Sunday, February 20, 2011

Drunken Cougar VENGENCE!!!

Been on the Manosphere for a while now and I totally understand the whole concept of women seeking attention and getting miffed when their fee-fees get stepped on by us Neanderthal type guys. Tonight at the bar job was no exception.


Okay then, slow night at the bar and I was just at a table by our front door watching the boob tube when this tipsy older woman sidles up beside me.

“Have you seen my friends?” she slurs.

Lady, I don’t know who the hell you even are much less your friends, however, customer service, I can’t say that.

“No, I’m afraid I don’t know who your friends are.” I reply.

She points a shaky finger just past me to my left and I look to see a rather tall older gentleman talking to someone.

“There he is.”

I nod my head and keep her in mind, she may have to get ejected in due course as her consumption is making her very 'friendly' to people she doesn’t even know. I leave poste haste as I don’t want to be anywhere near this woman. The night continues and we are now 15 minutes away from last call (1:45am) and I make my way to our dishpit area to drop off some empty bottles I was carrying. I find this woman once more and she is talking to three of her friends just by the entrance. I politely excuse myself as they are blocking the way somewhat and this woman starts elbowing me repeatedly.


Now I don’t take my ADHD meds on weekends, to give myself some time off so to speak but I’m really not as sharp as normal and my patience also seems to be a little shorter as well. I give this woman a very stern look and excuse myself once more, this time a little more harsh than before. Now this woman seems to be softly kicking me for some reason as I try to pass by.

Man, this sh!t NEVER happens to me, why now?

I work my way past the foursome and drop off the empty bottles I was carrying and excuse myself yet again (this time nicer) as I exit. This woman now tries to grab me as I go by.

Seriously…no wait….SERIOUSLY??

I evade her actions with a very disgusted expression on my face and make my way back to the bar. I shake my head at what has just transpired when one of our waitresses gets my attention.

“Psst, Omni, that woman is telling on you!” she says just over the music.

I look to my left and see that this woman had followed me and was now talking to one of the bar owners who had been counting tills behind the bar. She was actually right beside me and I didn’t even notice.

You’ve got to be freakin’ kidding me!!!

I leave for the moment, figuring that I may get a tongue lashing from the owner a little later but I know that I didn’t do anything wrong, and more importantly, I didn't want to blow up at the whole situation. The waitress, AC,  is a very sweet girl, she will do whatever she can for anyone and I’m glad she was there tonight. She hung back to hear what this woman was telling the owner and then found me to fill me in.

“She just told the owner that you had been bothering her and her friends repeatedly about being in the way and you had been rude a few minutes ago.” AC says.

I thank her and shook my head. Whatever, I’ll relate my side of the story and whatever will be will be. I’ve been at that bar for a long time and everyone knows that I’m not a sh!t-disturber. As the night rolled on, what I had figured would happen was right, the owner didn’t even bring it up with me, figuring that this woman was simply drunk and wanted to make trouble for me and wasn’t anything to be concerned about. However, there was something, which caught my eye later in the night. This same ‘friendly’ woman was now heavily making out with a random black dude very close to where our physical confrontation had initially started. What the hell was all of this about then?

At the end of the night with the music off and the bar empty, some of the bouncers asked me what the heck went down. As I related my tale of woe, WL (who is back with his wife and they are working on things, just had to give you guys a quick update on that) mentioned that this same woman had put her arm around him earlier in the night. He wanted nothing to do with her either and did what he could to escape.

Do I know what she was after? Maybe she was looking for some attention, maybe she was looking for some fun, maybe I had p!ssed her off after I rejected her, either way I thought it was interesting that after I had rejected her she tried to get me into some sh!t with some artistic license on our fleeting interactions. Don't worry Hun, we'll always have Paris.

Women, gotta love em…or maybe not.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

You're a woman hater!!!

So, it looks like I’m a misogynist now. My views on women have changed over the past few years and have been cemented since I began reading manosphere blogs regularly. I wasn’t always, at one point in time I simply believed that there where issues between women and men, and that if we just sat and hashed them out we could reach a consensus, possibly a mutually beneficial solution.

I wish that where true.

Here’s the sitch; as I have mentioned before on this blog, I have pretty serious ADHD (not the type which many women label their ‘hyper active’ boys either. I didn’t get diagnosed until 2007 and have been medicated by my own choice ever since.) and one of the many ways professionals have suggested to deal with the world is to look past convention and individual instructions and see the principles behind them, the concepts if you will. Since there are so many approaches in life one can choose to take to reach a certain outcome, a person with ADHD could get easily confused, by looking simply at the concepts, extraneous information can be omitted simplifying the world and how we can interact with it.

Interestingly enough, this is thankfully something I had been doing for a while so I try to look at the base concepts behind as many things as I can and this is what I believe about women. This new belief however, does have even me shaking my head sometimes. I post regularly on the Spearhead, and my diatribes can be very caustic toward women often. After so many years of viewing women as equals and considering them simply misunderstood, sometimes reading what I write or even typing what I believe has me stunned.

