Friday, October 29, 2010

They Want To Be Men!!! Part One

I had always wondered something; why does the Feminist version of North American History sound like it took place on a sharecropper’s farm at the end of a whip?  Why do they earnestly speak about how unfair and oppressive our unfeeling male ancestors where when these same men worked themselves to the bone in dangerous and inhospitable occupations to provide for them? Why is it that women seem to want to get a leg up on men in as many arena’s possible as if they had a hate on for us? They scream for equality yet have no issue pillorying men and taking as many freedoms away from us as they can muster while at the same time consolidating their position.

Why do women seem to get so butt-hurt at a man’s mentioning about his preference for a woman’s appearance, or any choice whatsoever in terms of mating practices and choices on his part? Take this article right here, there apparently was such an outcry from the female contingent about a successful man NOT choosing an independent career woman as his wife that another article was written in response, but it was simply a rewording of the original, switching the genders around. Why did women get so upset by this article, as men we know that Michael Noer had some damn good points.


Well, it was just after I had read The Misandry Bubble by our dear friend the futurist that things began to fit together somewhat and make a little bit more sense to me.  Here is the deal; I had remembered something that my sister had said years ago in terms of women and feminism. She had told me that Feminists wanted to be men, and I have to say it didn’t make too much sense to me at the time. Sure they wanted some of the ‘power’ men held and wanted to follow in our footsteps. Women gained education, political power, and access to arenas previously owned by men alone. This made sense, but my sister had meant more than this, talking about some of the very freedoms we men take for granted. She spoke about women wanting to have the autonomy to act virtually like a man in all situations. As an example, she even spoke about women wanting the choice of taking a man she JUST met to her place, leading him on in terms of where things where going, and then stopping the action by simply changing her mind right before taking the plunge sort to speak.

Listen, while I don’t think rape is good whatsoever, taking a dude that you don’t even know far from the public eye, letting things get hot and heavy and then stopping one base from home may anger some guys of the wrong sort and ugly things could result.  It doesn’t matter if 9 out of 10 guys would leave in a huff, all it takes is one jack-@$$ to change your life forever. At the time, I didn’t consider the ramifications of what my sister meant.

Now I think I do.

Feminism isn’t about equality, nah, it’s about women finally gaining some control on men and actually, gaining leverage over men as much as possible. Why you ask, because just through our natural attributes unique to each gender, men have a boatload of leverage over women.

And they positively hate that about us.

Anyone who has been on the manosphere for even a short amount of time realizes the nature of the pact between the genders. Man has resources, a woman has fertility, and together they trade these assets and raise a family, right? Well, the issue IMO is that we men have forever looked at this situation from only a male perspective and then we shake our heads at the evident rancor women seem to have in regards to our roles in this situation. The key is to look at it from a woman’s perspective, which may possibly shed some light on their apparent motivations.

Initial Market Value
Let me ask you one question, gentlemen, how comfortable would you be if when you married a woman while you where both in your early to mid 20’s, let’s say for the sake of argument, she’s a 6.5 BUT, as she got older, she got more attractive instead of the opposite? In essence, by the time you both are 40, you are now married to a legitimate 8, sound like fun?

Many guys would be really stoked about this turn of events, however now I’m going to ask you another question, what if at the same time, there was a biological issue which afflicted only men, a low level dementia which reduced our mental acuity as we got older and therefore, it would only be a matter of time before the high paying occupations we used to be able to perform would have to be given up for easier and less demanding (and thus less profitable) employment, or leave the working world entirely. Sure there are things which can be done like playing Sudoku or other mental exercises and/or diet changes which can have a positive affect on our declining mental states. However, all these do is slow the inevitable decline, nothing can stop it or reverse it for that matter. Over time, you will have to watch as younger more able men are giving your ever increasingly attractive wife the eye and you have no real means of defense available to you, other than making a boatload of bread when you where younger and more capable and being a ‘good little boy’ when you where younger, hoping that she will return the favor to you when your situations change.

Still sound like fun?

Us guys would have to make sure we really thought long and hard about what type of woman to settle down with as our youth is the time when we have the best chance of landing a good woman, not just for now, but for years to come, and then hope that when the sun sets on our skills that the ladies in our lives don’t trade us up for a younger and better model.

