Monday, January 9, 2012

Pointing to the sun


Read this wonderful comment from Boxer on the Spearhead, which I just had to share with you;

“The beauty of our movement is in the clarity and simplicity of it. None of us needs to be some sort of guru, leading kids through complicated mental gymnastics, to see the truth behind our contentions. Even young boys pick up on the obvious fact that most women are screwballs who are not to be taken seriously. No foul language, crass talk or overt bashing of women is necessary. Quietly pointing out the obvious while acting as a living example is generally sufficient. Emphasis mine.

Well-said Boxer, and I steadfastly agree.

I’ve seen this same thing when MLM critics take on the indoctrinated on their own blogs years ago, leaving said kool-aid drinking supporters sputtering, insulting and shaming as their critics drown them in undisputable facts. The truth is very powerful, and whenever the ‘believers’ try to state their rationalizations, all one has to do is quickly point to the truth’ “Sorry, the sun IS yellow” and go right back to their discussion as if there was never any rebuttal in the first place. That’s the situation, it’s too easy to disprove the foolishness the indoctrinated try to deliver and the less you give credit to their position, the more in angers them. In reality, they are only trying to win by any means necessary, They know full well that their argument resembles swiss cheese in reality, it isn’t that they CAN’T see the truth nor that they are too stupid, it’s that they don’t wish to see the truth is all.

The truth hurts, don’t hate the player, hate the game.


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