Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About Male Privilege

We need to get one thing straight about Male Privilege. As Snark excellently pointed out, there is no such privilege that we men reserve for ourselves at women’s expense. No inner workings to keep them down, and no ulterior motive to keep them barefoot and pregnant.

So what are women banging on about then?

Simply this, we have to stop looking at things from a male perspective and try to look at it from a female one. When you realize the dynamics, which are created between the sexes, you will see what issues women are chafing under. Male Privilege is nothing but the biological differences between men and women. It’s these biological differences, which cannot be removed by law, affirmative action, or ‘educational programs’. It’s these biological differences which are completely out of the control of Feminists and their agendas. It’s these biological differences, which proves that men and women are different and not interchangeable no matter how much Feminists rail that we are.

Females aren’t ‘enslaved’ by men or patriarchy; they’re ‘enslaved’ by their own biology.



  1. Won't they just try to argue that their own biology is a product of the patriarchy? Don't ask me how, they come up with all sorts of illogical statements all on their own.

  2. You betcha, womyn know how to sidestep or attack arguments they know they can't win. The biological argument (i.e. a man has no use for a provider woman which is why fertility is so important) will simply be dismissed as 'Patriarchal ravings'. At the end of the day, I fully believe womyn understand reality, but wish to alter their perceptions as it sometimes troubles their inner hamsters.

  3. Most men don't have power or privilige. Only a small percentage seek out wealth, fame, and power.

    IMHO, the majority of men prefer to be left in peace.

  4. Agreed Quartermain, men mostly have simple tastes in regards to life in general. However, what we want to consider is even the 'power' Joe Sixpack has over women.

    Why can't women act like men? What happens to career women who rode the cock carousel in their younger and prime years? Yes we joke about it on the manosphere as we've seen this situation repeated time and again in contemporary society, but as men, it isn't a situation we have to face so we are unaware of some concerns (and perhaps the resentment) women face.