Stressful yes? Sort of changes the game a little now doesn’t it?

That’s the point, as men we don’t realize it, as these issues aren’t ones we will ever face so we don’t have to plan for it or even consider it, but the vast majority of women face this very sobering reality eventually. Since a man’s most valuable asset to a woman is based on his performance, he is at a clear advantage in this scenario. Performance is something he can improve upon over time, a man can LEARN Game, he can LEARN how to improve his self-esteem, he can LEARN how to invest, and he can LEARN a new trade or occupation. Heck, if all else fails he can start a business and become successful there if he so chooses. Men can refine the skill sets they already have and bolster up their market value, improving it, as they get older, no matter if their physical attributes are now beginning to atrophy. Then when they do become employed, if they are at least halfway ambitious, they should make more money as their experience and body of knowledge increases. Think about the song ‘Rockstar by Nickleback. That song was about not liking one’s current situation in life and then CHOOSING to change it and what could be done in order to do so, or what one wanted out of life. For men, this is simply one of the many options we have available to us.

Women, on the other hand, have no such power or choice in their lives over men.

Sure, between 15 and 25, thy have oodles of leverage which some (a shrinking demographic to be sure) decide to use to their advantage, understanding it’s slippery and short lived nature, but a good portion don’t, especially now. Sure women can improve upon it with a good diet, exercise, and even plastic surgery, but these things only improve upon the genetics they have already been bestowed at birth. In other words, a woman’s already short-lived market value is ALSO capped by her heredity and she has no say in that whatsoever. The dice where rolled when she was conceived, and she can improve it, but only to a certain point. Therefore some women’s station in life in terms of what sort of man she can even attract has already been decided before she even set eyes on one in the first place.

Check this; years ago my best bud in high school was single and had a FWB during a ‘dry spell’. While he was able to keep things out of the emotional range, his FWB was starting to develop feelings for him. Well, after about 3 months, he then started to date a new girl and the benefits where ‘no longer required’ as it where, and she didn’t take this too well (surprise, surprise). You should have seen the look on this girl’s face when she had finally laid eyes on her competitor for my bud’s affections. My bud’s new girl was a solid 7.5; his former FWB was no more than a 5 at best. She was outclassed and she knew it, she left the scene very angry at something, I knew what it was but I didn’t want to comment on the obvious. She was beaten, and there was nothing she could do to bring up her own market value in order to compete in this situation. 

 She was out of the race before it even began in all honesty. This fact also came up with yet another female friend whenever we went to the bar. I happened to be dating a girl at the time who was much better looking than my best bud’s current girlfriend (different girl than the one he was dating above). She actually came right out and told me one day that she didn't like going to the bar when my gf was around because she stole the spotlight from her. Same reason as before, while my bud’s gf wasn’t ugly to be sure, my gf at the time was easily better looking than her and did command much more male attention than she ever could.

Sucks competing with someone out of your league huh?

Let me put it to you like this; ever hear of this guy? He was a bum, living on the street at one point in time, and then, he joined up with a friend and founded Paul Mitchell Systems, a multi million dollar hair care line. He went from not being able to offer even the lowliest of women anything in terms of his market value, and then went on to being someone who most would consider a stud, right? BTW, after founding this business, and becoming successful, thus increasing his market value, guess what type of woman he was able to attract and then later marry?

Do women have that sort of turnaround available to them?

Nope, and that’s why they get so upset when we men make references to a female’s appearance and how much it means to us. Women aren’t stupid, they have at least an inkling as to how the world works, and they know that their ace in the hole comes with an expiry date, which comes all too quickly even for the most genetically gifted.  They have no real means to improve it before it’s gone, and certainly not after. Even if a woman decides to beat a man at his own game and becomes a pillar of industry, because men have no use for another breadwinner, this woman still has nothing to offer men. She will still be judged by what it is that men want from women, on her appearance and youth, which of course leads to her sexuality, and therefore her fertility. This may be why women want to dispose of ‘gender roles’ as their assigned ‘role’ from nature is far too confining while a man’s is almost infinite in terms of expandability.