The patterns I see in regards to women are disturbing, but true nonetheless and sometimes I think that when I trot out my long comments (and usually they are very long) or even read the ones, which others compose, maybe we take these thoughts for granted. Maybe it’s just anger some people may assume, or consider it simply the frustration men are going through that’s talking, rage made into prose on the electric page powered by the internet.

The scary thing (for me anyway) is that at this juncture in my life, this is not just some crap to get upvotes on the Spearhead, or a method by which to ingratiate myself in with the Spearhead regulars. No, that would be easier to deal with for myself anyway. The truth is that after looking at the patterns repeatedly of women, not just in articles on the Spearhead, but after talking with many online and in real life it becomes crystal clear as to why our predecessors didn’t include them in arenas with high responsibility and significant consequences to their choices and men where trained to be the leaders in their houses and in society.

At their core;

Women will always choose the best course of action, which seems appropriate for them, and damn the rest

Women have very bad understanding of cause and effect

Women have little self-control and without significant social and financial consequences, they will destroy themselves and everything around them

Women are more emotionally driven, and satisfying them is an impossibility if left to their own devices

These aren’t just simply words I put up to say “Hey Manosphere, I’m one of you.” Sadly no, this is something that I have seen many times in the past and even now and realize, sadly I realize, that this is undoubtedly TRUE!!!

The final nail in the coffin for me was the Spearhead article, which stated the president of NOW was calling for a halt to the cutbacks in women’s social services, but increases to them, no matter if it bankrupts the economy in the process. I’m no accountant, but even I know that without the continued endeavors of men so they can provide the additional capital to be taxed, this is an impossibility!! However, it was also NOW who was part of the group who influenced Obama to re-divert some stimulus money from infrastructure to more women-centered professions.

There we have it, the metaphor of wanting toasted ice as has been seen before on the Manosphere. They want the jobs over men, but also want the support men’s jobs give them in regards to social services. This is why women aren’t cut out for leadership roles in the aggregate, short term thinking with little to no understanding of cause and effect is obviously dangerous and that is how women operate.

The biggest thing that men have to learn is that the idea of ‘talking’ to women so that they can understand men’s current plight is a lesson in futility. Women care only about how any situation or issue affects them and anything else is simply extraneous.  Women will only do something for anyone else so long as it benefits them so this is why trying to convince women about the evils of feminism is like asking Superman to give up his powers. What’s in it for a woman to curtail feminism if they are benefiting from its disenfranchisement of men? The first time I ‘spoke’ to some womyn about this issue was on another blog years ago and it of course went about as well as any convo about feminism ever does, at least there was no shaming language.

However, I took stock of the situation, of the three women that I spoke to, one was married, the other divorced or possibly never married with a child, and the other was single but still young enough to find someone. The first two (who where the most vocal during the convo) already had everything they pretty much wanted, why would they have any issue with the current paradigm in society? Sure it disenfranchises men, but they’re safe so does it really matter? They didn’t come right out and say it, but by their responses this conclusion was easy to reach.

With my own dealings in real life on top of this the uncomfortable realization was undeniable, and I realized that women will not ally with men to end feminism’s reign, ever. The only time this will ever come to pass won’t even be when feminism no longer works for women anymore, it will be when being a supporter of feminism will be a very strong detriment to their well being. Anyone who has any understanding of cause and effect and has read The Misandry Bubble realizes that this means MRA numbers will only swell with ‘honest’ female membership when social collapse is ubiquitous.


At first I had suggested only listening to women who had shown themselves to be on par with men, treating any other woman like the overgrown child she was. However, it’s more than that now, (here we go, can’t even believe I’m writing this.) there is no reason to even speak to most women about MRA issues in reality. More often then not, you are simply wasting your time. The Hawaiian Libertarian posted a very good article on the Spearhead in regards to the Thinking Housewife, IMO, asking her to change her ludicrous position on men not marrying is like pushing a rope uphill.

She’s a woman, she is married and has everything she wants, however, she is indeed a thinking housewife and recognizes that men not marrying will have a very negative impact on society and civilization. That being said, she, like women in the aggregate, doesn’t wish to curtail any of the advantages, which she and women like her benefit from even if these same advantages are dangerous to men. Therefore, she offers men that honor is still a worthy reimbursement for losing your shirt in this world, which cannot be taken away from you.

Pretty easy thing to say when you will never be in a position to take that sort of risk.

Some on the Spearhead say she is evil, she’s not, (here we go, uh-oh) she is simply a woman and doing what it is that women do best. Take care of their own interests; even if it means undermining those same interests long term. No, there is no reason to write to TTH, or any other woman who isn’t a chinstrap for that matter about these issues, you may have a much better time with the mangina’s in their charge. As men, we tend not to be swayed too easily by our emotions and can comprehend cause and effect, but possibly the mangina’s need to be appreciated by women in charge stymies this aspect.

