Thursday, February 9, 2012

False Accusations…


Been reading about Audrey Ference and her position on false rape allegations and all I can say is that I’m appalled. Heck, even after this woman had seen the effects of a false rape claim on a male she knew, she still maintains the famous feminist paradigm that jailing or ruining innocent men is the price to be paid for women's safety.


Heck, I’m no rape supporter, nor am I a supporter of men assaulting women, never have been nor will I ever think it’s okay. However, it’s the fact that many women do feel they can let fly such an accusation mainly because there are little to no negative repercussions they will face in doing so. Long ago, I had written about a co-worker, WL who had suffered at the hands of such a false accusation. No it wasn’t rape, it was physical assault, but the bottom line is that it was indeed FALSE.

Didn’t stop him from having to live with his parents for 3 months in order to get the situation rectified.

I’ve said this before on The Phantom Tollbooth, and I’ll say it again; reading stats and stories from unfortunate souls is one thing, having it happen to a loved one close to you, or even to yourself is another matter altogether!! My own nephew in law had a near miss a few years ago. Sadly, it was the very same sitch that had happened to WL. When my NIL was in highschool, he and a female ‘friend’ of his got into a heated argument. She got right up into his face and was screaming at him. He finally had enough and pushed her away from him. Understand, he didn’t push her to the ground, he didn’t slap her, he didn’t even punch her, he simply pushed her and shouted ‘Get away from me!’

She took a few steps back, looked at him dead in the eye and said; “You just hit me!”

My NIL went white! He instantly knew that he could be screwed but thankfully, my former brother in law saw the whole thing and told him to get inside the house while telling her to leave. In addition, my SIL and former BIL also knew well enough to realize that she was a smoking gun, and later that year when my NIL was having a party, they turned her away when she showed up at the door. They wouldn’t even let her in the house, they where afraid of what it was that she could do.

Women have a tremendous amount of power today due to Feminism and they are sadly indiscriminate about how they choose to use it. This woman leveled a shot across the bow of my family, and luckily, no one got hurt. Others aren’t so lucky and the sad thing is why she even loaded her cannon and took a shot in the first place.

Due to the fact that she lost her temper and was losing an argument.

Here’s a question, how about all the ladies who support Audrey’s despicable position approach a REAL rape or assault victim who has had their life forever changed and is wondering just how to deal with coping and tell them a story such as this. How do you think they will react? How about telling them about the Duke False Rape brouhaha and the effects that has had on the lives of those men? How about the Hofstra case, what about that situation? You think they would feel good about nursing a violent memory and sense of violation and seeing women throwing around claims of rape for less than serious reasons? How does one think it would feel to see someone else using something that you may NEVER heal from solely as a means for gaining revenge of erasing a transgression? Does one ever consider how much it would hurt to see someone trivialize something as serious as rape in a manner such as that?

Think about it…think about it long and hard.



  1. If you see a women getting severly beaten or even less so, just walk away. You don't know if its her boyfriend(s)or not. She might join in beating on you and can even send you to jail.

    Leave women to their own devices until the laws and society have changed.

  2. Women's safety is a problem when women are thinking that men and natural male sexuality are always obstructions for their safety. This cannot be happened. The problem is male hatred mindset of women who are following feminism. This is another hysteria. Both men and women must accept each others sexuality and the nature of sex first in spite of hypocrisy. After all "Rape" is defined by men rather than women, so why feminists are using this word if they do not accept male sexuality and anything defined by men ?

  3. @ Legion

    I was on my way back to Toronto from seeing a client in Ottawa (about 4.5 hours away) when I encountered a stranded car with a woman roughly in her 20's walking down the highway. Willing to bet that she was looking for assistance but I kept on going. No lie, I felt a twinge of regret, as I'm sure I could have offered SOME assistance, but the risk to a man in this day and age is too great.

    That is what Feminism does to the genders.

    Exactly Dulantha, I couldn't have said it better myself!!!