Picture it, a seminar is held amongst professionals and a group of 6 older and established singles start to talk shop. All these professional people are in their 40’s and trading business ideas, but here is the sitch. Half are women, the other half men. Even if these women where sharper, and more educated than their male counterparts, they offer nothing to these men that they can’t get somewhere else. More importantly, as far as men are concerned, they will be able to get a BETTER deal than these women are offering as they will be able to score younger women with their expanded wealth and influence. Remember peeps, that even if these ladies are Cougars extraordinaire, youth is still something men find attractive and will gravitate to given the chance, and men will have MANY chances, just ask Demi Moore about this situation.

While there are indeed some successful childless women out there who are married, I bet that there are some very furious women that are frustrated that what they look for in a man in terms of his success, doesn’t translate well for them and are upset that men don’t look for the very same thing in women. Men don’t need another breadwinner in their lives in the aggregate, sorry ladies, just another case of assuming men think exactly like women, you have to understand...we don’t.

Solipsism is a hell of a drug.

Can you see why women are so p!ssed at men and our ‘power’ over them? That they only thing which seems to matter and give them leverage over us ‘big bad’ men is something that they hold sway over for only a 7th of their lives? This could be the reason why they chafe under our ‘preoccupation’ with their appearance so much. See how much leverage men have over women even here? Do you consider that this is the reason why women shame the living bejeezus out of men for our preferences for younger women? That they will clamor on and on about what’s ‘inside’ and how it counts for more than the outside? Could it be the ONLY defense they have in this regard?

Sure relationships are based on women’s choice, I grant that, however, consider all the work women do to even be considered by men so that they can be in the position to choose. Historically, they have to dress a certain way, as not to suggest they are loose, they have to save themselves for marriage as marrying men consider high mileage women to be poor partners and of course we have just discussed the value of appearance and fertility. Quite a bit of leverage we have don’t we? Of course now men are shamed into accepting a woman’s suppressed sexuality so they are free to do as they please, but women are only revolting currently (and in times past) due to the many constraints male nature placed upon them of which women had no choice but to obey, or watch the train leave without them.

Trust me, this p!ssed them off royal and they wanted a piece of the action trying to outdo us.

And this is only the beginning; most men, well Beta men, haven’t the foggiest idea as to how much power we actually have over women, and why feminism is trying to equalize something which simply cannot be balanced in the way that they would like. Alpha males seem to know or have an inkling about this situation inherently which is why they don't give a rip about a woman's opinion about them, while Beta's are willing to trade so much just for regular sex. It only get's more interesting from here.

Up next, marriage and the Bigger Better Deal.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Because I'm worth it

My wife has two close female friends in which she hangs out with periodically. They’re nice, decent people and fun to spend time with, however, the one thing which always has me shaking my head about them is the level at which Feminism has altered their lives.

While these women are hardly hard-line feminists, they do indeed subscribe to the entitlement complex, which so permeates Western Culture, and they don’t even realize how it’s affecting their lives negatively. One friend met a decent dude at the bar I work at p/t. This guy is well educated, very well mannered and ambitious. I thought this was good as successful black men like him and the group he hangs out with are in very short supply.

Well, he had gone over to her place one night, with a bottle of wine and some dinner for her. He stayed the night, and then he left. While he has gone back a few times here and there, I can promise you there is no dating going on there any longer. I asked my wife what happened but I already had an idea of what went down. She is a single mother with two adolescent children, and is now in her early 40's. Yes she has her own career, but let’s just say that she looks like a 40-year-old single mother, okay? This man is in his late 20's, well brought up as I had said before and very well off. I've been to her place in the past and let's just say that it could use a little ‘sprucing up’ and leave it at that.

Frankly I’m surprised that he even went to her place at all.

While us guys aren't going to hold it against a woman if her house isn't right out of Martha Stewart Living, (never read the magazine myself), we do want to see at least that they give a sh!t about where they live. My wife asked me what was different with her because when we first met, she lived in a complex similar to her friend. Why did I ever come back?

I did have my misgivings pulling into my wife's complex the first time, but I stepped into her townhouse, and it was clean and relatively well appointed. She had even painted it herself; even when she didn't have to in order to make it more hospitable. It was clear that while she lived in a rough neighborhood, she didn't plan on staying there more than she had to and I told my wife just that.

