Friday, January 6, 2012

Should Be Me vs. Could Be Me


We’ve already spoken about the two unique networks distinctive to the genders which in the past where responsible for their proper guidance and education in order to facilitate society. Obviously over time these networks have either changed dramatically or have been utterly usurped but that’s nothing new. The main thing that I want to share with you guys is something that I just realized today. This, sadly, is why us as men have our hands bound when trying to get through to contemporary women.

If you haven’t been to Laura Grace Robins’ site, it’s worth a gander. The Header for her blog actually relates to our collective situation very well. I won’t spoil it for you as she has a brilliant explanation for why she chose it and it’s well worth the read.

The fact that I wish to share with you is that the networks of the past worked like they did because the older generations had a rapport with the younger ones, which sadly cannot be superseded by the other gender. In other words, while some MRA’s wish to reach out to women and show them the light, trying to assist them from taking a path, which will most likely end up in misery  is sadly little short of foolhardy. We simply do not have the connection that older women have with their young charges. Hold up, I know what you’re thinking; we can discus the evil effects of Feminism with the older generation, right? Heck, after they wake up from the number Feminism has done on their lives, they should be ready and willing to lambaste this foolishness for what it is, right?

Sadly, that too is a no go.

See, what men did in the past was they used their considerable influence and experience to shame/lead young men into ‘manning up’. They showed the young man their own family and told him that he ‘SHOULD be’ like this. Wife, kids, house, responsibility, yup, there was a time that a man who lived for only himself didn’t necessarily meet with favor from the older men in his sphere of influence. However, even though Masculinity Inc. has been all but destroyed, you still have the older generation showing the younger ones what he ‘COULD be’ if he isn’t careful in this day and age.

While it may not serve society, (which has rejected men by and large) the paradigm of the older generation educating the younger ones is still somewhat in play.

However, when it comes to women, we have a much different situation. While many women are suffering the ill effects of feminism, instead of showing the younger ones coming after then that their unfortunate circumstances could happen to them too and as a result they need to be wary, they use their powerful rationalization hamsters to diminish the situation and then spin their current situation into a ‘positive’ light. In this way, they diminish the negative effects of their choices and young women are therefore unaware of the very real ill consequences in their paths. If a man ever tries to tell these experienced women the truth of their circumstances, these women then protect their worldview at all costs, viewing the men as interlopers and would rather deliver false information than face the truth.

See, to warn younger women would force these more experienced ladies to view their circumstances in too real a light. They rationalize for a reason; they are protecting themselves of course, sad but true.

This is why attempting to show women the light is usually a fool’s errand. If you doubt, all one needs to do is count the number of supportive women in the MRA and just how many of them have the guts to take a harsh look at their current situations. It isn’t that many Men Rights Agitators wish women to be only barefoot and pregnant, it’s just that trying to have your cake and eat it too can lead to some very negative consequences. There are VERY few women who will take up the cause, some being wolves in sheep’s clothing on top of it. I’m not saying to give up in trying to tell women their possible futures, not at all. Just saying that in my opinion as it appears to me, that the chances of success in making them realize that the negative issues we speak about that are veritable threats in their lives, and that the issues which face men will eventually hurt them too won’t be anywhere near as good as we would like.



  1. In the past people were open-minded about the sexuality. They never cheated on themselves and lied about their sexuality. Fathers took the responsibility of developing the masculinity of their sons and mothers developed the femininity of their daughters corresponding to the masculinity. All parents considered that developing the gender specifications of their children as a major responsibility. But lately the gender hypocrisy came out. Some fathers wanted their daughters to be masculine like boys. They did not let mothers to orientate their daughters in their way with the femininity. This situation complicated the psychology of boys too. That is how the present gender complicated generation appeared. Some hypocrites wanted to create a gender neutralized social situation, they eliminated the feminine gender specifications and called it gender neutralizing. Finally they complicated the psychological factor of human sexuality. This situation is the actual basis of the feminism.

  2. Agreed, the shame in all of this is that our natures are predetermined and nowhere near as malleable as contemporary society would like us to believe. While the bodies literally pile up in the gutter, they simply ignore the results of their erroneous conclusions and continue forward regardless.