta) is supposed to be the go to guy later in life. What do you want to drive as a teenager? Sporty, FAST, and sexy. How about now with a bagful of kids and lots of errands to run on a tight budget? Economical, reliable, and spacious, no?

This is why this young man who has already been accepted to be an electrical engineer in college (I’m not sh!tting you whatsoever) is single even though he is basically socially acceptable amongst his peers on top of his intellect and aspirations.  He’s ambitious, smart, courteous and mature. However he’s a Minivan, amongst women who wish for Mustangs and his social status represents this. The thing is that he WILL be taken up before the vast majority of young women realize what is truly important in life and so many will sadly miss the value he presented once the opportunity is gone for good.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unhappy Hunting

Just read this post from D, which linked to another by the Oz Conservative. Very informative (as D always is) and if you haven’t read these articles and comments I highly suggest you do so. The letter Mark Richardson encountered by Husbandless and Empty is where I would like to place my focus for this post as it plainly displays the sometimes sad conclusions of viewing life through Hamsterland. The reality is, like so many other women who have succumbed to the Western Entitlement Complex, she wasn’t fully aware of how fleeting her appeal to men was and just how short her window of opportunity actually is.

While it is very ugly to look at it and older more mature women would loathe comprehending this truism, avoiding this reality can have very dire circumstances as can be seen in this letter.

The base fact is that men and women look for different things in their potential spouses and in the sexual marketplace where the competition for partners takes place. Not understanding what men look for and appreciate in a wife can be disastrous for some women and some find this out far too late. Let me put it to you in this manner, if you are out hunting, what would be easier? Tracking down your prey and trying to get the drop on it before it runs away, or perhaps using some bait, which would entice your intended prey to take the effort and come to you?

Remember now, in the Sexual Marketplace you actually are competing with others in order to show your intended that you are a better choice than any other potential rival. That would be like hunting with a bunch of other hunters relatively close by all trying for the exact same prey. Whomever get’s the kill ‘wins’ and you could go home empty handed.

So, let’s assume that you are going to use some bait, right? Would it make sense to study what your intended prey actually wants? Would it also make sense to study the terrain in which you will be doing the hunting, to perhaps make note of possible predators, which could make the hunt dangerous, or the whereabouts of first aid if necessary? How about weather, would it also make sense to realize any limitations and disadvantages you may face while you are knee deep in bush? Would a rainstorm turn your hunting ground into a marsh as an example? Would nightfall render your visibility to nearly nothing?

All these preparations increase the odds that you will have a successful hunt or at least minimize the chances of unforeseen issues.

So, if you were hunting for marriage as a woman, would it not make sense to know what it is that men actually want? Anyone who has been on the Manosphere for any amount of time can tell you what it is that men want. Personally I’ve narrowed it down to roughly 5 things but your mileage may vary depending on the man in question.

  1. Regular and fulfilling sexlife
  2. Attractiveness (which displays fertility and actually is somewhat tied to youth)
  3. Pleasant demeanor
  4. A space of his own in the house
  5. Space to follow his own pursuits

So, going into the SMP wanting to bag a husband knowing about these 5 basic things is actually to your advantage. It should mean that as a woman you will want to treat a man with respect, find an ambitious man while you are younger (let’s say 20’s), and not having an entitled attitude. However, going into the SMP NOT knowing these things can really eff things up. Just like going out hunting and not taking stock of the behavior of your intended prey, not realizing that men do place importance on youth and appearance was one of the many mistakes Husbandless and Empty made. As JSO had commented “no woman on the planet ends up a spinster because of "bad luck." I tend to agree. She, like two family friends of mine, didn’t ‘go out hunting’ with the right bait and possibly even the correct attitude.

In her letter, she ‘didn’t want to settle’ and that could mean anything. We can assume anything we like but since a discussion with her isn’t an option we will never be able to verify what her expectations where and if they where indeed too high and she was asking too much. The reason why I said that this was a hunt and as a woman you need the proper information, is that the harsh reality is that woman have an unyielding biological time limit constantly ticking over their shoulder and they need to be acutely aware of this. It is said in the Manosphere that a woman’s prime years are between 15-25, in honestly, very short and for ‘more experienced’ woman very hard to hear but true nonetheless and still something to always remember.