You walk into her friend’s place, and you can tell she doesn't give a rip.

Plainly, the guys she meets see this right away and realize one thing; that they can do better.

These guys don't stick around long, and just after my wife told me about her latest failure so to speak, I noticed this dude with another, younger, and hotter woman the following week at the bar.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

As for my wife’s other friend, while she lives in a small and modest apartment, which is clean and well appointed, she has some entitlement issues of her own. You see, she believes in soul mates and has very strict and stringent rules on what she wants in a man. Well, let me put the situation to you like this; I’m no Romeo, but most women could do much worse than me. I can tell you this in all honesty, that I wouldn’t be good enough for my wife’s friend, however…

 If I where single, I wouldn’t even look at this woman twice.

Same reason as before, I could simply do better than her. My wife feels so bad for her as when they go out clubbing, she had her eyes set on the best looking guy out there while everyone knows that she is way out of her league. However, she believes that she is entitled to a man like this, and wonders why more men aren’t breaking her door down.

Why? So just because she is a woman any man is lucky to have her? Don't these women understand even at the very least that there are OTHER women out there that a man can be lucky with?

I hear my wife’s first friend repeat fairly often, "Where’s my Prince Charming, where is he?" yet hasn't the foggiest clue why she hasn't met him yet. Heck, drop by any dating website and you will see the long lists of what woman want in men, but not much of what they will offer in exchange.

This has been what's forgotten in this sea of entitlement. A relationship is an exchange, not just a continuation of the "all about me show".  Many women literally think they are the cat's meow, and haven't the foggiest clue that they are nowhere near as good a catch as they would like to think. Due to the constant bombardment of womyn's media however, they have reason to believe the hype, even if it’s based on nothing but hot air.

Heck, it doesn't matter that I look like a manatee, or that my house resembles a New York Ghetto, I'm a woman, you're LUCKY to have me in your life at all. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GET ME SOME MONEY TO SPEND DAMMIT!!

Right, and as a result, she’s still single and may get a ride once in a while, but not much more than that.

Sad really, because she's not a bad person, but since she has a head full of the wrong information, the chances of her getting what she wants is very low, and getting lower every year. As for my wife’s second friend, she had the same lament about her Mr. Right and she wants to have kids in the worst way. She is looking to get married so she can live the North American Woman’s dream of having a family, however, she is already well past 35 and in all honesty, most doctors would say that her window is already closed.

We all know that both of these ladies aren't the only ones in this predicament. While feminism is doing a number on men in the West, their faulty conclusions and outright fabrications are also hurting women.

Women like my wife’s friends would be better catches if one kept better house, and both lost some weight and tried to focus a little more on what they can do for a potential mate rather than only on what they can do for them.

However, this is the exact opposite to the media indoctrination we are all exposed to and women gobble up like thanksgiving dinner.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Misogyny Origin Story!

I used to love the origins of Superheroes. I would pour over the Origin’s of marvel superheroes Wolverine, Colossus, Spiderman, and the like. Once my younger bro got involved in comics I read about lesser-known Heroes. WildC.A.T.S, Cyber Force, Stormwatch, Wetworks and the list goes on. It was cool to see these mild mannered people who where ‘just like you and me (only built like they never left the gym) adjusting to their new found powers and figuring out that they will use them for good.

Maybe, use them for the good of others to better mankind.

Well, I read another origin story today and it got me thinking, quite a bit. The Phantom Tollbooth is relatively young, but what I read today makes me want to share about my own misogynist origin, and why I want to spread the word.

You see, I’m a beta (surprise, surprise) and I knew that I couldn’t compete with all the Alpha’s who could lyrics the girls out of the trees, so using my reptile brain, I realized I needed an edge. I remember that women always complained about needing and wanting a nice guy, so I decided, heck, this is my ticket to getting the girl of my dreams, if I simply do what they say, I will have them eating out of my hand in NO time!!! I listened to whatever any woman told me and made sure to make mental notes of their desires.

