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Ugly Truths and Musical Chairs

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Happy New Year everybody, here’s hoping that you had a great one with you and yours. I figured I start off with something a little meaty for 2012 with an article c/o Christian J at Women In Charge. Here’s the sitch…

Now, I don’t know Germaine Greer personally, nor am I familiar with her seminal feminists works, and neither do I wish to be. See, I have a theory about her situation that I doubt isn’t shared by other denizens of the Manosphere (double negative, uh oh, bad grammar!!!). See, at one point in time, she was a “Saucy Feminist that even men liked” but now she seems to be a surly older woman whose time has passed.

Not my words, just the words from the author of Christian J’s linked article.

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In my opinion as it appears to me, it seems that she thoroughly enjoyed her position when she was speaking about her particular brand of Feminism when she was attractive enough to garner male attention. She was considered ‘saucy’ when she could wear a bikini, and men where flocking to her like flies too honey. However, that seemed to change as Father Time caught up to her like he catches up to every other human being on this very planet. She had stated that her sex life was ‘over’ but she didn’t seem to lament the loss.


See, I believe that she didn’t figure that the large amount of attention she garnered on the regular would ever wane, similar to other females we have no doubt encountered in our lives and when the music finally stopped, she surprisingly found herself without a chair despite her Feminist leanings. So what does she have left? That’s the truly sad (or interesting) part of this situation, that the very ideology she subscribed too was the very thing which proved her undoing. The time WILL come to EVERY woman where the attention they garnered from men will vanish, and they will be left only with the consideration from the man they committed too years in their pasts.

If said women decided to forgo a relationship with such men, then chances are they will be left with no personal male attention at all.

What is left for women such as these?

Well, let me put it to you like this. From the years that I studied infidelity online, I have encountered a thought process, which I did find illuminating. You see, some people who cheat on their spouses and then leave for their affair patner may possibly admit their wrongdoing, but they don’t amount to many in reality. Some simply wanted out of the marriage no matter what. Others will actually REMAIN in the new situation with their affair partner, NEVER admitting that their situation placed them firmly out of the frying pan and directly into the fire.

You see, admitting their erroneous choice in partnership would also illuminate their initial wrongdoing, and for some, being right whether they be man or woman, is the brass ring they seek in this life.

After the glow of youth and beauty faded from the illustrious Germaine Greer, she has nothing left but to cling to her old feminist ideals as admitting to their failure would shine too much light on her own shortcomings and erroneous choices. The bottom line; I would bet money that she figured out exactly what it was that ‘patriarchy’ was trying to protect her and her ilk from and she did find out, only far too late. My personal note to Western Women; take her situation as an object lesson; once you reach her ‘status’ you CANNOT turn your track!!


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