Yes it would suck to have a time limit on the very asset which could be the biggest piece of leverage in dealing with the opposite gender, and as a man, I can’t comprehend what that sort of burden must entail. However,  at the same time, it doesn’t make any sort of sense to me not to play my best hand and the most advantageous time available. It doesn’t matter how much I want to play professional sports, currently at almost 36 years old I would never be picked up by any pro team as my prime years are behind me.

The deal simply is this; it is imperative as a woman to recognize their assets and limitations in regards to those of men. Doing so and being realistic about the SMP can increase the odds of a woman marrying and having children. Just like Husbandless stated; she may be at the apex of her career; well traveled and highly educated but her male peers most likely are as well and sadly for her, are attracting much younger women to be their partners. This ugly reality cannot be ignored, but so many women have fallen prey to this situation and many more will in the future due to getting faulty information before they go ‘on the hunt.’


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gotta Give Props Where It's Due

Take it for what it's worth Y'all :)

My stepson gave me an idea which saved the day today where I was stumped. I won't get into the details, but he gave an innocent idea which once applied was able to recify the situation in every way imaginable. At the young age of 14, I really don't think he comprehends the gravity of what he was able to do for me and the family (he was amazing and he schooled me, get the picture?). As he went up to bed just a few minutes ago I gave him some heartfelt thanks. He gave me a quick "not a problem" and at this moment is fast asleep.

This is why I do what I do for my family even though those kids aren't mine.

I'm not saying that any man should engage a single mother, not at all. For every one of me there are MANY more who rue the day they considered such a quixotic quest. For me though, and JUST for me, that choice has been a blessing which always seems to reap rewards.

Sleep tight Big J, you earned it tonight.


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beast Machines?

I grew up with transformers just like many of you. Optimus Prime was the very first Transformer I ever had and I played with that toy until his legs fell off with my brother and all the other neighborhood kids. Didn’t matter though, I used to just love watching the television show and watch Optimus kick some major Decepticon @$$.

Had to love Optimus, he was hard when he needed to be, and insightful when the time was right, most likely the reason why he has been in every incarnation of Transformers since it's inception.


Which was why in 1999 when yet another new incarnation of Transformers was released I had to watch, I wasn’t a big fan of the previous ‘Beast Wars’ version and I had hoped that this was going to be different. At the time I was seeing a GF who had kids (yes I know, stupid) and they where all for watching it regularly, so now I had an airtight alibi to regularly partake without looking stupid. Now due to the recent movies, most people have the basic rundown on the Transformers’ back story.  Robots, from Cybertron, can transform into other things, can whup a lot of @$$, yadda, yadda, yadda. However, this is where conventional Transformers and Beast Machines diverge significantly. You see, after the good guys (no longer called Autobots, now they where Maximals) won the ‘Beast Wars’ they found themselves on Cybertron but something was horribly wrong.

They could no longer transform into their powerful robot forms and their home planet was barren of all life, well mechanized life that is. No one was left except some mindless drones, which never seemed to leave them alone. After some exploring and investigation, our heroic Maximals realized that due to some tampering by forces unknown they have been ‘thrown back’ to an earlier stage in their development. In order to transform, they had to control their emotions and concentrate, essentially quelling the beasts they where and ‘becoming’ powerful robots. However, while the Transformers we all know and love can convert from both of their forms at will, for our heroes the Maximals, their default from was that of beasts and once they lost concentration, they realized that their robot transformations where only temporary.

Why do I find this so intriguing?

During a confrontation, Optimus Primal finds out that Megatron (natch) was behind the purging of their planet and the release of the virus, which caused our Maximals to require their ‘throw back’, reformatting. Megatron wanted to remake Cybertron with no organic life, purely mechanical and he despised the Maximals’ animal forms. Optimus correctly stated that Megatron too has a beast root form to which Megatron quickly and promptly states that he doesn’t. However, once Optimus makes him angry and Megs loses concentration, guess what happens?
Ahem, apparently even transformers can't ignore nature, interesting.