I bought books, articles, and even got a subscription to Cosmopolitan in my bid to understand female psychology. I was going to get my dream girl, by being the ‘nice guy’; I honestly wondered why more men didn’t do this. I mean, all you had to do was get the information from the horse’s mouth!!!

While in high school, my plan worked as well as The Hindenburg’s maiden flight, but I simply dismissed this as women wanting bad boys when they where younger, and once older they would gravitate to ‘nice guys’ like me (cough). All I would do is bide my time and learn even more how to make woman happy, that is what I kept telling myself and I really had no reason not to believe it.

I got older, had a pretty serious girlfriend, and she cheated and broke up with me.

YAY, that was fun, no really.

Then I met yet another partner and decided to use my considerable ‘game’ (cough) on her as I wanted to keep her with me for the long haul. Now as time went on, things began to hit me upside my head but I barreled forward thinking I could break through. I figured that if I put my partner first, she would undoubtedly do the same for me.


I figured that if I met her needs, no matter how I didn’t want to do it, or even understand WHY she wanted them, that she would want to meet me halfway and meet my needs.


I learned that my partner could be completely happy with me so long as I was meeting her needs, whether she was meeting mine or not was irrelevant. I learned that I could give almost my last breath to a woman thinking that she would reciprocate for me later on but that she would have no issues leaving me hanging because she ‘didn’t feel like it’.

Not a fun feeling, not in the slightest.

The interesting thing; this woman WASN’T a feminist, simply a run of the mill North American Woman. Gotta love entitlement, huh? They will bitch about how you aren’t meeting their needs, but will waffle when you ask about yours…brilliant.And also an FYI, counseling was also initiated, and the counselor had told me about my needs in terms of her appearance, "It's her body, so it's her choice what she wants to do with it!" No kidding, but she is entitled to my time now isn't she and you would have NO issue telling me so...right?

That was a learning experience, gotta tell you, but it doesn’t end there. 

I had posted my circumstances online on a trusted message board, warning people that my sitch wasn’t politically correct whatsoever just to see what I could do, get some fresh eyes on the state of affairs. Most women gave me short but honest answers, an MRA who posts on The Spearhead gave me a good honest answer…and a NAW attacked me for it, and wouldn’t stop.

I sat there and read her posts, thinking…“After ALL that I had learned…after ALL that I had done to make sure that she was happy…and yes she WAS happy…you are STILL blaming this on ME!!”

I’m not making this up, my needs where chronically not being met and apparently this was all my fault? And you wonder why men aren’t getting married anymore?

During this time I was also getting a real education about womynkind and the wonderful, fluffy movement Feminism actually was. I had gone to the Advice Goddess; Amy Alkon’s blog and learned quite a few things. It was she who had initially administered the red pill and woke me up from the Matrix. I can remember to this day reading a blog entry of hers in regards to Domestic Violence statistics and how the information in regards to female abusers seemed to be…missing in the mainstream. Amy had provided the stats on both genders and I stared at the screen, thinking what this must had to mean to realize that a movement dedicated to ‘equality’ was spinning information in this manner. What did that say about their integrity?

It was on the Advice Goddess’ blog that I learned what men liked in women, and that it was okay for men to be attracted to a woman’s physical appearance. I was astounded at what she posted on her blog, actually defending a man’s sexuality and the so-called ‘fair’ females who would comment on her blog equally astounded me. Some of these ‘women’ would say that they are fair to men and understand their plight, but most of them wouldn’t be out of place working for NOW, and that is the bottom line.

I had gone online to ‘educate’ some women when it came to questions about men, and their sexuality and was astounded by the lack of information women had. I had a woman actually say that men being visual was a ‘myth’ and I won’t lie, as far as I was concerned, those where fighting words. I tried to argue my point, I got one woman to partially concede, but I lost a lot of respect for all women that day.

They always say; “Men just have to understand that women need this and that.”

Really, well then you also just have to understand that WE need this and that. Nah, ya’ll just don’t care about that though, that much is obvious.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a letter submitted to an online columnist, a man who had just retired and was upset that his SAHW was running him out of the house on a daily basis. While the columnist herself had a decent reply, the commenters pilloried this man for getting upset with his wife in the first place.


