Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ripples in the Pond

A lot of talk in the manosphere in regards to the ill-fated Costa Concordia and it’s ‘unscheduled stop’ off the Italian Coast. The main thing which seems to trouble the lamestream media is that men abandoned all forms of chivalry and made for the lifeboats, roughly pushing women aside when they felt their lies where in danger.  Yes, some MRA’s are looking at this as practical proof that Feminism has backfired on women, but there is much more to this situation than meets the eye my friends.

I can promise you this much; this situation is more than a little disconcerting to women at large than most men realize.

Understand this, while the issue of men protecting themselves and/or their immediate families at the expense of women is indeed a sign of the times, the fact that when the traditional shaming tactics where made by the same lamestream media was brought to bear, the commentariat of said articles didn’t react the way some had intended.

Like ripples in a pond, the only thing this sign of the times has revealed is that the winds of change are indeed blowing, and blowing against female privilege at male’s expense.

While the tide hasn’t turned yet and any ‘revolution’ is still gestating, women are very slowly (but surely) realizing that when the chips are down, the male characteristics they took for granted and felt entitled may not always be there. Kay Hymowitz’s article was simply the start, where shaming men was actually met with resistance, something she and others, most likely didn’t anticipate. Make no mistake, security is something women by and large value very highly, and men where seen as disposable once the government was able to provide or ensure the security they so covet. This is the deal everybody, just the fact that male support is no longer 100%guaranteed no matter the circumstances any longer ADDED to the fact that men are starting to justify exactly WHY this assurance is no longer in effect instead of agreeing with the shaming paradigm is disturbing to women. You can bet your boots that some women, a lot of women are questioning the current paradigm and their apparent ‘supremacy’.

It all comes down to what if as far as women are concerned.  Essentially, they may ask themselves, what would happen if I was involved in a similar disaster and I had no male partner for security? This is just the tip of the iceberg my friends and expect women to really start questioning their attitudes once situations such as the Costa Concordia happen more frequently, and also, MUCH closer to home.



  1. I thought this was the second sinking of a passenger ship, ferry or other cruise ship, with the women left to shift for themselves. Either way, it is what equality looks like.

    If you have a man with you in one of these events, make sure you have treated him right. I wouldn't give up my life for a pain-in-the-ass.

    Women with a blood relationship to me are a different matter.

  2. Exactly, Legion. This is what was alluded to in one of the two video's from a previous post of mine, the canary in the mineshaft. Sadly those video's are no longer available on YouTube, but during the Catrina Crisis, black men with families only saved their blood relatives, leaving others behind.

    When Chivalry only get's a man a kick in the balls, what do you expect them to do when the chips are really down?

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