Friday, October 1, 2010


What is a hero? What does it take to be one? What sort of training or trial by fire is required to anoint the average everyday person with such a vaunted mantle?

I would assume that it is different for everyone, the definition I mean. While the definition can be found here, I have an inkling that everyone differs from the normal Webster's definition.

What, or who is a Hero to me?

Well, my sister is a hero for consoling my mother when my father had done the 11 years old!!! My mother is a hero for doing the unthinkable way back in the early 80's. My younger brother is a Hero for standing up for me way back when in Junior High, but, my father is also a hero for how he raised me and how much he had shaped me even though some would say that he didn't spend that much time with me. I only appreciate it now as a man when you see so many immature males running around by the wayside. Then you realize that; "There, by the grace of God (or fate) go I" and you respect the line which differentiates you from the masses.

As for me, I have another Hero. I happened across facebook and read my buddy's wall. I came across a post which just ripped me apart, a father telling his kids that he loved them and that they where in his heart, even though he isn't there to tell him that in person.

It's ripping his heart out that he can't be there with them in person, and once more, I learn even more what a machine my man WL is.

It's disgusting that a man like that asks for so little and yet he is told by his wife, and the media that he asks for SO much.

We men would DIE for our families. I would too and I have no biological children. Who do you think would lie down and die for us? Our wives?

Nope.....our parents, especially our fathers.

Learn it!!


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