Nobody gave two sh!t’s that this man worked his whole life to support his wife and children, NOBODY gave a flying rip that this man had sacrificed his life in order to make sure this family had. They just saw a man who was complaining about his wife and decided to attack.

My story isn’t as harsh as others, I didn’t lose a marriage or some kids, but I did see just what many women think of us men and all I can say to other guys is simply this.


Let ‘em sleep in the sh!t that they make for themselves. I realized that only by the grace of GOD or good fortune, take your pick, that I didn’t end up like one of those stories that I relate here on The Phantom Tollbooth.

I was just as stupid, giving women far more than they deserved but by reasons beyond my control, I didn't end up with that sort of misfortune.

Seeing what women really think about us men was a harsh reality check and it really opened my eyes to see that they would have no issues binding me if I followed them as easily as they had enslaved others. Equality is a ruse; good men are losing their children and livelihoods to a type of woman who no longer exists. They don’t need us anymore, and furthermore, they don’t give a tinker’s damn about us and they make that abundantly clear everyday. Okay then, let THEM go mine some diamonds, let THEM go attack that bunker, let THEM go and transport goods and run our nuclear reactors.

Women only care about men so long as we have some productivity or use to them, they have shown their selfish hands and I can tell you, it wasn’t a good idea whatsoever for them to do that. I would have and did walk over hot coals to please a woman once, after I did it and they simply asked for more, NOT reciprocating me in the slightest, I dressed my 3rd degree burns and put a stop to it before I injured myself more. They don’t deserve it, not at all and I refuse to put myself in that position again. I suggest you do the same.

I’m learning game, and for someone with ADHD, that will be really beneficial, not just in marital terms believe me. Women will look at messages and blogs like this and scoff. At the moment, they have no worries as Obama, and Stephen Harper provide for their child rearing desires.

It will only be when Big Daddy Guv has no mo money and more men tell them to get’to’steppin’ instead of marriage that blogs and messages like this will instill fear.

I don’t care ‘ladies’. You made your bed…lie in it.



Friday, October 8, 2010

Daddy is Useless?

That is what I had read a few years ago in Macleans Magazine. The article infuriated me and I can remember another one released on father’s day this year.

Fathers are useless and families can do just fine without them.

Really? Seriously?

So this article is based on a documentary by Adrian Grenier about how he didn’t know his father when he was growing up, but hey, he turned out okay, right? Essentially, that how important can fathers be if he didn’t have one and look where he is now? All right then, let me say this; in my time at the bar, I have encountered many people who have used…colorful recreational substances, and lots of them.  Someone told me about how he had used ‘Yeyo’ once and got nothing from it, he never used it again. So I guess that all the statistics citing that cocaine is addictive is bunk because, hey, my buddy didn’t get addicted, right?

I think not, here is just one site featuring the statistics on this growing problem, which counters the favorite female viewpoint, but we all know that it falls on deaf ears.


And yet, what is the famous party line our friendly neighborhood fembots like to use in terms of misandristic laws, which take good men away from their children?

This is in the best interests for the children.  THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!

Are they, are they really?

You know what, I’m now at the very young age of 35, I have both a full time career and at the moment, a part time job. While my career makes me look at the future and how I can do what I can for retirement for myself and what I can do for my family, my part time job makes me take a hard look at the present situation of society. It is very scary when you look at it and I always shake my head whenever the Law of the Jungle presents itself. When you read articles from the Spearhead and other MRA sites, you will always see things like “That woman is a slut!” “Men are stupid for getting married!” “Women are going to pay for their foolishness in time and that woman is going to get her comeuppance.”

However, the main thing that we miss is that each and every one of those people we talk about is a living, breathing person, just like you and me.

Some of us have a choice, taking the red pill and awakening from the Matrix before we crossed a chasm, which had no return. Others are indeed too far-gone to ever retread their paths and are faced with purgatory.

Understand that, some people are f$cked with no means of ever coming back, be they men or women!!!

When I go to the bar I work at, I see women aimlessly trying to slut their way into a man’s provisions, many single moms desperately looking for a man to aid them in their lives with the children they are now saddled with and have to provide for as time goes on. I had seen this amongst black people since I was a teenager, but now this single mommy hood is spreading amongst whites too, and growing with each passing year.

