Monday, January 2, 2012

Mamma Mia!!!

C/O Mammia Mia

Just spending a great day this New Year with Mrs. Omni when 'Mamma Mia!' just happened to showing on the bube tube. Now, years ago she was an ABBA freak, so for Christmas about 9 years ago I took her to the play. We both went to see it and in truth it was quite the production. So of course, since the movie was about to start, I had high expectations for it.

For crying out loud, what an absolute load of Grrl Power tripe!!

Now, for the record I have to state that this was before I had heard of the Manosphere, and well before I had taken the vaunted Red Pill, so the very premise of Mamma Mia is very ridonkulous at the best of times. As an aside, don’t bother with the movie, it will make you want to hurl, the play is much better even if it’s not realistic in itself. The premise; single mom raises a girl on her own and she’s about to get married, she wants her father to be there, but since her mother was…‘well traveled’ her bio dad could be one of THREE different men (no, I sh!t you not!!). Since Sophie, our young ingĂ©nue, wishes to find her roots, she invites these men to her wedding under the guise of her mother thinking that none of them would show.

All three men arrive; and the hijinks, which result, make the grist of both the movie and the play.

This play was based on the music of ABBA (which is why I had taken Mrs. Omni in the first place) but I’d noticed some subtle changes in the big screen version and I expressed my disgust at seeing them. Listen, at first I was going to list all the issues I had with this ridiculous theatrical adaptation, but I then realized that would make me no better than the overly sensitive feminists that I like to deride. Simply put, I will say this, while the play is hard to stomach if you’ve woken up from the matrix, the movie will virtually have you running to the restroom. While in the play, the three possible fathers and even Sky, Sophie’s betrothed has at least an inkling of a backbone; Moxie was the name of the game in the movie, which had me shaking my head.

Yup, the whole “women rule, boys drool” sentiment is played up the the hilt as the men in the cast follow the women hook, line, and sinker while the big screen changes really had me shaking my head. Even to a point where Tanya Chesham-Leigh, (played by Christine Baranksi), one of Donna Sheridan’s (Meryl Streep) close friends leads the other women on the little Greek Island in a song and dance number which leaves all the young men on their backs, swooning over the ladies.

Cougar’s, you can’t underestimate their power and influence don’tcha know!!

For the record, you may want to take a gander at who the director and writer of the screenplay happen to be, just sayin. The ending of both the play and the movie comprises of all three men having no issue whatsoever claiming a 3rd of the responsibility for Sophie (since Donna was too slutty ‘well traveled’ to actually know who the father was herself) and the marriage between Sky and Sophie placed on hold in the meantime. Donna ends up marrying Sam Carmichael (Pierce Brosnan) since he loved her for 21 years (that does happen of course), and her close friend  Rosie Mulligan actually ends up in a relationship. In the play Tanya lives up to cougardom by hunkering down with her cub, so all the loose ends are all conveniently tied off, but this isn't shown in the movie.

And I’m Frank Sinatra.

What a crock of sh!t c/o Wikipedia

What else is there to say that because of dreck like this in the Lamestream media, is it any wonder why women believe that they can stomp all over a man’s paternity, disregard a man’s sacrifice for their own selfish desires, still believe that they have ridiculous sexual power over men long after their own Wil E Coyote moment has passed and lastly, that no matter when they do, men will continue to be their lickspittle’s after the fact?



  1. Why would an inteligent man show up for this? One could use basic math to know he would be o the hook for the reception, if not more.

    As far as old girlfriends - I want to remember them as they were when young. Seeing my ex is bad enough.

  2. Too true, and I have to admit that I was too caught up in the past to see the ridiculousness even in the play. A more realistic portrayal of 'Mamma Mia' wouldn't interest women however, more like it would have them up in arms As Donna still couldn't identify the father of her child, and Sam Carmichael moves on with a much younger and hotter woman.

    No, can't have that.