So here I am, part of a veritable woman-haters club. Do I hate women, absolutely not; I’m a married man for crying out loud. However, when I describe the issues facing men with my wife, at the very least she can see some of the issues with feminism, which is unlike what most NAW can even try to do. I do value women, we can’t have civilization without them, and their contributions to society are every bit as valuable as that of men. I honestly have no issue with women in politics, medicine, academics, or even law, but I would prefer that they get to these vaunted positions due to the merits of their own hard work and not due to some program which places them there just due to their gender.

I would also like to see that any woman who couldn’t measure up have to suffer the consequences for it, just like us men have to, and just like us men EXPECT to in the event that we don’t fit in. Above all else, I can now see why in the bible it says that men need to be the head of the house, because only men seem to have the critical thinking capabilities to make the hard decisions in life and increase the odds of navigating a family around the various issues life has to offer.

So I guess I’m a woman hater, and I ain’t going back.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where you listening to me…or where you looking at the woman in the red dress?

“The Matrix is a system….that system is our enemy….”

Just read this thread on The Spearhead and Novaseeker (damn shame this extremely smart gentleman no longer blogs) made a post, which really had my head spinning. While his whole post is definitely worth a read, matter of fact, anything he posts is worth a read this one segment caught my attention;

"You also cannot overestimate the degree to which feminist programming has penetrated the minds of virtually all women — virtually all women, that’s right. Not all, but virtually all. Virtually all women — including Christian women, including Catholic women, including so-called “traditional, conservative Christian/Catholic women” and so on. Not *all* women, mind you — there are needles in haystacks out there that are much more common than unicorns, but still quite uncommon and downright rare in major urban centers or above a certain educational level."

One thing popped into my mind as I read this passage.

When Morpheus asks Neo if he was paying attention or looking at the woman in the red dress, we all know what happened next. Neo looks back and it turns out that the woman in the red dress is very apt at cross-dressing and the handling of small firearms, what a handy skill to learn in university wouldn't you agree?

Gotta love those Women’s Studies Courses, much more deadly than home economics.

“You have to understand…most of these people are not ready to be unplugged.”

At any rate, what was it that Morpheus stated? That these ‘Agents’ can move back and forth through any ‘software’ still hooked up to the matrix, so they are anyone…and no one. This is the issue than men face today. I’m a married man, I love my wife and yes, I’m glad that I got married, however, knowing the myriad of risks than men have to expose themselves to today, how can I encourage a man to marry? While things are decent for me, will they be decent for anyone I persuade to walk down the aisle? So alright, my wife may not turn on me wearing a black suit, dark sunglasses and moves which would make Jet Li envious, but what about my co-workers and friends?

“…and many of them are so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it.”

The honest answer is that a man risks far too much during marriage in this day and age and the truth is…we can’t identify with any sort of ‘safe’ accuracy who is ‘harmless’ and who is not. Which woman is still hooked up to the matrix and who isn’t? Who could turn into an agent and put a bullet between your eyes and who won’t. The issue; it isn’t just your initial dating process which will save your hide, but that is very important too. No, it’s the whole system, the matrix if you will, which will support a woman’s meandering ways whatever they may be which is the real issue and therefore the real hazard a man has to consider when taking such a dangerous gamble.

“Inside the matrix…they are everyone…and they are no one…”

Can this woman withstand all the ‘whispers’ that she will be fed from friends and the media? Will she be able to withstand all the indoctrination about how she should follow her heart’s desire, no matter the cost? Will she be able to see through the propaganda about how marriage should never be actual work, to understand that it is very much a labor of love? Marriages ebb and flow over time, it isn’t an eternal date, but the media very much states that it should be, can she comprehend this very true fact and not succumb to romantic fallacy?

Even if she is a solid woman and time rolls on in perfect fashion, you simply cannot control the friends, which flit in and out of your beloved’s life. I had read a very sad story about a man who was living a very solid life with his wife until she met a new group of friends who very much believed in Eat Pray Love, even though the movie hadn’t been released yet. He had stated on a forum that most of this new group of friends had either left their hubbies for a new love or where currently cheating at the moment.

You simply cannot control that, no matter how much men may think then can.

The sword of Damocles is very much hanging over the head of any and every man who decides to get married and one day, there is the very real possibility that they could wake up and have this pleasant image looking back at them one innocuous day.

No my friends, while I am very much pro-marriage and pleased with the results it has brought into my own life, the risks are very high for any man willing to take the plunge. I simply cannot endorse marriage in its current form to any unhitched man in this day and age. The sentence they may have to suffer could be devastating and very long lasting over the course of their lives. We simply cannot know who is hooked up to the matrix and who is not and the reality is that most women simply are, and they like it this way. In all honesty, they have no reason to change; the benefits to them are simply too great no matter how much it disenfranchises men. The best anyone can honestly say is to proceed with caution, what was it that Morpheus said about agents?

“They are the gatekeepers, they are guarding all the doors and they are holding all the keys which means that sooner or later, someone is going to have to fight them.”

Too bad we don’t know who they are until it’s too late.

Wow, so many applicable Matrix analogies, what can I say?