Just today, my Operations Manager told me about a co-worker that used to work at my bar. He was told that this rather attractive single mother that had met a new boyfriend not more than a month ago, and now she was engaged to him. I’ve worked with this girl for the last 3 years before she left of her own accord to another bar, before mommy hood had included her in it’s wondrous and beneficial club. She has many tattoos, three of which are the last three boyfriends she has dated in the past, the first being the father of her child. BTW, he was a yeyo using thug which my bar manager had an altercation with one day, putting him in the hospital. I’ve also seen this great specimen of a man getting arrested by the police after he took a swing at one and got dummied, REALLY hard.

Sigh, what a great choice to bring a child into the world with?!

Her parents divorced when she was young and she has been living with her mom for the remainder of her life. She is far from ugly, of this I can assure you, and she uses her looks to lure men into her life if she figures that you are a better deal that the one she is currently with. I kid you not when I state that I would see her with a different man pretty much every month before she left the bar I work at, and on Facebook, I would regularly see;

Such and such is single

Such and such is in a relationship

Repeated over and over again ad infinitum.

What, pray tell, is going to happen to her young child? What example is this going to set for her?  Is she going to follow in her illustrious mother’s footsteps?

Out of all the females that I meet and request friendship of me on Facebook due to my presence in the Nightclub industry, I know more single mothers now than I know married women. What does that tell you?

When I look around, and I have had to deal with immature black men from time to time and I have assisted the doormen with altercations on occasion; it makes me shake my head. It’s the blind leading the blind, as they try to fly after their adolescence, but instead hit the ground…hard… with false information and incomplete instruction as to how the world really works. There was little to no male influence in their respective lives, so there is no focus or outlet to their aggression. I've seen many men ejected or fight for the most foolish and frivolous of reasons...and so many of these men get mad at you for reacting to their bad behavior.

It’s at this time that I always think about my own father. My Dad, who wasn’t perfect, and really didn’t spend that much time with me growing up, but did his best with what he knew. My father, who grew up in the Caribbean, and deliberately lost his accent to make himself sound more intelligent all on his own with no prodding from his parents whatsoever. I have had people tell me that when they speak to him on the phone, he sounds British, and he has NEVER been to England.

My Dad did teach me right from wrong, and while he wasn’t perfect, he was all that I had, and now I realize that what he gave me is more than some will get in a lifetime!!! When I look at the growing number of immature men and women of all races, but especially black, I think back to something in my past, which had happened to me when I was a teenager at my very first job. I was working at a retail store and about to go home and the Supervisor’s wife who was helping for the night asked me a question.

“Omnipitron, is your father in the military?”

“No Mrs. Blank.” I answered. “Why do you say that?”

“Because they way you act towards you superiors makes me think that you had a very strict upbringing.”

At the time, I simply thought that this would be a compliment to not just my father, but my mother as well. As I get to this current stage in my life, I realize one thing; I could have been a LOT worse and while my life isn’t perfect, it is a far cry from the lives I see in the bar on a regular basis, and even some of the ‘fallen souls’ I encountered in high school. While my mother did make sure I knew right from wrong, my father did set an example which I didn’t even appreciate until now.

Daddy ISN’T useless; and only fools think that they are.


Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today was very hard and very long.

Er…I mean it was very difficult and didn’t seem like it would ever end. However, this day was especially draining for two reasons, both of them being the same reasons in actuality. You see, I had a chance to have two different heart to hearts with two buddies going through a tumultuous time in their respective marriages. “WL” came back to the bar for the first time, and during the day, I had a chance to meet another friend, ‘M’ at one of the facilities I service at my fulltime job.

Let me ask you one very important thing; have you ever seen a grown man cry? Have you ever seen a man, fight his hardest to make sure that he doesn’t cry in front of you?

I will tell you one very significant thing; just watching these two men relate their tales of woe while you watch their eyes as they water ‘due to the smoke’ makes me want to simply just lash out in anger for the system, which has enslaved them in this manner. “WL” was told by the Justice of the Peace presiding over his case that the system has gotten far too sensitive in terms of the rules of assault against women, and he sees far too many men standing before him because their wives called the cops for an issue which didn’t exist. A shove, even if getting an irate woman out of your personal space, is considered ‘too much’ and can land you in the same hot water that filling her face repeatedly would.