To me, I simply look at society and sometimes refer to this foolish behavior as ‘The Megatron Fallacy’. Thinking we can ignore the reptilian parts of our genetic make-ups because we don’t have to use them or face them on a daily basis. We must recognize and control our primal urges yes, but ignoring them is foolhardy. Also, hand in hand with controlling our more primal instincts is realizing that some still have to be satisfied in some way shape or form even in this day and age. It’s all well and good for a couple to agree to a breadwinner wife and a SAHD, but due to our reptilian programming, these arrangements tend to fail fairly often as women tend to resent the responsibility. Sure people will say over and over again that “it’s what’s inside that counts” but most men can’t help but to be turned off if their wife gains 50 extra pounds.

That’s Nature for you, and Momma Nature trumps everybody. 

Over time, it seems pretty clear to me that both men and women have forgotten or simply try to ignore some of our more primal impulses. We simply see that women can now hold down jobs, which makes men think that they are no longer needed.  Due to brainwashing from the Lamestream media, it makes it easy to see why many men feel lucky to have a woman in the first place. Due to innovations in technology, women can virtually work in many of the same arena’s that men used to dominate so the oft used mantra “Whatever you can do, WE can do better.” is seen as true in contemporary society. Since the movements of the Feminist machine is hidden behind the smiling face of ‘equality’ young boys see girls outpacing them in school and think that women truly are better, and contemporary men are unaware of the falsifying, spinning and outright lies feminists engage in to make things appear this way. Young women also fall victim to this fallacy and buy all the “Grrl Power" garbage and truly think that they are superior to men in every way regardless of what the reality on the ground continues to state.

The Megatron Fallacy in action, men and women truly believe that women can do anything men can but only women can have babies. From that standpoint it seems that women are worth much more no?

Here is my point in all of this folks; no matter how we try to ignore our baser instincts, or pretend that they don’t exist, they will make themselves known whether we want them too or not or we believe in them or not. Due to the differences in our instincts, our behaviors and motivations are too divergent to even attempt to create a society where men and women are interchangeable. Many people talk about men becoming the slaves of woman and some sort of horrific dystopian future where dissenters are taken to concentration camps. While my crystal ball is no better than anyone else’s I simply cannot see this happening. For men to be enslaved in this manner, they would have to have NO OTHER CHOICE but to engage in family and continue to feed the machine, which is currently enslaving men.

This is the issue, men DO have a choice, in fact, I’ve come to believe that the main reason why men are deferred to in Patriarchy’s of the past is due to the fact that men can opt out. Women do not have this choice available to them; this is the reality, ugly as it may be. It has been said many a time in the Manosphere; civilization is one man for one woman in order to harness the excess labour a married family man generates for society. Men toiling for their own meager needs do nothing for society and that is the whole point. As I had said earlier, the differing biological imperatives of men and women made chastity powerful leverage for women to wield, thereby enabling civilization to be created by making men marry and produce.

With strong incentives to bypass marriage by men and readily available sex, women have given up their trump card although they don’t know it yet. It’s only due to momentum from previous generations of married men that the house of cards hasn’t fallen yet. They key word is yet, we are already in the initial stages of the Misandry Bubble bursting as we can see how the negative effects of feminism on men in society is now negatively affecting women. The disparity between men and women will become much more pronounced once the stakes get higher and the wonderful benefits women currently experience and take for granted begin to vanish. This will be due to more men turning their backs on a society which turned it’s back on them long ago. What men don’t fathom is that MGTOW is the choice that men have available to them, there is no movement similar to women. Women can NEVER go their own way and opt out of society.

The bottom line is this; men and women are very, very different in motivations, interests and skill sets. I truly believe that the contributions both genders make to society are equally valuable, but it’s foolhardy to believe that men and women are interchangeable in all roles. The very thing, which will bring down this whole farce Western Society has become, will simply be the differences between men and women. Society will relearn about the differing natures of the genders, and its effect will be like a train running over a pop can.