I sat in my truck not even an hour ago, as I watched WL relate to me how he does want to go home and see his kids. How he will be spending a little time with them this weekend as they haven’t seen him in a while, but he wonders how he will react. I watched, as his eyes got watery as he talked about Christmastime, and what would he do if he didn’t get to go back and see his kids at that special time of year. When he was done, he walked into a coffee shop to wait for 20 or so minutes so he can walk 45 minutes to catch the 1st bus to Toronto, at around 5:00am so he can take another bus to a city an hour past Toronto, and then take yet another bus to the city in which he temporarily lives.

He figures that he should be in bed by 9:30 am.

The guy is a bloody machine; I wish I had the space to give to him.

You see, he has been charged with assault, and as such, he must stay 500 feet from his wife at all times. This means that he can’t come close to his family if his wife is around, for ‘her’ safety of course.

I actually got an update that his wife wants to repeal the charge, now it’s out of her hands, and she has no choice in the matter any longer.

Hmm, cause and effect? Good thing to learn isn’t it?

However, earlier that day, I had to talk to my friend M and hear his story. M’s mother was sick from late last year, and he wanted to be able to have his mom live with him so he could keep an eye on her. His wife wouldn’t allow it and she was backed by her mother so M was basically in a corner. Yeah, well M’s mother died not too long ago, the funeral was on Labor Day. Do you think that his wife supported him in any way?

Nah, she just took the time to drive to her mother’s and spit venom about how M was so selfish and no longer taking care of her needs. I know it’s getting colder these days, but I had to wonder why M seemed to have the sniffles so early in fall. Then I took a look at his eyes and realized that he was doing his best not to break down in front of me, his voice cracking a few times.

Men are strong, damn strong, but while it’s upsetting to see a woman cry, it’s devastating to see a man cry. You know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it takes tremendous pressure to make a man, who has the tensile strength of a bridge cable, break from strain.

I saw it twice today, and it made me see red.

These men aren’t just husbands, but fathers as well, and instead of respect, they get contempt, and disregard for their feelings. WL’s wife is feeling the effects of her poor choice, but I will also tell you this, do you think she has apologized for this action? Nope, just tells WL that she feels bad enough about this situation. He even said himself about her, it’s all; ME, ME, ME.

Where is a man’s support system? Who do men go to when they need bolstering up, a shoulder to lean on? What can we do?

Oh yeah, that’s right; simply and silently march onto the showers like we have been ordered…the showers with NO water just like in Auschwitz.

Women will indeed miss it when fathers are a rare commodity, too bad they will only learn this once they are virtually gone!!


Friday, October 1, 2010


What is a hero? What does it take to be one? What sort of training or trial by fire is required to anoint the average everyday person with such a vaunted mantle?

I would assume that it is different for everyone, the definition I mean. While the definition can be found here, I have an inkling that everyone differs from the normal Webster's definition.

What, or who is a Hero to me?

Well, my sister is a hero for consoling my mother when my father had done the 11 years old!!! My mother is a hero for doing the unthinkable way back in the early 80's. My younger brother is a Hero for standing up for me way back when in Junior High, but, my father is also a hero for how he raised me and how much he had shaped me even though some would say that he didn't spend that much time with me. I only appreciate it now as a man when you see so many immature males running around by the wayside. Then you realize that; "There, by the grace of God (or fate) go I" and you respect the line which differentiates you from the masses.

As for me, I have another Hero. I happened across facebook and read my buddy's wall. I came across a post which just ripped me apart, a father telling his kids that he loved them and that they where in his heart, even though he isn't there to tell him that in person.

It's ripping his heart out that he can't be there with them in person, and once more, I learn even more what a machine my man WL is.

It's disgusting that a man like that asks for so little and yet he is told by his wife, and the media that he asks for SO much.

We men would DIE for our families. I would too and I have no biological children. Who do you think would lie down and die for us? Our wives?

Nope.....our parents, especially our fathers.

Learn it!!